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Induction with 2Nd Baby

I am currently 36 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. I had a really hard delivery with the first - got induced at 40 wks, 5 days, 26 hour labor, epidural didn't work, baby was large and doctor had to use a vacuum, and had episiotomy due to large baby (8 lbs, 7 oz). This time around I hope I go naturally, but if not I am planning to be induced at 39 weeks. I'm just curious how labor & delivery went for those of you who had difficult first deliveries. Also, how did it go if you were induced on both occasions?

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My first delivery I had pitocin to speed the process. I also tore because of a large head. It took me 6 weeks to fully heal from this. My second delivery went so fast and no complications at all. No healing necessary, I felt great the next day! Every delivery is different, you really have no idea what to expect.

I had a rough labor and delivery with my first one too. I was sore and miserable for weeks afterward. However, things went much better for my 2nd and 3rd! I was induced with my 2nd and 3rd too and the induction went much better. I also recovered much easier and didn't have an episiotomy with the latter 2. I had larger babies(all over 8 lbs.) So don't worry too much-- my OB/GYN said that things went better because my body was "stretched out more" and that it knew what to do now since I had been through it before. Each pregnancy is different so hopefully things will work out well with you. Good luck!

I don't have much help for you, I had a difficult first labor (18hrs) ended up in an emergency c-section (babies HR plummeted and I had a fever of 102) so my next two I choose to deliver via c-section!!! Oh yeah with everything else that was going on I only dilated to 6cm!!!

Sorry I don't have a good story for you to help ease any anxity you may have.

Anyway I just wanted to wish you good luck and a better labor than last time. I know they say that usually the second goes better!!


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I know you have gotten a lot of advice, and let me just say follow your own heart. There are so many right ways to do things. Don't let anyone guilt you into what you don't want. Low amniotic fluid is a reason for concern, especially for your oldest child. Trust in your doctor.
My first delivery was also bad. I was induced 9 days overdue, and had an epidural. I pushed for 2 hours, and my daughter was getting no where. My epidural had worn off, still no where. I had forceps to help move her, and an episiotomy that tore to a third degree lac. She was 8 lb 15 oz, 22 1/4 inches long, had lots of head molding. My second, also an induction 5 days late, was 10 lbs. She nearly didn't come out once the head was out because of a shoulder dystocia. But no tear, not near as rough a delivery, and much easier recovery even though she was much bigger baby. Second deliveries are definitely much easier. With my second all they had to do was break my water, no pitocin. I also might add I went into labor with her at 32 weeks, had my labor stopped, was on bedrest, and had contractions every day for at least 2 hours after a car ride, so my uterus was ready. She was born 4 1/2 hours after they broke mywater, and I had an epidural. Third was induced at 38 weeks with pit becuase he was already 8 1/2 pounds at 37 weeks. At birth he was 9 lb 4 oz. Very easy delivery. If I had waited until 41 weeks, who knows how large he would have been!!!! And finally, 4th came on his own, no help, at 38 weeks 6 days, weighing 9 lbs 3 oz. No epidural, no time for it. Didn't make me feel like more of a woman, actually, made me angry at him at first because he caused me sooo much pain.
Again, go with what makes you feel most comfortable, consulting with your MD who you trust since he knows the most about your situation.

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Well, of course this is your call, but I would encourage you to hold off a few weeks on the induction--it's not medically necessary until 42 weeks, and things might go easier if you can go into labor when you body & baby are "ready." Of course I wouldn't call my labor "easy" at 14 hours and no meds (in the end I was glad I did it that way, though during transition I was certainly NOT). But I always hear that induced contractions are harder--when labor happens on its own I think you get more of a gradual build-up. It's different for everyone, but for me at least I felt that it built up at a pace that I could sort of handle--not that I was really "handling" anything, but I didn't feel I was ever taken by surprise by a sudden huge increase in the pain, and by the time I was thinking "this can't possibly get any worse," that was the worst it got. So especially if the epidural might not take again (do you know why it didn't last time?) I'd say wait as long as possible to try to start naturally.

