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Thanks for the many responses and honest experiences. My sister is still in the hospital....waiting.....It seems like they have eased up on the timeline they started with (12 hours), but she still has not progressed much. She is having contractions now and is dilated to 1.5 cm.

I agree with many of you that as long as the mother and baby are healthy, the method of birth really doesn't matter. I do wish the negative stigma that is associated with inductions and c sections would not be there.

My sister is doing well, still a bit scared, but I think that comes with the whole overwhelming process. She seems comfortable with her options now and seems to be okay with whatever needs to be done to keep her and the baby safe. It's her first and this is my first experience with this side of the equation, so I thank you and know that she would too! I'll let you know when my niece arrives! :) Take care!

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My niece was born yesterday afternoon! Mommy and baby are doing GREAT! She's so precious and the family is beyond smitten! My sister is tired from everything, but she's so happy to be a mom! Thanks for all of your wonderful support! :) Take care and many blessings to you all!

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Unfortunately, her chances of having a c-section are pretty high, given what you described. Induce labors have a higher c-section rate anyway, but putting a "deadline" on labor really ups her chances.

From the reading I've done (and I'm not a medical expert, just done a lot of reading, after my own experiences) The "safest" inductions are those are that are low dose pitocin and with a Foley catheter. Cervical ripeners (which is what she was given) are sometimes used, but no usually alone.

Frankly, the concern is that the baby will end up with an infection, and they can put her on antibiotics to prevent it.

The biggest thing to have her focus on, though, regardless whether she is feeling pushed into choices she didn't want, etc., is to remind her that the goal of childbirth is a healthy mother and a healthy baby at the end of it. Even if that means a c-section.

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picotin was given to me after my water broke and it took 20 hrs to have him. I was less than 30 min for a mandatory c section when he come out. :) happy aunting :)

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KE, Riley is exactly right. Those moms who had the induction, C-section, and argue about it not being the right thing have NO idea how things would have been without these possibilities back in the day before doctors had these tools. What we had then were dead babies and dead moms. We have no crystal balls that we can look into and KNOW that we would have not had a successful outcome without these procedures, so it's easy to fault our doctors when we don't get what we want, our storybook birth.

I am not saying doctors are always right. They aren't. I'm grateful for my relief nurse in the middle of the night with my second baby, who had birthed babies herself and was so on top of things with me. SHE figured out my baby was face up while the doc I had never met before was sleeping. This was why my labor wouldn't progress - I told the doc when he sashayed (sp?) in for the FIRST time (I had never laid eyes on this guy before) and told me if I didn't progress soon that he'd just give me a c-section, that I didn't want one. With that, he disappeared and never showed up again until 8 hours later when the NURSE turned my baby and he came shooting through the birth canal. Thank God for my nurse. She might as well have been the doctor. BUT, the truth of the matter is, if the doc had said my baby was in distress and I needed the c-section, I would have gotten it.

Incidentally, I was in labor for 23 hours, and my water broke 15 hours before he was born. No infection.

I did have pitocin - talk about pain. I also had back labor, because he was face up (though I didn't know it until the nurse turned him). I thank God every time I think about it that I was able to get an epidural that worked part way (it covered my stomach). I hope your sister has an epidural with all that pitocin!

Tell your sister that she will be okay. Her body will do what it can, and what it can't, the doctors will do. Please update us and let us know about that lovely little baby, okay?

All my best,

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I have a 'happy ending horror story' so I won't share it.

That said: pitocin causes the uterus to contract from ALL directions ((it's a naturally occurring chem in the body that is released after birth to start constricting the uterus. Meaning instead of a top-down squeeze (which is what happens naturally) it's all over.)) It is a LOT more painful than a top-down squeeze, takes a LOT more energy on the mum's part (because the muscle is fighting itself... like tug o'war... part of the uterus is pushing the baby UP and left, and right, and forward, and back, while only a SMALL part is pushing down and that 1 part is fighting against 6 other direction... and is almost *never* done without an epidural or major pain drugs. Because it takes sooooo much more energy to give birth this way women are encouraged to sleep through as much of their labor as possible (walking and movement encouraged with a natural birth, or early stages of an epidural birth, can wear a mother out and mean c-sect is unavoidable). Also, using pitocin greatly increases the chances of needing a c-sect (because it's not an efficient way of squeezing downward, some babies do NOT get squeezed downward at all, and many are squeezed so hard that the blood supply from the umbilicl cord -with oxygen- gets cut off, creating 'distress'. Babies naturally go into a *little* distress with labor, nurses and doctors expect it and are non-plussed. If the baby -under pitocin- goes into distress they do an emergency c-sect to keep the baby from dying or getting brain damage).

