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Infant Rice Cereal Intolerance

My daughter is 5 months old. Her pedi recommended starting her on rice cereal, then moving on to the others if she tolerates rice well. Ever since she started she has become much fussier, and I noticed yesterday a red eczema like rash on her arms (her 3 yo brother has severe eczema and food allergies--although he always tolerated everything fine when he was an infant). I am unsure what to do now--I have stopped the cereal, and no fussiness today. I was going to wait a week then try it again and see what happens, but if it turns out she is intolerant I'm not sure what the next step is. Do i try the other types of cereals? Do I skip cereal and go right to fruits/veg? Do I hold off on everything and wait until her 6 mo check up? She is currently on formula and is fine, but loves eating off the spoon and definitely seems "ready" to eat solids. I don't want to call her doc because we've been in there several times in the last few weeks because of my son and don't want to go in again unless it's a serious issue. Thought I'd ask your thoughts on here...

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Stop all food except formula until she's at least 6 months old, you can even wait until 8 months and be within the guidelines of what a Pediatrician wants. Many people even wait until a year old and start with finger foods (though pedi will probably give you grief over that). Its up to you though.

I give my oldest rice cereal and she had hard time with pooping so I change her rice cereal to Oatmeal and never had a problem after that.With my two other kids I didn't even try rice cereal and went to oatmeal and they never had problem pooping....Good luck

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Any solids at this stage is really just practice...pratice tasting...practice getting stuff in the mouth...practice keeping stuff in the mouth...and you can practice with anything. Of course, avoid the known allergies that affect her brother, but there are plenty of innocuous things to feed babies. Mashed avocado is actually great at this age and plain, unsweetened yogurt.

Breastmilk or formula should be the primary source of nutrition for the first year. PLENTY of babies don't have anything but for the first year. My daughter was easily 9-10 months before her solid intake made any impact on her breastmilk consumption. We skipped the "cereal" stage altogether. She didn't like it and I found it to be of dubious nutritional benefit.

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I really think 5 months is too young for solids. I can't believe there are pediatricians out there recommending solids that early.

My son is 8 months old and isn't eating solids. We have intro'ed them, but he's not terribly interested. I nurse on demand so I'm not worried.

All babies seem "ready" for solids. You could put rat poison in front of her and she might grab at it as if she wanted to eat it. That's just a developmental skill they have, it doesn't necessarily meant she's ready to eat.

Skip the cereal...it has no nutritional value that she isn't getting from her formula.

We started with avocadoes, banana, sweet potatoes, etc. My 8 month old has tasted peaches, cherries, potatoes, bananas, and apples.

Check out the website http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/

If you eat fairly healthy, whole foods, there is no reason for your baby not to just eat what you eat. And I can guess that none of you are eating rice cereal for dinner! :)

Ignore the pediatrician.

All three of my daughters were allergic to the rice cereal - we noticed the fussiness, the eczema behind the ears and on the scalp, and it also showed up in blood work when they were older. Stop the rice cereal. There is absolutely nothing wrong with just giving her formula until she is a year old - it is what I did with my last daughter, as she was allergic to so many foods as well. Frankly, the formula is so much more nutritious, she will be better off in the long run!
Warning: I had some people make comments about why I wasn't giving her "real food" yet - ignore them! She is a very tall, beautiful, healthy 13 year old girl now! And yes, she still has the food allergies and/or sensitivities.

If you are insistent on trying other cereals, the Barley worked well for my daughters when they were older!

She is rather young to even start cereal in my opinion. She gets complete nutrition from her formula or breast milk. Give her system some time to grow and stop giving her anything else.

My middle son was the same way with rice, around 5/6 months. I would try oatmeal or go on to avocado, banana, pear, etc. You could try rice later (like several months down the road) but you don't necessarily need to.
Hope you find something that works!

I would give oatmeal a try. My oldest had no problem with rice cereal, so I didn't think anything of it when we gave my younger daughter rice cereal. For days she had the worst time pooping. She got very constipated and she would work so hard and cry so hard and barely anything would come out. My doctor told me it was probably the rice cereal stopping her up and to try oatmeal. We moved to oatmeal and she became regular again and we didn't have any more problems.

If it turns out that she is intolerant to the rice cereal, starting with any single grain cereal would be just fine. Good luck!

I give my oldest rice cereal and she had hard time with pooping so I change her rice cereal to Oatmeal and never had a problem after that.With my two other kids I didn't even try rice cereal and went to oatmeal and they never had problem pooping....Good luck

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