By the way, in case it is influencing your decision, I don't really buy the "your baby is big, so you should deliver early" argument. Our bodies are made to give birth to our children. I weighed 100 pounds before I got pregnant and managed to have a 7-lb, 13-oz baby. I tore some, yes, but it's not like he wasn't going to come out. And I don't think I even would have torn if it wasn't for the fact that I'd been up all night, was worn out, and was pushing like hell just to get it over with when I probably should have taken it a little slower. Ha, sorry, I actually do mean to be reassuring...I think there is more to be gained by letting things take their natural course than there is to be lost by having a little more pain in the birth of a large baby.

Anyway, let me also recommend my two favorite natural-childbirth books, _Ina May's Guide to Childbirth_ and _Birthing from Within_. Even if you're not a crazy no-drugs no-medical-intervention freak like me, they contain a lot of helpful ways to psych yourself up for birth. Being confident and relaxed does a LOT to help even those big babies come out smoothly! And having a steady, reassuring support person. I was lucky to have an awesome L&D nurse--do you know about the staff where you are planning to deliver? Or can you hire a doula? It's worth looking into, seriously, there are studies showing that women assisted by doulas have dramatically lower rates of episiotomy or tearing, forceps/vacuum delivery, and C-section.

Congratulations, blessings, hope it all goes well, and as another nice mom told me on this site, "Eat plenty of protein and remember to breathe."

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I had my first child 7 years ago and he was induced at 39 weeks and ended up being vacuumed out after 12 hours of labor. He weighed 8 lbs 2 oz. Two years later I was induced with my 2nd baby and it was smooth sailing. The first child I had a 3rd degree episotomy and the 2nd child I had a 1st degree episotomy. I felt so much better with the 2nd delivery and had an epidural with both. My 2nd one weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz. I have had 2 more children since then.

Best wishes....

Dear E.,

I would like to recommend a book to you. It's called "The Thinking Woman's Guide To A Better Birth." It's written by Henci Goer, a natural birth advocate and researcher. The book is full of studies that your obstetrician will likely not tell you about, but that every woman should know the facts about.

My first labor was 88 hours long, and it ended with a C-section after a transfer from a rural birthing center to hospital. My second birth was a tremendously healing experience - I gave birth vaginally. It was beautiful and truly empowering. I used a midwife and she gave me extra strength and encouragement to push the baby out myself, even though the obstetrician on-call was preparing for another c-section and there was considerable pressure to go in that direction - for no reason other than to cut down on the time it took me to deliver, I might add.

I was determined to give birth on my own, and I did! It felt like the best victory of my life. It felt like I had beat a system that over-medicalizes a normal birthing process and takes away a woman's right to choose many factors in her birth experience.

Remember, most interventions in labor and delivery lead to an increased risk of c-section, and induction is the first major step towards taking away your birth and making it into a medical emergency situtaion, when it almost never needs to be.

It sounds like you need more educated support and information about VBAC - vaginal birth after ceasarian.

I don't really understand your reason for deciding on induction before you are even considered post-dates. Medical studies show a vastly increased risk of c-section with inductions. Why not just wait until the baby is actually ready to be born instead of trying to use drugs to force your body to go into labor when it's not ready?

Going until 42 weeks is still considered on time. The average natural length for a second pregnancy is 41 weeks, and your doctor should NOT be recommending induction unless you are seriously high risk (a large baby is not considered a high risk factor), and medical studies do not support the idea that a large baby equals a need for induction.

I know of many tiny women who have naturally birthed babies ten pounds and bigger.

I wish you the best as you seek out correct information to make a truly informed choice.

Congratulations, and evey best wish for a wonderful birthing experience!

Hi E., I was induced with all three kids. My first pregnancy, my son was late and I was induced, had an epidural, had him in 5 hours, but the doctor had to use a vacuum. He was my biggest at 8lbs. My second pregnancy, my daughter came three weeks early, but no contractions after my water broke. She was my easiest 5 hours later and 2 pushes at 6lbs 11oz although the anesthesiologist tried two epidurals and a spinal and it didn't take. My back was black and blue for months. My third pregnancy, my daughter was a month early, but like her sister, no contractions after my water broke. 12 hours later, an epidural that didn't work and 10 pushes she was out at 6lbs 13oz. The inductions worked for me. I was lucky I didn't have long labors with any of my kids. But like most people have posted on here, every child is different. They say it's supposed to get easier with each delivery, but that's not always the case. Hope this helped you. Good luck!

