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Infected C-section Incision

Hey Moms,

I have an infected c-section incision and would like to hear from moms who've experienced anything like this and how your outcome was.
I went back to my OB yesterday and was put on antibiotics. I'm really scared of the infection turning into staph. It's still oozing green pus and I have a small abcess that continues to get bigger.
Nothing like this has ever happened to me and I'm just really scared.
TIA for any advice!

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

Just wanted to let you all know my incision has now healed with no more signs of infection! : ) YEA!!
Thank you all for your responses and helping me over come this scary time.

Thanks Moms!

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I had a staph infection in my c-section incision with my first child. It was not pleasant. They had to pack part of it with medicated gauze that my husband had to pull out and cut off about an inch or two each day until the gauze was completely removed. We had to wash my incision with hibiclens every day and I was also on very strong antibiotics. The doctor warned me that if the antibiotics didn't work real quick, she was going to readmit me to the hospital so I was pretty scared as well. Turns out the antibiotics worked fast and I didn't have to be readmitted.

The worst thing, other than the pain and the added care routine was the scar it left behind. Instead of just a straight scar from the incision, I've got the original c-section scar, plus a perpendicular scar, about 2 inches long, where the abcess that they had to pack was. It's very unattractive. If they didn't have to pack your wound, you probably won't have to worry about bad scarring though.

Hopefully to put your mind at ease, the antibiotics worked for me and mine WAS a staph infection. Just take your antibiotics as scheduled and follow whatever other care routine your doctor prescribed. Hopefully everything will heal quickly and you'll feel fine in no time. :-)

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HI K.,
I have had four csection and all I can say is keep the area clean and dry try using neosporin rub it on your cut it may help the infected area and lay down as much as possible .Good luck

SAHM of children 3,5,9,and 3months and life is great.

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My first got infected & everything turned out fine! No staph, no awful scarring. I was on antibiotics & I got some gauze pads to keep over the area. Keep it clean, change the pads frequently, showers only (no baths) & you'll be a-okay!

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OUCH!!! I had an infection with my first c-section -- only I did not know at first, I just figured that was the way you felt after a c-section! Then it started to swell, in a way that I looked like I had eaten part of a hoola hoop. That's when I went to the OB-GYN. All I remember taking Vicadin for the pain, and having it clear up pretty quickly. My scar is very small (odd, since both babies were 8.5 lbs) - and healed up well. I do remember being concerned about any meds, because I was breastfeeding. I did not develop a staph infection, and had never had any complications following that one incident. Mine only got better, once seeing the doctor, If you feel your's is taking a turn for the worse, I strongly suggest you call you doctor -- that is what he/she is there for. I do not recall anything green -- just incredible pain, until a couple of days after the drugs kicked in.

I hope that you feel better soon. Your situation is more challenting, as my infection was with my first child -- you have the challenge of having other children to care for, as you care for yourself and new baby. I hope that you get the rest and care you need to bring yourself to a speedy recovery.

All the best,

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My c-section incision got infected. This is not that uncommon. It is, however, very important to treat it right. My OB didn't and I continued to have new sections open up on their own until I was 4 months postpartum. The important thing is to let it drain. The body will naturally want to push the infection out. So it needs to be left open so that it can drain and heal from the inside out. There is wicking material that can be used to help this along, then other materials that can help it heal from the inside out, which is what it needs to do.

My OB's office covered it with Dermabond to try and seal it back up and I ended up with a 4 month infection and tunneling.

You may want to visit the Wound Clinic at Presby Plano. It wasn't until I finally started going there (on my own because I was fed up with my OB's office) that they started me on a program and I finally started to heal.

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