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Infant Has Heat Rash

My 6 month old daughter has a heat rash on her belly/chest/underarm for the last few days, gets better at night when it's cooler. Is there anything I can do for her to make it better?

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Take a clean cool wash cloth and wash her with it, do it as many times as needed and don't dry it. Let it evaporate. Give her a cool bath. Take her clothes off(except her diaper.). Put her in the shade after you have done the above. Keep the house cool all day long if you can.

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put her in a bath of lukewarm water in which soda has been dissolved. Leave her undressed as much as possible. Put a fan in her room to keep air circulating. My daughter found ceiling fans a few years ago for around $20. They are easily installed in place of overhead light. The fan includes a light.

Try Target, Wal-Mart, and Home stores such as Lowes and Home Depot or is it Home Base?

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I had that same problem and my mother suggested to me to use old fashion "corn starch"...and it worked:)Hope that helps.


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I smooth a bit of baby powder over my son's body when he gets heat rash and this seems to help a lot. (Of course make sure she doesn't inhale the powder, but this is easily done if you smooth it over her carefully after you've shaken a bit in your hand well away from her face). The key to heat rash is to keep them dry, so make sure she's wearing cool, light clothing, too, when it's hot. Anything that cuts down on sweating....

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We always gave cool baths and patted baby dry.
Then applied baby powder or cornstarch all over.
Offer a bottle of cool water during the hot part of the day. They get thirsty (not just hungry) too.
This is a time that you are probably introducing new foods, be sure it isn't an allergy rash.
Or Perhaps you are using a different soap?
Obviously you have ruled out an illness, so if it is a heat rash, cools baths should help a lot. As they get older keep a tiny swimming pool handy and 'bathe' with pool playtime.

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Take a clean cool wash cloth and wash her with it, do it as many times as needed and don't dry it. Let it evaporate. Give her a cool bath. Take her clothes off(except her diaper.). Put her in the shade after you have done the above. Keep the house cool all day long if you can.

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try pure corn starch or baby powder and keep her out of any clothing as much as possible

My 2 month old has that right now also. I find that letting him hang out in just a diaper works best for him. The air on his skin helps the rash. My mom also suggested letting him play with a wet washcloth but at 2 months, he's too young. Your's however at 6 months could do just fine with it. Other than that, the only way to get rid of the heat rash, is to wait for the weather to cool down.


Great products! Took my baby's heat rash away and also her excema. I wash her with the oatmeal soap every night and follow up with the cream. Good luck!

Hi TJ,
My daughter,(7mnths)has very sensitive skin and has had trouble with heat rash since she was 2months old. I use Baby Weleda brand, Calendula Cream. When I told my naturapath about it, she had asked where I heard about it, because it is the best thing I could have used. I put it on her morning and night in her "hot spots" and if it is a really hot day, I put it on durring the day as well. I stopped using lotions and switched to cornstarch as well. She still gets a few bumps here and there, but nothing like before when they were all over her body. I hope this helps. Good luck!! :)


The best thing I've found when my kids got a heat rash was to 1) let them run around in a diaper or less, and 2) let them sleep in a diaper or a *very* light weight pair of pj's. That's about all you can do. To me, the heat rash is their way of telling us that they are too hot and need less clothes.

Hope this helps,

Start by cooling your baby off. Loosen or remove there clothing, and move them into an airy room or a shady spot.

You might place them on a cotton towel, which can help absorb their sweat. Apply cool, wet washcloths to the areas affected by the rash. A lukewarm bath with a little baking soda — 2 teaspoons per gallon — can also help.

Let them air dry rather than rubbing him with a towel. And don't use ointments or creams on the rash. If your baby's skin is irritable to touch, calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream may be used with your health professional's approval. Avoid ointments or other lotions because they can irritate the skin. These can make the rash worse by trapping moisture.

If it's hot at night, use an air conditioner or a fan in your baby's room. Direct the fan near your baby but not directly on them. Or place it far enough away so that only a gentle breeze reaches them. You want your baby to be comfortable, not chilled.

Trim your baby's fingernails regularly so they don't scratch themselves if the rash starts itching. You may want to put little socks on their hands at night so they won't scratch themselves while they sleep.

However, if doesn't go away after 3 or 4 days, or if it appears to be getting worse, or if your child develops a fever, contact your health professional right away. Look for signs of infection, increased pain, swelling, redness, or warmth around the affected area. Drainage of pus from the area. Swollen lymph nodes in the neck, armpit, or groin. Fever of 100° or higher, or chills with no other known cause.

Baby powder or just regular corn starch work really well but I've found that I get heat rash in areas that are skin to skin contact (i.e. in rolls or under arms) I would use the powder several times a day and then just put her in a light weight cotton onesie (100% no blends).

Hi TJ,
we use "Renew intensive skin therapy" lotion. It's from the Melaleuca Company. It totally heals up the rash mostly overnight, it provides instant relief from the itching & other symptoms, it is safe enough to use daily & on brand new newborns. It also works great on diaper rash & any other rash you may get ( or baby gets). It is long lasting , none greasy & feels great on a sunburn. This "Renew" lotion helps the body to heal itself from MANY skin ailments including exzema.
safe for the most sensitive areas & faces & really sensitive people. It has a light pleasant fragrance that does not affect my allergies. If you are intresested in getting this product let me know & I'll give you the company's contact info.

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