Hi! I was induced with my first because he was 5 days late and to be honest I slept through the "light labor" (5 hours) and they woke me up when my water broke and gave me an epidural. 22 minutes later there he was. It was so great that I requested to be induced with our second on Sept 20th, 2008. Hope this eases your mind!

S. - mother of 2 1/2 yr old and 1 on the way!

Hi E..
I know nobody's labor and delivery are the same, but I will share that the second time around was SOOOO much easier for me. My first was induced at 41 weeks and after 2+ hours of pushing was delivered with a vacuum resulting in a 2nd degree tear. He was 8lbs. 1oz. My second was born 2 years later on 4/10/08. I went into labor on my own one day after my due date. I was admitted to the hospital at 6:05 pm and he was born at 7:48 pm .... yes, 1 hour and 45 minutes after admission! I was able to give birth without the aid of a vacuum, but I still had a 2nd degree tear because he was a BIG boy at 8lbs. 15 oz. However, I found the entire recovery process to be much easier the second time around.
Good luck to you,

I know you've probably heard people say that every delivery is different! All 3 of mine definitely were, ranging in times of 1 hour of labor to 14 hours. My epiderals never work and with one baby I didn't get one(not by choice) because he came so fast, almost in the car. I think you'll be fine with the second delivery, at least with #2 we know what to expect more than with #1 and I think this helps us through it. I was only induced with my first baby and my labor was relatively fast(3 hours). I would just encourage you to rely on your breathing and relaxation techniques. This is what got my through! And keep moving, I don't know why they have us laying down....walking/sitting and rocking in a rocking chair etc. helps stimulate your labor!! Having my second baby, without an epideral, was an amazing experience that I never thought I'd want to have(hahaaha) and my recovery seemed so much faster when compared to my births with epideral. Good luck to you and congrats on your new addition!

I had a rough labor and delivery with my first one too. I was sore and miserable for weeks afterward. However, things went much better for my 2nd and 3rd! I was induced with my 2nd and 3rd too and the induction went much better. I also recovered much easier and didn't have an episiotomy with the latter 2. I had larger babies(all over 8 lbs.) So don't worry too much-- my OB/GYN said that things went better because my body was "stretched out more" and that it knew what to do now since I had been through it before. Each pregnancy is different so hopefully things will work out well with you. Good luck!

E., not only is every woman different, but every pregnancy is different. So no matter what advice you get, I hope you make your decision based on your own feelings. That being said, here's my experience.
My first baby was a surprise very fast but normal L&D at 37 weeks. She was 6 pounds and fine. With #2, I thought I would go early, but at I had an elective induction with #2 at 38.5 weeks because I was scared she'd be too big to deliver vaginally (she wasn't; she was 7lb 10 oz) and it was a huge mistake. My labor was a lot slower, I was stuck in bed with the epidural a lot earlier than planned, and she wasn't big so I felt bad for making her come out.

I'm different from you because my first baby was so easy and you had a hard delivery for your first, so it's easy for me to say I made the wrong decision. You have a great reason to consider induction. But just wanted to tell you that I had an elective induction once and I will never do it again.

I'd also consider the tendency for #2 and #3 etc...babies to make for easier L&D. Not for all women of course, but maybe this one will be easier for you without an induction. Good luck in whatever you decide.

Long stories short......1st baby induced at 40 weeks, 12 hours of labor with 1 hour of actual pushing, pulled out with forceps. He was 8 lb 12 oz. 2nd baby induced at 39 weeks, 5 hours of labor with about 10 min of pushing, 8 lb 3 oz. I got an enima (not sure of spelling) before both inductions. With my 2nd child the enima put me into labor so no petosin (again, bad speller!) was needed. 2nd one for sure easier. And the recovery was WAY easier!

