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Infant Cough

My daughter is 11 weeks old. She had the usual vaccinations at 2 months old. Since then she has had a cough that won't go away. I have been to the doctor twice since then. The first time the doctor said that it is just allergies. She doesn't have fluid in her lungs, nose and ears are clear as well. The next week we had a different doctor (it is a medical group) and she told me that newborns can have congestion for up to 6 months and not to worry. Again clear nose, lungs and ears. I was reading about vaccines and came across info on the mercury in vaccines and possible allergies caused by it. Has anyone else had this happen to their infant. I don't know if it just a coincidence that she developed the cough after her shots or if it allergies etc etc etc. The cough doesn't seem to bother her and doesn't keep her up at night. She eats fine too.....no fever.....just this cough that won't go away. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you, D.

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There are Therapeutic Grade Essential oisl that will help allievate her cough. you are welcome to email em for more help.
J. Wild mom to five oily babies!

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Hello D..
I do not pretend to know all the details of your case, however, I would not consider anything that is a change in your child's normal disposition, "normal". My medical experience with allergies is limited, but the resources I have say that unless there is a history in your family, the kind of immune system necessary to mount allergy symptoms is not there at so young an age. You mentioned your peditrician is in a group. You might consider asking for a referral to an Ear/Nose/Throat specialist, or a pediatric allergy specialist.

First off they took the mercury out of vaccines a long time ago. Second my 2nd daughter went through the same thing and it lasted until she was about 10 months old and then all of the sudden one day it just went away and she was all better. She was literally congested and stuffy for 10 months of her life and then it just went away one day. She is now 2 and still as healthy as can be.

Hi D.,
I am so glad i read your request as my one year old daughter had a bad cough but no sign of of an infection for 3 weeks and I finaly took her to her pediatriton and he said it looked like a sinus infection and put her on amoxicilan and she was on that for 10 days and still has the cough, I also took her in for her one year shots a few days ago and they told me I need to go to get her blood drawn to test her mercury level, I didn't ask any questions like I should have as to reading your comment on the shots, I am taking her in tomorrow for the blood test and will let you know what comes out of it, this is all new to me as my older girls they did not have all the shots they do now days.... I did call the dr again and told the nurse about her persistant cough that hasn't gone away and she said that the only other thing they could do is breathing treatments... she has been so healthy until this cough thing and it does not effect her either like your daughter.
Let me know also if you find out what your daughters cough is from as I am curious.
Thanks and have a great day:O)

My 2 year old had the same problem. She was also diagnosed with allergies. She never had any symptoms other than a cough. When I complained again I told them that it was mainly coughing at night. They told me it was one of two things asthma or gurd.(acid reflux) The symptoms for asthma and acid reflux are very similiar. ( says my pediatrician) My guess is that its gurd.Does ur littleone spit up alot? If ur baby does I would say its gurd and that is so common in littleones. My daughter had gurd but was misdiagnosed with asthma. If they think it is asthma I would see a specialist to make sure. They put my daughter on meds that she didn't need because I didn't think they could be wrong. The meds didn't do any damage I just don't want drugs in her little system unless its vital. I hope I was helpful. O.

Hi D.,

I have no idea if your child's cough is vaccine related, it could very well be just mild allergies as the doctors and other posters have stated. However, I agree with another poster's message about the amount of vaccines kids receive and how fast they receive them playing a big part in the increase of other childhood problems like asthma, allergies, autism, learning disorders, juvenile diabetes, etc. I feel very fortunate that my two kids have (so far, anyway. they are 6 and 2) not shown any adverse reactions since receiving their shots. However, after reading the following article and others, as well as talking with friends who have autistic children, I will definitely re-think my next child's vaccine schedule, regardless of how emphatic my pediatrician is on stating the safety of them. Just thought I'd share this. Happy well-informed mothering!


All I can tell you is that if your daughter has had an adverse vaccine reaction, almost 100% of doctors and nurses will deny it even if all the evidence is there. They simply will not admit that a vaccine could ever cause a problem. Therefore, you must rely on your own judgment rather than that of medical professionals. Blessings!

My now 8-month-old developed a cough (bronchiolitis) very shortly after his 2 month shots, also. In addition, he began to develop eczema that still has not gone away. The cough lasted about 3 weeks and he wheezed, etc. When this happened and I started reading up on vaccines, it was really what convinced me to start delaying shots. I answered your other post on vaccines, so make sure to read that.

We have a history of allergies and asthma in our family (my 3 year old got all his shots on schedule and has severe food allergies), and I am convinced that vaccination alters the immune system, contributing to allergies, asthma, etc. For a very interesting read, check out http://www.vran.org/vaccines/anaphylaxis/vaccine-ana.htm
You can look up every referenced study on that page in pubmed. It is truly frightening. I am not saying that we should not vaccinate at all, but we really need to look at the sheer number of shots kids get now and what all those toxins and chemicals are doing to their systems.

I wish you all the best in your decisions.

My question to you is, does she cough more in the mornings? My daughter started doing this more so in the mornings and it turned out to be that she had asthma. You may want to keep a close watch on her symptoms;her breathing;if it's windy, rainy, etc. and the time (when she coughs the most) and speak to your pediatrician.

Well my son had the same thing happen to him so i maked it one my calender and the following year with in days it happened again. The wind and nasty stuff in the air this time of year always get people going. Plus the baby might just have a normal cough that all newborns have. And unless its making her throw up or choke and there is no other symthoms relax a little. I bet she will get better after all the blooms are gone. Trust me I was the same way with my son and he every year gets the cough i use benadyl now but he is two and that does help also we use a hymidifier durning nap and night time and that has seemed to help alot too. Good luck. Also try the pedi care cough that helped him out but see if the doctor has any other suggestions on what allergy med to use. If you feel comforitible with that. If you notice a change in diet and fussiness then take her back in. Good luck

Hi D.,
I'm not sure about the cough - My son didn't have that but I Know for a fact that there is not any mercury in vaccines anymore. They changed the formulas over 8-10 years ago after concerns about Autism. There is soooooooo much misinformation out there about vaccines. Please keep asking for info about the cough if you are concerned (I keep asking till they get tired of me!) but I think it is probably a coincidence that it happened around the time of the vaccine. Remember with all the rain this year it will be a bad allergy year. I don't usually have problems but even I have allergy issues this year. Hope all goes well
M. B.

There are Therapeutic Grade Essential oisl that will help allievate her cough. you are welcome to email em for more help.
J. Wild mom to five oily babies!

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