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Has anyone delivered at Yukon Integris or Baptist? What was your experience like? And also, did they give the babies a bath in the room? We delivered our daughter at Deaconess and they took her from the room to get all cleaned up and everything. However, my friend delivered at Mercy and they do it all in the room there....but Mercy is over half an hour from our house so we would rather go to a closer one whenever we have our future children. And I know everyone will suggest it because they always do when I ask a doctor question, but no our insurance does not cover Lakeside Women's Center...ha.

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I've had 3 pregs. 1 at Deac, 1 at Baptist, and 1 at Lakeside. I've been monitored at SW, Mercy, Deac, and Baptist. I've kind of done the circuit. I was happy with all of them really. I especially like the hospitals that have NICU's onsite incase of complications like I had. All my nurses were terrific in all the places I went. My vote is for Baptist for you!

I delivered all three of my kids at baptist and loved ever bit of it. I got to keep my babies at my side till I was ready to give them up to be cleaned up, I was able to nurse all my kids right away. They clean them up in the nursery but you dont have to hand them right over. I had 3 awesome experiences at Baptist, and they were several years apart. one in 2000, 2004 and 2006. Now your Labor, Delivery, and Recovery are all in the same room.

Hi D.,
I wouldn't use MERCY for ANYTHING. Two years ago, I went in with stroke-like symptoms. I was in there for 8 days, and 5 doctors, 4 MRIS and 3 CAT scans later, they still didn't know what was wrong with me. I had 4 different "diagnoses" and NONE of them were right! MY FAMILY DOCTOR looked at the test results and told me in about 5 minutes what the problem had been -- internal shingles. The ER doc there had been the only one who had said "THis looks like the onset of shingles." Also talked to a woman who had taken her child in up there and had a very similar experience. I don't know anything about the Yukon hospital, but I've heard good things about Baptist, although I've never been in there. My kids were both born at the old Hillcrest Hospital, which is now ST. MIchael's I think, and that's been years and years ago.<G> I would look into Baptist or Yukon Integris--I'll never go to Mercy again.

Integris Canadian Valley Regional Hospital (Yukon)and Integris Baptist Medical Center are both great facilities. Either choice will be great. Yukon is a newer facility and Baptist has been updated. My sister had her last one 1year ago at Baptist and had a good experience.

I delivered both my girls at Baptist and had a wonderful experience both times!! The nurses are great and the floor is clean and quiet. Both of my girls were taken from the room to get cleaned up but not before I had time with them. My husband went with them when they got their first bath. Now you can always request that they be given their bath in the room, I don't see why that would be a problem! Good luck!

I delivered my first child in Yukon and he stayed in my room at all times except the hearing screening and vaccinations. My second will be born there in a few months. I've heard good things about Baptist, but I loved being able to deliver close to home so friends and family could come to the hospital a little easier to see the baby.

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