Hi:) Please don't read this as me judging you, I just wanted to weigh in on a few things before you make your decission.
First, labor was extra hard the first time because you were induced. It really isn't advised to be induced before 2 weeks late. I know many doctors tell you it is, but there is no evidence that the baby is at any risk before 42 weeks. The baby actually lets off hormones telling your body that s/he is ready to be born which initiates labor, so when you induce too early (like 39 weeks) for any non-medical reason, you actually put your baby at risk by doing so.
Second, 8-7 really isn't that big. Mine was the same size and I needed no episiotomy. Actually, no one ever needs one, it's another misnomer that doctors tell women. It's much safer to tear than to be cut. I, too, was told I needed a vacuum extraction and wasn't in any condition to fight with them over it. In retrospect, it really wasn't needed, at least yet. The baby's heart rate dropped once and that isn't cause for concern. But even with the vacuum, I didn't tear! Preparing your perineum helps a lot.
Third, after doing it once, your body is more ready to do it again. My second was smaller but had the same size head and larger shoulders and it was even easier than the first. No vacuum, no tears, I went home the next day and took a mile-long walk around the neighborhood! I felt great:)
I really recommend you do a couple things. Look in to getting a doula. They are a tremendous help and are proven to shorten labor and make it more manageable. Read "The thinking woman's guide to a better birth". If you want to go naturally, it will give you a lot of tips on how and why you should do it as non-medically as possible. It's a really great book!

It's really what our bodies are made to do and they do it a whole lot more efficiently when they are left alone to do it in their own time. When your body lets of oxitocin to cause contractions, it also lets off natural pain killers. As soon as you suppliment that with pitocin, the body turns off it's own supply and contracts get that much more painful because the body no longer lets off the pain killers. If you feel like maybe you can't do it, remember my aunt's best friend who gave birth to an 11-pounder, and two over 12 pounds, at home with no medical intervention. And my friend who had a 10-pounder with a 15-inch-head at home without even a tear!

Good Luck! Let us know how it goes:)

Hi, E.

I am doula if would like to call you I be more than happy to give you tips and info on how to have a more positive births experience. ###-###-####, if this long distance for you email me your number and I will call you. Also I do a great labor support class.


Hi! Congrats!! My second delivery was induced, He came in an hour! Very funny story!!
I was fortunate enough to have quick and drug free deliveries! Three!

Good Luck!

E. - Good Luck. My first sone was 4lbs 8oz. and my labor was induced. I was only in labor for about 8 hours and the epidural wore off during the last hour of delivery. Was son's shoulder got lodged in my pelvis and I ended up with a level 4 episitomy. Because I was working at the time, my work expected me back after six weeks because I delivered naturally. I felt physically ill everytime I sat up for about 10 weeks after I delivered. My son's head, face and ribs were severly bruised from the delivery and then he ended up guandiced. When I was pregnant with my second son I discussed everything with my doctor. I brought up the c-section and because I did not want a repeat of the first delivery. Comparing the two, I recovered a lot faster from the c-section then from the level 4 episiotmy. I started to dialate at 35 weeks with the second pregnancy, (3 1/2 centimeters). As it turned out my second son was transversly breech (laying sideways in my womb and never turned head down). Because I had made my decission with my doctor I knew what to expect and saved myself alot of anxeity. It is ultimately your choice. Do wthat you feel is best for you and your baby and discuss your decission with your doctor.

Hi E.,
I had a very similar situation. I was induced with my 1st daughter because I was already contracting and 4 days late. I was in labor for 2 days. It was very hard and exhausting, and my daughter was 8lbs. 4oz. I was also induced with my second and third daughters. Both went so smooth, quick, and easy. I went in at 6:30 a.m. with both, and #2 was born at 4:20 and #3 was born at 2:30. So they were both so quick, and each weighed in around 8lbs. as well. Hope this info. eases your fears. I've always heard 1st deliveries are usually a lot harder and longer. Good luck!

My first-my son-was almost 2 weeks late. He was almost 9 pounds 3 ounces. I had to be induced at 6am and he wasn't born until almost midnight. There were issues all throughout the day and talk of a c-section. He ended up having a 1 minute Apgar of a 1 but his 5 minute Apgar came up to an 8. It was a very stressful day due to a cord around his neck twice, etc. I had to be cut and they used forceps. The Dr. was fantastic however. My daughter was expected to be very large as well. I was induced with her a few days before hitting 40 weeks. The induction was started later in the morning and she was born around 2:30 in the afternoon. It turned out that I was full of fluid-when the doc broke my water, she was soaked head to toe! I was laying in bed and said that I needed the doc because I could feel something-the nurse came in and sure enough, my daughter's head was there. My daughter weighed less than 8 pounds. Go figure!

