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My husband and I are thinking about a possible job with the Dept of the Army in Wiesbaden Germany. We have lived in Germany before but as contractors with no base privileges - so now I'm requesting some info as a DOA civilian and how life is there. Like the schools (in case I put my son in the DOD school), medical, shopping, churches, PWOC, homeschooling...bascially what life is like in Germany as a civilian with base privileges since our first experience was not too great. Any info would help me so we can make a better decision. Thanks.

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I just moved to Wiesbaden in December and I am still getting to know the area, but I can try to help you out the best I can. I have to say I am absolutely loving Germany and Wiesbaden. My husband grew up in Germany from 71-92 and and is fluent in the language so that has helped a lot. I am not sure where you were the last time you were here but Wiesbaden is a great city. We live about a block from the train station and "downtown" is in walking distance. We love to walk the city and shop. However, the dollar to Euro makes it hard, but since you are living in England right now I am sure you are used to it. I know many wives here that homeschool their children and the bookstore on post sells homeschooling books. My daughter is only 3 so I dont know much about the schools. Please email me and we could chat. I would be glad to mail you out some info about Wiesbaden and post. Also you can check out wiesbaden.army.mil for the local news, events, and opportunities. Any questions I cant answer I would be glad to ask around about. ____@____.com Hope to hear from you soon.

Wiesbaden is a wonderful city, many things to do. We are military but live off post. We live 15min. away from the main base. Living off post has been wonderful, if you plan on looking for homes near the base it will be hard. A lot of the landlords want you to pay more than local nationals, because they think they can get "over" on you. My advise will be to go to the housing office on the Airfield and view the listings they have. Wiesbaden is an expensive city because it is the capital of Hessen. Mainz area is VERY busy with traffic, especially in the mornings and they are always fixing the roads.

DOD schools here are not bad, it might be an easier transition for your song into an english speaking school. There are many kids who are homeschooled here. The two elementary schools are Hainerberg the largest of the elementary school (on the same base as the PX,Commissary,Pizza Hut, ACS, Middle/High school, etc.)Then there is Aukamn (on Aukamn housing area, just 3-5min drive down the street from Hainerberg). With the Euro rate beating the dollar, we mainly shop at the PX or online. But downtown there are many stores such as Real (walmart) C&A and H&M.

I am currently a DoD civilian living here in Germany and have been seeking employment in the Wiesbaden area since Darmstadt will be closing soon. My experience has been that they are a very closed community. I recently went to the job fair there and no one even wanted to talk to me because I was not a military spouse. I have all of the certification required to work for ACS / MWR / and CYS...and am even over qualified for most of the jobs they have available. All I can say is, good luck in that area....other than that, life in Germany is great.

Hello J., I & my family live in Mannhiem Germany as my husband is in the Army. We have 2 children whome I homeschool. We choose to Homeschool for several reasons. I think the main one is because it's what WE all want. We made this choice as a family.
As far as Germany goes, well we love it here. It's not only beautiful to look at, it has so much to offer a homeschool parent in so many ways.
Shopping here is really good. I love it. Plus if you can't find what you want on base, then you go outside the base. Then if you can't find it outside the base, do what I do lol, go online. Your sure to find it there. Have it delivered.
Medical on the bases here in Germany, is what you make of it. I do know that DoD's are treated very well. Depending on what religion you are there are an abundance of churches to choose from on the bases, all you have to do is choose one.
I'm sorry your last experience wasn't that great here. I do hope that your next one is better.
I hope this information has helped you, Good Luck in your travels, & welcome to Mamasource!

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