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Infant Breast Lump

Has anyone ever heard of or experienced breast lumps in their baby girls? My husband noticed one in our daughter - almost a marble size right under the nipple on one side - about a month ago and I immediately took her to the pediatrician's office, even after on the phone they said it was nothing, and the ARNP said it was normal for 6-12 mo. old girls to get them. She said that it's from hormones and is what they call "budding", even though she said, "although it is hard!" But then after I asked, she said breast cancer doesn't exist in babies. I just want to hear that from more than one ARNP, as I am just being a typical worried mommy. Thanks for your help!!

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My 13 month old daughter has them on both sides..she looks like she has small breasts. Her ped said she is a little sensitive to estrogen and that it is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Hope that helps!

It is very normal! Some children are born also with a little milk in them! It will eventually go away! Trust the doctor it is normal! It happends even in little boys.

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My son is 7 weeks old, and he had the exact same thing. My pediatrician Dr Southerland (she's fabulous and was trained at The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio) called it "breast buds." It is caused by estrogen - I'm breastfeeding, so it passes thru the milk. My son's went down on one side, but then the other nipple did it. They assure me it's completely normal and nothing to worry about. Also, there are cancers which can affect infants, but I've never heard of breast cancer (and I work in the medical field). Hope that puts your mind at ease. I was weirded out (especially to think my little boy might be getting "man boobs"!)

it probably is just a hormone lump. i would take her to a few different doctors though just to sure. really, what is the harm in a second and third opinion.

Both of my baby BOYS had breast lumps as well. Do you breastfeed? I did with both and the docs and La Leche League said it was common because of my hormones getting through into the milk. The lumps lasted several months with each and went away just as quickly as they appeared. I would recommend reading up on Web MD on the subject or typing in breast lumps in babies on Google and see what comes up. I just tried it briefly and found tons of sites that come up on the subject. Hopefully the information will be reassuring. Best of luck to you and your family.

It is very normal! Some children are born also with a little milk in them! It will eventually go away! Trust the doctor it is normal! It happends even in little boys.

My 13 month old daughter has them on both sides..she looks like she has small breasts. Her ped said she is a little sensitive to estrogen and that it is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Hope that helps!

I breastfed my second son and he got the same thing. His pediatrician said it was nomal in breastfed kids also. It kind of freaked me out so I stopped breastfeeding (I wasn't good at it anyway) and it went away.

D. (also)

Hi D.,

I'm not a doctor or a nurse. And the lump is probably nothing. But yes, infants have been known to get breast cancer. I market and advertise for a company that provides environmentally safe products for the environment and non-toxic for families and I do a tremendous amount of research on cancer and heart disease prevention. And I do speak on cancer prevention to small groups... All that to say, if you are still worried I agree with Melissa, please get a second opinion. Childhood cancer is on the rise. Go to breastcancerfund.org and read the document State of the Evidence. The summary alone is 17 pages but it is worth reading. Genetics is only 10% of why cancers exist. The main reason is the chemicals and the toxicities in our lives. Two main points: Toxins pass through the umbilical cord and in this study an average of 48 toxins were found in studied umbilical cords. Also, it's not necessarily the amount of toxins in your system but the combinations of toxins that cause cancer. Most baby shampoos on the shelves have Quaterinum-15 (Q-15) as an ingredient. (I know Johnson's and Johnsons, and Gerber's Grins and Giggles has it) It's a cheap preservative that releases formaldehyde. Frmaldehyde is a known cancer causing agent. Dioxanes are in these types of products also. We can't assume anyone DOESN'T get cancers anymore because the gloves are off. Everyones's looking for a cure but so few are trying to prevent it.

Please get a second opinion and let me know how it turns out. If I can help anymore, please let me know. God bless!


I'm not a nurse, so this is just my opinion. They are probably right, but if you want to ease your conscience then have them recommend you to a specialist or find one yourself. Have them do an ultrasound (I think that's what they do to look at it) or xrays and see if it looks like cancer. I found a lump in my breast about a year in a half ago and it turned out to be hormonal and did go away. But that's me and not an infant. As for babies not getting breast cancer, if a man can get it, I don't see why a baby girl can't. Cancer doesn't discriminate. If I were you, I'd get it checked out to be on the safe side.


One of my daughters had a lump just like that under one nipple. I showed it to the doctor repeatedly and he said not to worry about it. I can't remember what reason he gave me. That lump was there for a couple of years. My daughter is now six and she does not have it any more.

I hope that reassures you, but I think it is always wise to get a second opinion (from another physician) if you are at all uneasy.