I was induced with both my sons the first I was 41 weeks and he was 10 1/2 hrs labor and hour pushing.

My second i was induced at almost 40w eeks and it was 14 hrs labor and maybe 5 mins of pushing.

I had no pain meds with either one.


Well, everyone's experience is different and every delivery is too. But, my first delivery was very difficult too. I also had to be induced and I also had a baby that didn't want to come out! I had a doctor pushing on the top of my belly and one down below pulling, but he was stubborn! :) Oh yes, I can smile about it now! I ended up having to have a C-section with him.

My second son was born VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean) and I did have to have an episiotomy, but things went pretty well. I was induced with him also and I did have an epidural.

My oldest daughter's birth went much more smoothly. I did have to be induced. (I wonder if some women have a longer gestational period than others, but I didn't want to wait to find that out!) No episiotomy with her and labor wasn't too long either. I did have an epidural.

My younger daughter's was the easiest but most painful. Had to be induced again. I wanted to go natural and see if I could do it without an epidural this time. Well by the time I realized I DID want an epidural (that freakin' hurts!), all the anesthesiologists were busy!!! When they told me I could push, I did as hard as I could and she was out in 3 pushes. I just wanted to get that over!!

*You ever notice women just have to share their birthing experiences? :) I could have just answered your question simply, but no I have to go into detail.*

Anyway, in my experience they get easier so you'll probably have an easier birth the second, third, etc. . . time around than the first one. Your body is more experienced and so are you. Hopefully it will go more smoothly for you.


Hi, E.. I am a trained doula working toward certification in that as well as in childbirth education.

I would really like to urge you to try to avoid an induction. each labor is different. I had an induction with my first child because of dangerously low amniotic fluid. 12 hours of labor and 45 minutes of pushing. A lot of tearing and swelling. Recovery took a long time.

With my second, I wanted to avoid an induction at all costs because of how I felt about my first delivery. I tried using caster oil a couple of days and then finally started active labor after having contractions for several days (prodromal labor). My osn was almost born at home after about 5 hours of active labor. We got to the hospital and I started pushing on my own. Pushing stalled due to too much chaos going on in the room. When we were left alone, I started pushing again and my son was born about 10 minutes later. I tore but not nearly as bad and healing was much quicker.

If there is nothing wrong with you or the baby, there is no medical reason to induce. Some inductions go bad because the baby is not ready. God designed us perfectly and if there is no medical reason for an intervention, it is best to let things happen according to the Lord's plan.

If you want any more information or are interested in having a doula (I recommend it if you are considering going naturally), please feel free to contact me.

In the end, you need to do what is best for you and your family. Only you can make that choice, but I encourage you to do some research just so you can make an informed, educated decision.

God bless,

My first baby was difficult. She was 8# 10 oz and I was in labor for 2.5 days. The epidural wore out in my hips and I had three hours of intense pushing, my doctor was not there and the genious covering him didn't want to "offend" him by doing anyhting, I also had the epesiotomy which my Dr and I had decided against months before but again this one was not my Dr. With my second though I had an extremely easy delivery, once it was his time to come(he tried to come a month early) I had contractions for a couple of hours, my epidural, and five pushes later I had my little man at 8# 1oz. My third was even easier I was in labor like an hour after my water broke and only pushed twice. My boys were easy, we'll see if it is just a boy thing or if my little girl due in 7 weeks is just as eager to meet the world. Good Luuck to you and your family.

Hi E.,
I am also a certified doula/childbirth educator/lactation counselor, and I agree with the others who said....DO NOT INDUCE and hire a doula if you'd like to avoid an epidural/c-sect. Statistics definitely bear out the benefit to using one to improve your labor/birth. It is also less painful to give birth in water. You can contact me if you'd like help locating a doula. I would recommend you hurry considering how far along you are.
D. Easthon CD(DONA), LCCE, ELCS, CHBE, Waterbirth Credentialed, Secretary, Dayton Area Labor Support

I have had 5 babies and one on the way in about 7 1/2 wks. My first 3 (ages 22, 17, & 16) were the toughest. I had them all naturally with either no or very little pain meds. My first was hardest by far! My water broke at home and I had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Her one leg, yes leg, was born half way to the hospital where she was born in the ER BREECH. I had a terrible episiotomy that took forever to heel but there was nothing they could do. The next 2 were not so bad, although my 17 yr old did not want to drop. With my last 2 (ages 4 & 3), I was induced both times at 37 weeks. My 4 yr old didn't want to drop and I was pushing at 7cm. but everything came out fine. My 3 yr old took me all of about 10 minutes to get her out. For me my deliveries got easier but I was never in labor for more than 6 or 7 hours for any given birth. Granted mine weighed anywhere from 6 lbs even to 7.5 lbs. This time I am being induced at 38 weeks and keeping my fingers crossed it goes a little faster then the others! Good Luck!!

