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My daughter is very musical and bright...and has been diagnosed with the alphabet of learing diabilities. I am looking for an alternative to traditional education with a music base. my little girl is 8 years old and will enter 3rd grade in the fall. any suggestions?

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thanks to all that have responded! WOW! I have checked Waldorf long before posting this request. as a working stiff the cost is way out of my grasp. I realize they have scholorships but what if she gets one the first year and then fails to receive one after that? Home school is also not an option, I have to work and she won't even do her homework with me. keep writing I am listening thanks again K.

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There is an outstanding school placement person in Woodland Hills, Teri Solochek. It would be worth a trip to meet with her. She is super and will be able to offer all sorts of options to you. Good luck

I am looking into a different way of teaching/learning for kids and parents who are smart they just march to the beat of a different drum and are pigeonholed as learning disabled. I just started looking into it I'll get back if it is viable.....

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Here is a link for a performing arts/music schools & music conservatory schools in California:

Try doing a Google search... and see what comes up.

You could also try researching "Waldorf Schools"....
here's a link: http://www.google.com/search?q=are+waldorf+schools+music+...

Good luck,

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If your daughter is in public school and has an IEP (which she should with if she's been formally diagnosed with learning disabilities) you can request an assessment for music therapy. They will provide materials for the classroom and home to enhance her learning.

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Piano lessons may be something to try in addition to normal school even if it has a music program.

Obviously its good for math but for symbol recognition it is great. It helps reading. When you read music yoiu read left to right in a line and you have to process the information and immediately do something with it. It is great for developing memory. It is great for incremental learning. It is great for dexterity.

It requires task repetion. I have my girls practice a problem phrase (usually a couple of measures) 10 times and have them "make it thier friend" so when they get to that part they can smile and zoom thru it. It essentially teaches you how to learn.

A decent used piano (elect keyboards not recommended for lessons, but fun toys) can be found for pretty cheap, under $1200. Figure about $100 per month for a good teacher. Piano tuning and simple maintainence is about $130 per year depending on the piano. Really a decent value for what you get in return.

A good way to find a great teacher is to contact a College nearby with a Piano Pedigogy class and ask the instructor for a good teacher referance who lives near you. The good ones often have a waiting list. The instructor should be involved in the Certificate of Merit program that teaches music theory in case your child wants to get serious later.

Also a parent who is somewhat musical is helpful, plan to spend time and partner in the task, or if you are not musical plan to learn along with your child.

It also provides your kid with an excuse to get outta the dishes...."i gotta go practice!"

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There is an outstanding school placement person in Woodland Hills, Teri Solochek. It would be worth a trip to meet with her. She is super and will be able to offer all sorts of options to you. Good luck

Hi K.,

I do not know if yours daughters learning disabilities include vision or dyslexia. My husband went to the College of Optometry as a child. His mother did exercises with him for about 6 months. The school had wanted to hold him back for slow reading - it turned out to be a muscle weakness within the eye that was correctable. He went on to UCLA and grad school. The Irlen Institute works with different types of dyslexias. I know 2 parents that have had success with their children. Good luck.

What area are you looking for a school in?

You might want to either consider a school that uses music to teach such as The Learning Through Music Consulting Group might be able to tell you of a school in your area or give you other ideas http://www.learning-through-music.org/

or there are music cds such as Times Table Disco and music DVDs such as School House Rock that could help her.

Hope that helps.

there are wonderful waldorf schools in los angeles... Pasadena and Northridge for sure and maybe one on the westside too?

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