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Infant Swimming Resource (ISR)

My husband and I are becoming anxious about our pool area for our very mobile and curious little boy. Has anyone tried the Infant Swimming Resource yet (ISR)? You know, the one with the little baby that falls in the pool and manages to wait until someone comes for him? (http://www.infantswim.com/Miles.html)

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I'm going to take my son to lessons this summer. I have a friend with a pool who had all of her daughters taught by this method. They learned to swim before they were proficient at walking!

I enrolled my daughter in ISR when she was 18 months old. We were living in Florida. It's literally a lifesaver. When we moved to Dallas, Texas, I found an instructor for my 6 month old son. Her name is Sheri Philips. My kids are now 6 and 3 and excellent swimmers. More importantly, water survival skills are imprinted in their muscle memory--how to float, find air, and get out of the pool. I have seen other swim programs and they don't come close. Many children drown with some swimming skills.

Good luck!

My son took swim lessons at a rec center when he was 11 months old. The class was a survival swim class. It was great they taught them to float use their arms and legs almost like a doggy paddle (also some strokes). She also taught them how to use knees and elbows to climb out of the pool. Ever since he has never been afraid of the water and I felt a lot more comfortable with him around water.
Good luck

I had my daughter in at 2 1/2 and the next year for a week refresher and my son in at 9 months. It was time consuming and costly and I have a third that I will not put in. You can never be too careful, but I think that it made my daughter afraid of swimming. She doesn't remember much at that age (she is 8 now), but she sure remembers swimming lessons with Ms. Sheri. She did not swim until she was 6. My son fell in at 11 mos or so and did manage to flip and float while screaming (we were right there when it happened), but honestly I am not sure that he would have flipped and floated for very long like the video shows. I think that video of the child falling in is not the norm. We have a pool fence and I check it everytime that I look or go outside to make sure that it is not open. It is hard to say if I would put my older two in the lessons again, but I am so busy with three that I don't have the time to take 10 minute lessons for 9 weeks...yes, it took 9 weeks for both of mine to complete the program. Good luck. You can never be to careful, but don't count on it as a jump start to swimming. You can call me...everyone, including me, in my neighborhood put their kids in the lessons.

What is wrong with spending the money on a pool alarm or a pool fence? Both seem more secure and permanent than trusting your infants/toddlers to instruction - especially instructions that they are likely to forget. Can you really be secure wondering if this will be the month they don't remember? My dear friend and swim instructor and I watched this video last year and found it horrifying. When we took our little ones to Minnesota to my family's lake resort we didn't let them outside without their life preserver on. Maybe that's a little severe for a pool in the backyard, but it assured us that they would float if they walked off the dock.

I highly recommendi it! My parent's have a pool and we are over there all the time. My son has no fear and I had to find lessons to teach him to survive in the water. The lessons are a little pricy, but it is worth every penny! My son took them last year for the first time. He was 22 months when he started. Our teacher is Mielle Walther in Dallas at 75 and Walnut Hill. He leared the entire sequence of swim, roll over, float, roll back over and swim some more. When we were on vacation last summer, everyone was amazed that a 2 yo could swim like that and have so much confidence in the water. I could go on and on about how important it is for your son to know how to survive in the water, expecially since you have a pool in your back yard. good luck!

My daughters took lessons from one of the instructors last year. They both learned to swim and float. This is an excellent program, a little costy and time consuming. The lady who we took lessons from last year isn't on the list this year. I have not signed them up yet. I was told that they would forget everything they learned, that is true. By the way, my daughters were 17 months and 3years at that time.

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