I was induced at 41 weeks with my first baby, and she was 8 lbs 11 oz. My epidural didn't work either. Labor was around 8 hours and I also had an epiostomy. I don't think my delivery was a rough as yours, but it wasn't rosy either.

I was also induced with my 2nd child at 40 weeks. She was 9 lbs 4 oz, and my delivery was AWESOME! They started pitocin around 8AM, and I delivered her at 12:30PM. I had another epiosiotomy, of course, but everything went like clockwork, and I didn't feel a thing.

I've always heard that subsequent deliveries are typically easier than the first, and that was certainly my experience. I hope your second delivery experience is as pleasant and wonderful as mine was.

Good luck to you!!!

I was induced for my first one at 39 wks because I had too much fluid. I was planning on going natural, no epidural, etc. I labored for about 12 hours with no epidural, and when I was so sure I was at 10cm, because I was in so much pain, I had them check me. I was only at 4! I got an epidural then, and labored for a few more hours. I never made it past 4cm, and they ended up doing a c-section.
I scheduled a c-section for my second, and I have 2 wonderful little boys!

I was induced at 37 weeks with my first and had 28 hours of labor. I did it all natural because the nurse said I wasn't in labor because it was all in my back and not showing up on the monitor. My second was born at 36 weeks all natural again but this time labor and delivery were 2 hours. Each one is different. My babies were not big, but my first got stuck and she had to turn him around (which was not fun). Good luck to you and remember that god won't give you any more than you can handle.

i was not induced with either, and my second was later than my first. (not what you want to hear...) she was 12 days overdue....... but only 7 lbs so she just needed the extra time. i personally am afraid of induction, and would rather go over due than deal with artificial hormones and the complications that can arise when your body isn't ready..... but with a possibility of a big baby maybe that changes things... dunno... anyway best wishes for your upcoming birth and new baby!

Each baby is different. I had 3 induced at 42 weeks and one who came on her own at 41 weeks 6 days. Obviously the one that came with out being induced was the best. Oddly enough she was also my biggest baby(10 lb 11 oz). I am not a large person but somehow she came easily with a midwife. SHe was #3 so when #4 came I knew I did not want to wait for that baby because he would have been larger. I induced at 5 days shy of 40 weeks and it was not my best labor. I wish now I waited until hew was older because her has some developmental delays and I wish I had him c-section because of some of the physical issues I deal with now like incontinence with urine and stools. My sister just had had a big baby 9+ pounds abd long and she had to have reconstructive surgery twice to repair damage from the childbirth. If I knew then what I know now, I would have insisted on c-sections. I don't think women were meant to have babies those size. If we look back in time hundred's even thousands of years ago I'm sure babies were not that big. A body can only handle so much. I don't mean to scare you just to prepare you so that can have a choice on what's best for you. Ultrasounds can give the doctor an idea on how big the baby is. THere are pros/cons for both ways. My mother had 5 c-sections and we were all healthy babies. Her neighbor had 5 c-sections and she had 5 healthy children. I have 4 great kids that are healthy. Good luck to you.

Hello E.,

First off let me say that no matter what you choose, remember it is YOUR choice! Whether you get a epidural or not does NOT make you less of a woman or mother. Every woman is different in the pain tolerance area. Myself personally, I chose the epidural's. I kept thinking, WHY would I put myself through all that pain if I didn't have to lol. No brainer!

With that said, my oldest child/daughter just gave birth to her 2nd child 3 weeks ago. Her oldest son was 7 lbs 15 oz's and she was in labor for 14 hours, she delivered the day before her due date. When she was 10 centimeters, he was still at the top of the canal, and she had to push like 20 times to get him crowned, then another 10 times to get him out. She had a epidural and the only bad part was, she had too much and could hardly push. No tears or anything, which I really wouldn't expect with his size. Btw, my daughter is 5 foot 1 and petite.