What pitocin is GREAT for is in cases like your sister's ... it's the "let's try it" option that can be done before a c-sect... so instead of having to head straight for a c-sect, it's possible to try for a vaginal birth.

Pitocin is admin'd in different ways. In many cases (planned inductions) it's just given at the beginning to try and "kick start" natural labor. In other cases it's given continuously. When done intentionally the most common protocols (protocols vary from hospital to hospital) is to try and kick start labor first, and if that fails to try a constant admin. If that fails, then it's time for a c-sect.

The biggest way one can help is by tossing all the "no problem" birth stories OUT the window. There is no 'skipping pain meds', no 'waiting to see if the distress calms down', no getting up and walking about when told to lay still. The moment an induction happens it is a MED PROCEDURE that I really wish people who had no idea what that entails would stop contradicting doctors who are trying to keep both their patients alive. No one has done it on here (yet), but your sis will get a LOT of grief from ignorant people about her birth.

As much as we plan our weddings and births... those aren't the important parts. The marriage is important, and the baby is important... the rest is just details.

Tell her she is going to be a GREAT mum.

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I had an induction of a different sort: acupuncture. Although I'd done all the other stuff before (membranes stripped, low-stess tests, evening primrose oil, walking, sex, etc.) I was 10 days past, yet after the treatment, everything progressed very quickly and we had a sweet home birth.

I know your sister didn't have the same induction, but I mention it because it's an option many women do not know about.

Here's to your sister having a healthy baby, no matter which way it comes out!

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Hi - I was induced but never progressed and ended up having a c-section. Just want you to know that if it ends up that way, mine was great. I was very worried beforehand about recovering from a c-section. I had it in my mind that it would be hard to recover and take care of baby so I wanted a natural birth. However, I ended up with the c-section and it was fine. Good luck and please let us know how it turned out!

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I am a former NICU Respiratory Therapist and now a midwife. If she does not consent to a c-section they can't give her one no matter what their stupid policy says. There is no reason to section her just because her water has been broken for a certain period of time unless she is showing signs of infection such as having a fever. And the reason infection happens is by one means only- fingers in the vagina. If people would leave her alone and keep their fingers out of her she won't get an infection. She does not have to consent to anything.

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I was induced for both of my kids. No dialation. For both I had to lay still for like an hour for the gel to work.

For the first one I started having contractions as I left the hospital and they were very strong from the onset. Total labor time from induction to delivery ____@____.com the second, they started a few hours later in the night, and I never really felt them until my water broke. Then they were pretty strong. Total labor time from induction to delivery was @ 22 hours, but only felt contractions for @ 5 hours.

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I elected to induce with my first, for a host of reasons, and it wasn't as bad as everyone kept making it out to be. Then again, I don't have anything else to compare it to. I do not handle pain well and I didn't think being induced was all that uncomfortable or unnatural feeling. I should mention that I was 39 weeks; 2 cm dialated; 75% effaced when I arrived at the hospital. Baby girl was 7 lbs 5 oz; 19 inches.

Unfortunately, I did end up with a c-section after 12 hours of labor but it wasn't because of our choice to induce... baby girl was sunny side up and wedged the back of her head in the birth canal; there was absolutely no way she was coming out on her own! (No surprise really, I was sunny side up and so was my mom!)

Just like Beth said, she's going to have a healthy baby no matter how he/she enters the world. Congrats to Mom!

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I was induced 9 days early. everything went smoothly until my son who had a large head (15 in) got stuck. yes fully dilated , etc.
He was in distress and had to be pulled emergency c section.
I healed MUCH faster with the induction and c section than I did with my first "natural" more traumatic delivery.

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