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Infant Hair Is Turning Red

My 4 month old was born with dark brown hair and a lot of it. Her hair is not looking very red to me. Are red heads born with red hair? Has anyone had a baby born with dark hair that turned out to be red?

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Yes that can happen, especially if you spend time out in the sun. Just like many babies are born with very blond hair and it get darker. What ever color she has she is a bundle of joy.

yep! My son had darker hair at birth which ended up falling out after a while and it came in reddish blond. I love it!

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All three of my children were born with very dark hair-and lots of it. At age 25, my oldest has very dark brown hair, at 22 my middle has what she calls strawberry brown, and my son at 18 is blonde. Anything can happen.

Yes that can happen, especially if you spend time out in the sun. Just like many babies are born with very blond hair and it get darker. What ever color she has she is a bundle of joy.

Babies' hair color changes all the time. FOr instance, I was born with red (strawberry blond) hair that turned to white and then back to kind of a dirty blond.

My youngest was born with dark hair that is now at 20 months, as white as can be. I expect his hair will darken as he gets older, too.

Hello! I was born with black curly hair. It turned white and straight by the time I was two and is now light brown. I think hair color changes all of the time.

I was born with very dark black hair and it turned to red. I'm twenty now and its as red as ever. :)

My first son was born with very dark hair, and lots of it. It eventually fell out, and by the time he was two, his new hair had come in blond. But it darkened to a medium brown over the next few years after that. And I have straight dark brown hair, and we also have toddler pictures of me with red (strawberry blond) curls.

So I don't know - but it seems like the final hair color is unpredictable at this age.

I've found the hair they're born with falls out - my 4-year-old was born with auburn hair that turned blond within a year and my brother was born with orange hair that was blond by nine months, so who knows?

yep! My son had darker hair at birth which ended up falling out after a while and it came in reddish blond. I love it!

My oldest son was born with Black hair, by the time he was 4 months it started to fall out and it came back white blond! Strange but true! My husband and I both had very blond hair when we were young, so we were surprised to see a black haired baby!

NO, but I had a baby born red who turned out to be a light brown with no hint of red!

My son was born with very dark brown (almost black) hair. At about 6 months his hair was bright red, and by a year it was blonde. It is still blonde (he's 5 now).

My niece was born with what looked like a bad dye job - white, blond, red, brown and black all mixed together. Her hair was spikey too, it was too funny. In a year she was growing in bright red hair.

I was born with black hair, went to red when by the time I was 2, then turned white blond by kindergarten and then brown by third grade.

Anything is possible.

Me.It was dark at birth, auburn red and now it's red by Clairol. haha My son was born with red hair and it's still red. Not really orange red though, more of a copper red.

I had two babies that were born with dark brown hair. Both lightened up. One lightened up to dirty blonde and the other lightened up to light brown (with blonde and red highlights in the summer). My middle baby was born bald and she ended up being a blonde.

So, yes, it is possible for your child's hair to change color! My babies all were born with blue eyes and the oldest and youngest ended up turning green (like their father) between ages 2 and 3.

Other than a smattering of light peach fuzz, I was nearly bald until 3 when my red hair came in. Still a redhead today at 34.

My nephew was born with strawberry-blonde hair and around 2 his hair turned dark and around 7 it came in bleach blonde.

I was a redhead and all three of my daughters are as well. we were all born with redhair, even the one that was mostly bald, we could tell it was red. Now , hubby and I both have redhair - so it was expected that is what we would get!

Many infants born with hair lose it and their permanent hair comes in later. I know several redheads who were born with dark hair.


They are not necessarily born with it. My son had 3 hair colors before he stuck with one. He was born with auburn (dark brn with red) hair which turned very red at 6 mos. and then by 1 year it was almost strawberry blonde. Now it has settled into a light brown with red highlights--a beautiful color all the women want to copy.

My daughter had light brown with a tinge of red at birth and is now lightening to blonde with bits of red at 9 mos old. I'm not sure if the red will stay.

I was surprised to have red headed children as there is no red hair in my family. I later found out that my mother in law was quite red when she was younger (colors now) and 2 of my husband's siblings were red as babies and turned blonde.


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My mom said I was born with black hair and lemon yellow streaks~not even kidding :D, but as I grew up, it changed, and now it is a nice auburn. Also my brother and sister had really light blonde hair when they were kids, and now they have darker brown hair. I have often heard of kids' hair changing as they grow up, so it is possible that your child can have dark brown hair now, and turn into auburn as they get older. :)

My son was born with white hair,I called him my little swedish baby.Now his hair is red,like a strawberry red.
His sister's hair is red,too.She was born with red hair.

My son was born with dark hair and it stayed dark until that time period when it all fell out and he was a baldy. When it grew back in, it was light-medium blond. Only time will tell!

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