Now her 2nd son was 8 lbs 5 oz's and she was induced at 40 weeks and 4 days. The only reason she was induced was because her contractions had been going off and on for 2 weeks and that night they were 2/3 minutes apart just not really really hard and was 4 centimeters dilated. She had already had several stress tests, and a ultrasound to check her water. So they decided to help her along. I don't think the pitocin really helped, other than to even out the contractions. She got a epidural and was relaxed and refused any other medication because she wanted to be alert. Eight hours into labor (at the hospital) they checked her and she was only 5/6 centimeters, things were going REALLY slow.

I went downstairs when my hubby and other daughters arrived to take a break and I was only down there for 10 minutes and got a call on my cell to get back up there. She had went from 5/6 cent to 10 in 15 minutes. The baby was trying to come "sunny side up" and her epidural had wore off, she was in LOTS of pain. She ended up delivering him natural and did not tear at all. I just wonder how big the next baby will be, IF she decides on another lol.

All 5 of my babies were small (Thank God), after seeing her go through what she did.. YIKES! But if I could have crawled up in that bed and did it for her I would have. Our new little one is a absolute dream! He doesn't even spit up, which shocks me, I have NEVER seen a baby not spit up lol

Good luck in your choices, and I hope your delivery goes smoothly and as pain free as you want it.


I was induced with both children. My first was about 5 days before my due date. He had the cord around his neck and the doctor had to vacuum him out. I too had an episiotomy. With my second child I was so afraid of being induced and another difficult labor experience. Because of high blood pressure issues i was induced at 37 weeks with my daughter. I had 8 hours of easy labor, with an epidural, and it was smooth sailing. No cord around the neck, no episiotomy(yay). The doctor did have to use the vacuum because she was face up instead of face down, but overall a much more positive experience.

Congrats on your growing family and I hope all goes well.

wow, that sounds like a very difficult birth! truthfully, It is more likely that the baby had difficulty due to your positioning/ inability to move around than because of size (8# 7oz) is pretty normal size. Avoiding induction is the most important thing that you can due to ease your next delivery. you may even need to consider another care provider if your doctor insists on scheduling induction. all the evidence shows that early induction is NOT beneficial for baby or mother....find someone who will let you go into labor when your body and baby are ready....average gestation for a first time mom is 41 and a half weeks!!! and make sure that you are able to move around according to how your body feels as the baby descends!! which of course is not possible with pitocin and epidural....good luck...do some research and feel empowered in your choices.

I'm a bit afraid to have a 2nd child. My first child i was induced due to preclampsia. I had an epideral b/c the pain was almost embearable then my child turned herself over and she was rubbing my spine. The ob told me that she could go in and turn my little girl around or she could take her out c-section. i was in serious pain due to the epidural wearing off so i opted for c-section. I was ok for the 1st few days then post partum depression set in and I was in bed and it was debilitating. All i could do was cry and sleep, i just wanted to make this all go away and i remember praying to god to make it all stop. i ended up going on meds so i had to stop breast feeding. if someone could tell me how to get away from the post partum, i think i would have another child soon.

how did everything go? did you have bsby 2?

I had a very scarey and nightmarish first delivery. A total of 3 episiotomes, morphin, demoral and finally a spinal block. The baby was 2 weeks late and 9lb 13 oz. Ever since then I have had to be induced. My babies don't drop, want to come out, and each baby has goten much bigger. Right now baby #5 is approx 9 lbs and I have 2 weeks left to be induced.

Delivery has gotten MUCH easier and MUCH quicker. I have had 2 without medication, #2 the hospital didn't believe in meds and #4 the baby came before the epidural took full effect. I would much rather relive those deliveries and FEEL everything than go through #1 again! I think part of what helps us is you learn how to do it better, you know what to expect and you have a lot more confidence in yourself of what you and your body are going through.

I don't think anyone should convince you on changing your birthing methods, this is something that is between you and your husband. As for people who don't believe in enducing the baby due to size, have average size babies and truely don't understand the added discomfort of carrying a large baby. My mother USED to be included in that. Trust in what your doc says, and be comfortable with YOUR birthing decisions!