Jobs: Ambulance/Emergency rooms for 30 + years
I've delivered over a thousand babies during my life
I own Fantasia Productions: I have created over 2,000 events in my life
During this time, I have been single
But I’ve met over a thousand 10’s & Barbie Girls
So I know the basics
But the lovely lady next door has two boys that are beautiful
In addition, three wonderful beautiful girls, she just had her last baby July 5th
I have never seen a more beautiful baby
I told the mom a month ago, this baby was going to grow up to be a ‘Barbie Girl or 10+’
Yesterday, I paid them a visit, the baby was smiling constantly at me, as they all do, and had no top on: She has a perfect pair of starting breasts, about 4” in diameter and full nipples
She is only 3 month old
I have never seen this before, and her older daughters aren’t too happy about this, two of them 4-7 years old haven’t even started yet.
I find it hard to believe this is normal
Because it is not.

Both of my kids had what I believe you are explaining, (and I have one BOY and one girl...) my daughter is my first born and when I noticed it I FREAKED out... I had know idea what to do..... then I took her into my ped, and come to find out it was actually milk..... she was producing breast milk.... my Dr called it "witchs milk" because obviously they shouldn't really have it. but he even showed me, he placed his fingers around it and lightly squeezed.... and sure enough a little drop of milk came out. if you just leave it alone it goes away on its own, its just from the hormones that you possessed while you were pregnant. Nothing to worry about if it is that... maybe you should try squeezing gently to see if milk comes out... I am sure if it does it will put your mind at ease a little more. Hope this helps!!!

My litle girl had it too- I don't remember exactly when it went away but for sure by her 12month visit......... My MD said it was from breastfeeding and or hormones.... I worried too but sure enough it did finally go away :)

My daughter had one too and our doc said the same thing. it went away after a little while...it will be ok. its normal!

My son had it when he was a new born. He's going on two now. My husband flipped out. haha. After a week or two, it went away. My doctor told me the same thing yours did. My son had absorbed my hormones. No big deal.

My daughter had a lump in both breasts and I thought something was wrong with her at first. Especially since my mother in law, whom is a nurse, kept asking why my daughter had this. I found out it had something to do with my hormones in my daughter. I breastfed a little so I dont know if that had anything to do with it. But it goes away after a little bit of time.

Hi D.! I am 45 yr old stay at home mom too. How ever profesionally, I am also an R.N. with exp. in child development, labor deliv, and pediatrics. I have three daughters. My first born Chloe, now 21, had this when she was a few months old. It is indeed hormonal, and should disappear in a month or so. Just out of curiosity did you drink alot of paturized milk and eat alot of red meat during your pregnancy? Keep an eye on it. Isn't motherhood awesome? I care for my 2 1/2 month old grandson during the day for my daughter Chloe. Just when I think I could not love any deeper than I do, this miracle called life happens. Being a grandma or "MeMe" (short for Memere) is something so spectacularily amazingly, and magically different. Well hope all goes well.
Regards, Gail

They are completely normal. My daughter had them, and it would go from her left, to her right, to both a couple of times when she was around 6 months old, you can even express milk out of them...wierd huh? (per her doctor)And boys can get them too - did you know that men have milk glands? The things you learn when you have kids - haha. Anyways, do not worry, they will go away on their own. It is from your hormones.

Hi there! This is not only for girls. When I was nursing my son he developed very large, very hard knots under both nipples. He looked like he had very hard breasts. This is ENTIRELY normal. My sister's 2 sons had this happen also. My sister's father-in-law is a pediatrician, he said nothing to worry about, budding, just like you said, but I still brought my son in to his doctor and they said the same thing. Hormones, in our case hormones I passed him through my breast milk. So don't worry about it! They will go away on their own eventually.

When my daughter was little the same thing happeed and I FREAKED, my ped told me the exact same thing, she even had some discharge. But it all went away and everything is fine and now I have new things to freak about......lol.

If you are breastfeeding that can cause it and we were also told it was a hormonal change.

I have gone to the ped for a few lumps, always end up being swollen lymph nodes (you would be amazed at where we all have them) and the dr said they (lumps) may be hard but it they are movable they are usually fine. I still show my dr if it is there for a couple of days but it have always turned out to be fine. Knowing that little bit has helped me not worry so much when I find something new.

I am sure your little girl will be fine but if you need to hear it form another dr get a second opinion. Always trust your gut if you think it might be more get her checked out. My gut told me something was wrong with my daughter and two er trips I was told it was viral and she was sent home I knew that wasnt right and took her back and found she had a very rare illenss and had I not trusted my mommy intinct it could have caused her to have a serious heart condition. But it was not a lump something completely different. But there is soemthing to say about mommy instinct and don't ever let anyone tell you that you are over reacting if you fell like it could be more then do take her someone else.

dear D.
my daughter currently is 16 months old however we experienced this with her a a young age as well truth be told it started in one breast and then in the other however it did go away i dont remember how ling she had it but it was a while currently she doesnt have any. i hope i helped ease your worry
H. s

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