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Infant Allergies

Anyone have a baby with pollen allergies? My daughter is 10 months and she has had a couple of colds but what she has now is different. Very runny nose, sneezing, congestion, and her little eyes a re very red and watery, almost like pink eye. She doesn’t act like she feels bad, but she looks awful and by the evening she has had it with the nose wiping. Any suggestions?

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Yes, it is possibile for a child her age to have true allergies. What I would do is try 1/2 tsp of otc childrens claritin for 7 days to see if the symptoms get any better. You give it once before bed. At that point if its no better consider talking to your DR about other options. Remember too that we are STILL in cold & flu season, so if she develops a fever call your doctor.

Hope this helps!:)

I took my almost 10 month old son to the doctor for the same thing. She ended up giving him Zyrtec and it really helped. She said that she didn't recommend the Benadryll because it makes them really sleepy.

At six months of age my Pediatrician prescribed 1/4 teaspoon of Zyrtec each evening. When it begins to progress into a cold with thicker mucus I turn on the humidifier, suction her nose and give saline drops, elevate the head of her bed and give the yellow chest congestion Triaminic. Also, be sure that on a daily basis, your little one gets 4-6 oz of water to drink.


My 9 mo. old son had the same symptoms for the past two months or so. The doctor kept saying it is a cold, let it run its course and just told us to use children's Benodryl. He literally had a cough, runny nose, and congestion for two months strait. Finally the last time I went to the doctor I told her it had to be something else and she broke down and give him a prescription for Nasonex nose spray. It has eliminated the runny nose and itchy eyes, and most of the congestion and cough. When the medicine is wearing off you can tell because he starts to cough and gets a little rattle sound in his chest. He sleeps much better now!

Yep sucks that somone so little could have allergies but they can. For one of my children the doctor gave us a prescription for Zrtec. The oldest has had claritin and was told not to give it to the one who had the zyrtec (I have no clue why) and then now my youngest only 6 months old, has benydrl (I don't now how to spell it). After consulting her doctor she has had it since she was ity bity.

Hi L.,

My daughter was a late April baby and seemed to get allergies this time of year as well. I never knew how under-developed our little one's systems were until I started researching how everything affected them. Their bodies are just not fully capable of fighting off and separating the bad and good that goes in their little bodies. I know a lot of us start cleaning and all that good stuff once the weather starts getting pretty. There are so many toxins in a lot of the products that we use, and they too can really disturb those little systems. Their systems just aren't capable of sifting through the toxins to get rid of them. Many times we can help the allergies from the inside of our house, out. Getting all of the chemicals out of our house can help their systems not to be bogged down so much. I never realized how many toxins and dangerous chemicals were in personal care products, including baby products. They're definitely not advertised, but they are there and many of us are unknowingly using them daily. Imagine their little systems trying to sort all that out, plus what's outside with all the wind and blooming.

Since I've started using different products in my home, my daughter has not had to go to the doctor for anymore of those "never-ending colds." In fact, she hasn't been for anything more than her check-ups. That's not to say we don't get a little bug here and there, but it's here and then gone.

I hope this was of some use to you. I'm sorry to get off on my soapbox, but I know how you feel and this is what changed our whole situation. Let me know if you need anything else or any more info.

Good luck!

Benadryl should help in the short term. Ask your pediatrician what the right dose should be. For long term, you might ask about something like Zyrtec, which shouldn't make her drowsy like Benadryl.

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