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Infant Likes to Sleep on Tummy

Hey moms,
I was wondering if I could get some feedback about letting a one month old sleep on his tummy. My first did well with being swaddled and sleeping on his back but this is my second and he really likes to sleep on his little tummy, he sleeps so much better! He typically breaks free of his swaddle and so I have been letting him sleep on his tummy some during the day when I am checking him constantly. Well, last night after a night of unrest, I finally let him go to the tummy at like 5am this morning, and he did do much better. I noticed of course that he would crash out on my shoulder and then as I go to lay him down, he would wake up. When I put him from my shoulder to his tummy he does great. What do you moms think? Anyone out there allow your little one to spend some time sleeping on the tummy or do most of you see this as a dangerous practice? Thanks for the feedback.

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Wow, I am so grateful for all these responses, really helpful. I still have not let him sleep on his tummy at night as I am just groggy and tired and don't want to risk not being able to be very vigilent. I am letting him sleep on his tummy some during the day. He is able to lift his head and turn it from one side to the other so I can't see a big risk there. I don't have anything near his little face, so I am going to just go with my gut. I am a careful mama but try not to be overly paranoid. He has a check-up on Monday so I am going to talk this out with the Pediatrician as well and will probably go with whatever he suggests. Thanks again, and to all the moms out there affected by sids, thanks for sharing you stories on here it is good for us all to stay aware of any risks to our kids. Thanks ladies!

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I raised all of my 5 children on their stomach and it was great. Now they came up with a theory, that it's not safe, I would do it again.

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I waited for decent head control, and once we had that they slept on their backs. Severe sleep deprivation in mom and baby, in my book, is more dangerous. Good luck, you'll get through this!!

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Both of my boys (the oldest is now 2 1/2 and the youngest is 7 months) will only sleep on their tummies. They slept on their backs for about a month and have been sleeping peacefully on their backs ever since!

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I think every baby has his own likes and dislikes. I would just make sure there is nothing soft around his face, especially if he is still not lifting his head well. They say some babies don't have the reflex to know they aren't getting oxygenated air and keep rebreathing their deoxygenated air and that can be one reason for SIDS. You know your baby....do what you think is right!


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I would recommend asking your pediatrician for one simple reason - there was a news story last week about breaking science in the understanding of SIDS. According to the research, there may be a reduced number of seratonin receptors in children who die of SIDS - perhaps making it easier to identify at risk babies.

Our daughter, once she could roll over, preferred to be on her tummy. We asked the pediatrician, and he said as long as she could turn herself over and back, there was little we could do to prevent it.

I'd say gather as much information as you can, get informed and make your decision after that - none of us know for sure if it's safe or not. There are certainly stories in favor and against tummy sleeping.

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I use to be a nurse in a pediatric ICU. I did see SIDS cases-very sad, I just can not imagine. All the cases I saw, the babies were sleeping on their tummy. I do think babies sleep better on their tummies (mine do), but that's the problem-they sleep too deeply. My son is 3 months. I do allow him to nap on his tummy when I can watch him. Hopefully some day soon they will have a test to see which babies are at risk of SIDS, but for now we have to assume all are at risk. Your baby might be fine sleeping on his tummy, as many are, but what if he is one of the ones that isn't. Just give him a few more months & he'll be able to roll over.

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Most babies prefer to sleep on their tummies, but the fact remains that by putting a one-month old to sleep on his or her tummy increases the risk of SIDS death. Your child would likely be fine, but you would be knowingly subjecting them a more dangerous practice. My children wanted to sleep on their tummies too, but I always felt like if I knew the safer way, and didn't follow it, I would never be able to live with myself if anything happened. It is rare, but does happen. I too, know someone who lost their baby to SIDS. (I have also read that the Angelcare monitor has not been shown to reduce SIDS deaths at all. ) Good luck!

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Both of mine were tummy sleepers, too. I practically stayed hovering over them the whole time they slept because I was so worried. But, my pediatrician told me that both kids were very strong. They could lift and turn their heads from day one, so there was no immediate danger of suffocation. He said that letting them get lots of good sleep was key and not to try to force them to sleep on their backs if that wasn't allowing them to get the hours of uninterrupted sleep they really need.

As always, listen to your mommy instincts. You're the best key witness right now as to how your child is sleeping and what seems to be safe for your baby at this stage.

Enjoy the ride with baby number two!

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Hi J.,
My grand-daughter is 8wks old and we also found that she really likes to sleep on her tummy as well. We let her take her naps on her tummy and she will sleep what seems like forever. She does great, we also put her on her side swaddled up as well. She does good both ways. I know that they say don't let them sleep on their tummies but there was a tragedy in our town and I am not trying to scare you but a 3 mo was asleep on his back and during the night he had spit or and it went back down and he I asume choked but anyway it was not a good, he passed away, so I am leary about leaving them on their back as well. Another thing we do is we have a pillow in her bed so it will keep her propped up while she is sleeping on her side. Hope this helps some.

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Most doctors will tell you no. You shouldn't at least until they are able to move and lift their heads. There was an article recently that was published about SIDS. It was also on the news. You should probably find the article online and read it before you make any decisions. I do know a lot of people who let their babies sleep on their tummies, but that doesn't mean it will work for your child. If anything, try letting him sleep on his side. This may help.

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I raised all of my 5 children on their stomach and it was great. Now they came up with a theory, that it's not safe, I would do it again.

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