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Info About Fluid in the Pelvic Cul De Sac

I recently had a C.T. scan and the Dr. said I had fluid in my pelvic cul de sac, I didn't even know I had a pelvic cul de sac. However the Dr. said I need to see my GYN and have it check out and then told me the last lady that had this thanked him because she ended up having Utern cancer.... Great - that's what I needed to hear. anyway I was wondering if anyone has ever hear of this before?

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Hi M.,

I'm an Ultrasound Tech & just did an exam today & a lady have fluid in her cul-de-sac. She had an Ovarian cyst that ruptured & that is why there was fluid there. It is normal to has small amounts there. I really wouldn't worry too much about it. The person who had said that remark about Uterine cancer was kinda out of line. I hope that this helps.

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I recommend getting a second opinion or at least checking this out. I believe this is the area where the pelvic bones fuse, but I am not entirely sure as it was never covered in my class.

As for your doctor~ I feel it was rather unprofessional of him to say that to you. It is never anyone's place to put any kind of disease or sickness into anyone's head! I do not care who they are~ It is rude and I find it demeaning to 'health care'.

Otherwise, I am not educated enough to help you out with this one! Good luck!

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M. ~
First, don't think the worst thing right away, your doctor never should have told you that. Odds are is that you have ovarian cysts and one ruptured. That would cause fluid in the cul-de-sac. There are other causes, too, but that is the most common.
D. (OB nurse)

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I am guessing that the CT scan was unrelated to GYN issues. However, I had tests done for pain in my abdomen and sides, and they found fluid and related it to a likely burst ovarian cyst. I had no further complications-although I do get frequent, sometimes painful, cysts. Good luck and try not to worry.

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Please don't panic. The most common causes of pelvic fluid are normal. In fact, it's usually referred to as "physiologic fluid," which means it's just a normal part of how your body functions. The lining of the abdominal cavity is always secreting some fluid to keep things lubricated. Some of that can accumulate in the lowermost part of your pelvis around your uterus and rectum (pelvic cul de sac). The amount of fluid there increases around the time you ovulate. It can also be due to an ovarian cyst rupturing. It's not likely without other symptoms or findings, but it can be related to infections like appendicitis or diverticulitis. It would be exceptionally unlikely to be related to cancer without any other abnormal findings.

Go get the second opinion, but I suspect the doc you see will be puzzled as to why your first doctor made a big deal out of it.

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Hello M., Don't start thinking cancer right away. It could be other things. I've had fluid from two different problems. One was a cyst on the overy that had ruptured, very painful so you would have known about it. The other was due to Endometriosis(sp?). Your GYN can find out for you. Good luck.

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The pelvic cul de sac is the area around the uterus.

Free fluid in the pelvis can indicate anything from a recently ruptured ovarian cyst, to endometriosis, to just a sign that you are going to ovulate or menstruate soon.
It doesn't necessarily mean anything is "wrong"

Hug. And shame on that Dr. for scaring you like that. If he was so worried he should have refferred you to a gyn himself and not scared the pants off you talking about the big C word


I look at the pelvic cul d sac daily, when I perform ultrasounds at an OB-GYN clinic and a hospital. Everyone has a pelvic cul d sac. It is a fancy name for a "space" between the uterine wall and other structures in the pelvis. It is normal to have a small amt. of fluid in this area and I often see fluid when I perform routine u/s. Have you ever had an ovarian cyst or did they see one on the CT? Have you had any ultrasounds? If the amount of fluid is moderate or heavy, it can be from several sources. Simple ovarian cysts that have ruptured (benign and very common..every month when we ovulate we make follicles on our ovaries...an dominant follicle can grow large and become a cyst and it can break open) or, sometimes it is seen with ectopic pregnancies. It can be associated with ovarian or uterine cancers but this is less common. I would not worry until you have further testing done. I do think that your OB should not have said what he did in the way he did. Sometimes physicians don't think before they speak. But at least he is having you check it out. Why did you have the CT? What kind of symptoms are you having and what your age? Keep me posted. Hope this helps.

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