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Infant Swimming

I am wondering what age is appropriate to bring my baby swimming in a chlorine pool (warm water of course). My 4 year old daughter loves to go swimming at the community center and I would love to bring my baby in the pool too but don't know how young is too young. At what age did you bring your babies into the pool? Thanks!

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My 14 month old is at Foss Swim as well and he really likes it. The pool is really active and loud so I bring him a little early to get used to all that is going on around him. The teachers are really wonderful.

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We started taking our daughter when she was around 8 months, just cause that is when we joined a gym with a pool. She loved it! If we had joined earlier, we probably would have brought her in. Our place had a zero entry pool which was really nice. We would set her on the edge and let her get use to it gradually. When we stopped going a year later, she would be running around in the water park. She loves the water now and has no fear what so ever. That makes me a little nervous that she thinks she is invinceable! But we always watch her and have had no problems!

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I had always read that you should wait until 6 months because the affect the chlorine can have on a baby's sensitive skin.

Hi J.,

My son who is 19 months is taking lessons at Foss Swim School in Woodbury. My daughter took lessons last year when she was 2 1/2 but is more into gymnastics now. I would highly recommend the classes at an early age so they become accustomed to the water and don't get too afraid.

At Foss Swim School, I believe they brominate the water instead of chlorinate. Bromination still kills the nasty bugs but isn't as harsh on the eyes/skin. The water is also very very warm (almost like taking a bath) and the room it is in is also set to a high temp so the kids don't get cold. I would also highly recommend Foss Swim school. It is a bit more pricey but the instruction and teacher:student ratios are very low. Under the age of 3, the parent is in the pool with the child and the ratio is 5:1. Once they turn 3, the parents only watch and the ratio is 3:1. Foss has many locations across the twin cities and probably has a website if you want more info.

Good luck!

My 14 month old is at Foss Swim as well and he really likes it. The pool is really active and loud so I bring him a little early to get used to all that is going on around him. The teachers are really wonderful.

If I had the opportunity I would have brought my baby in a pool from birth and on...

Living in MN and not having a gym pass I didn't have the opportunity but brought her in a pool in Florida at 4mos. old and she loved it.

As long as you bathe or shower immediately after and use lotion the baby would be fine I'd think. Although the YMCA in Burnsville has way to much cholorine it eats my swimsuits and we don't go there anymore so I wouldn't do it there but if you go to a pool that the cholorine isn't strong I think you'd be just fine.

Your baby swam in water in your womb- they are natural water lovers. Most swim classes take them at 6 weeks, but if you're concerned about chlorine, just limit the time in the water to half hour at the most. I took my first one too late (3 yrs) and he is very afraid of water, but my second one I took at 3 months. Hope this helps!

I'm currently taking my 7mth old to swimming lessons at the Y. They require the babies to be 6mths old to start lessons.

Hope this helps.

Hi J.,

I have had both of my kids swimming since the minute they were able to hold there head up long enough, so that it was enjoyable. I think that it depends on what you are comfortable with. I would not say that 2 months is too young. I think that people who dont take there kids into a pool end up being scared of the water. I have taught swim lessons for 16 years. 6 months is when they are actually able to start lessons. Go with your gut. I would not let them under water at 2 months but dont see any harm with takeing them into the warm water.

I am an aquatics director at a community center and we start our lessons programs at age 1. I would highly recommend that. But as far as bringing them to the pool, with chlorine etc. I would start at 6 months. The thing to remember is that they can only stay a short time at first because they get cold often. And will be very clingy on you..but it gets better after a few times. Also maybe only about 1 time per week so that their skin can recover. Good luck and Have fun!

My son started swimming lessons at 2. But he was in the 0-36 months group. So I would say you can bring them in whenever you feel ready for it. Just keep an eye out for the water temp and if your baby turns blue. That would be a good clue to get out. But they really seem to enjoy it. Good Luck

I bring my 6 year old to a swim class and Highview Middle school in New Brighton and I see that they have a class where the parents are in the water with the babies. I would say the little ones are any where from 12 months to 2 years. It's a great place for swim classes. I live in St Paul but like it there so much we kept going, the drive is only like 10 minutes, right off 694 and Silver Lake Road. The Red Cross does the classes. The New Brighton Parks and Rec web site is


or to look at the lessons offered


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