Hi E.,
My experience sounds much like yours with my first pregnancy. I went into labor on my own on my due date, but had to push for almost 3 hrs, then the dr. used the vacuum (with a lot of force!) My baby had a HUGE swollen bruise on her head, I was extremely bruised 'down there,' and I had a major episiotomy. My baby was also 8 lb. 6 oz. So, with my second, I was induced at almost 39 weeks. He was also 8 lb. 6 oz, but I only had to push 1.5 hrs. and no vacuum...plus I didn't feel the pain I did with my first. (I don't think the epidural worked much for my 1st either.) With my 3rd, I only had to push 1/2 hr., and also was induced at about 39 weeks. So, basically know that each one gets easier. They told me that your body just is so much more adjusted for child birth after the first...everything is just easier. I just delivered my #4&5 (twins!) by c-section, and I was disappointed because I wanted to go vaginally again, thinking this time should be a 'piece of cake!' Unfortunately, my breech baby wouldn't cooperate! Anyhow, good luck to you...and know that this one WILL be easier! Take care!

I was induced with all three of my children. Twice with the first two because the first round didn't work - I was in all day and not progressing. I also had big babies( first one was 10lb. 3 oz., second one was 7lbs. 10 1/2 oz., and the third was 9lbx. 3 oz.). The only complications that I had were not induction related(first one's shoulder was stuck, second one I lost a lot of blood and the third one I lost a little more than the second but he also had the cord wrapped around his neck four times and they didn't know until he was there.). God is in control - just give Him the reins.

Your first delivery sounds exactly like mine. We had vacuum and foreceps (I believe the doctor even broke the vacuum) and of course the lovely episiotomy. I was induced with both, the first time I was a week overdue, the second time I was induced about 3 days before my due date. The laboring was longer with the second delivery but the delivery was much easier and faster (only about 20 min. of pushing as compared to 3+ hours). The baby was however over a pound smaller. I do believe that the suction was used the second time as well due to the cord being wrapped around the neck and air supply was compromised.

I do not regret my decision to be induced the second time as I knew that I would not be able to naturally have a baby as big as my first one. Hopefully it will happen naturally for you and you won't have to decide to induce or not to. Good luck!

My first son was not induced but i was in labor with him for 3 days. Second delivery was my second son no induction 5 days on off labor. Third and hopefully last chil 23 hours no induction. I recommend getting induced i went through hell with all of them and technically they were all a bit early, but my docs were not the brightest.

I don't have much help for you, I had a difficult first labor (18hrs) ended up in an emergency c-section (babies HR plummeted and I had a fever of 102) so my next two I choose to deliver via c-section!!! Oh yeah with everything else that was going on I only dilated to 6cm!!!

Sorry I don't have a good story for you to help ease any anxity you may have.

Anyway I just wanted to wish you good luck and a better labor than last time. I know they say that usually the second goes better!!


My children were 17 yrs apart so I experienced the old and new type of deliveries. My twins were born break - up breach (sideways) in 1975. I had ether as anesthesia, was in the hospital for two weeks and had internal as well as external stitches. My son was born in 1990 and I spent my 48 hour labor in a birthing room while they dripped pitosin (sp) in me. At the 48th hour and no baby, the docs decided on a C Section. For me it was great. My son was born Friday evening and I went home Sunday,spent part of Monday at work and healed quickly. I was able to spend more time with my baby and less time in bed or in pain. God Bless all of you.

My first labor was a lot like yours. I am 5'2" and was about 100 lbs before I got pregnant, so I'm a petite girl. My first son was 8 lbs 6 oz and 21.5 inches long. I went into labor naturally with him, but it didn't go well. I was given an epidural, but it didn't work. I pushed for over 4 hours. They tried using a vaccuum, that didn't work. He was "sunny-side up", so they tried turning him by hand (not fun!) and that didn't work. I belive I had the worst tear you can. I couldn't walk normally for about 3 months! I swore when I was in labor with him I would never have another LOL. The second one, I was induced and it was completely different. The epidural worked and I felt nothing (thank God!). I even fell asleep when I was pushing LOL. I think I pushed maybe 30 minutes at the most with him. I think a lot had to do with the fact that I had an AWESOME doctor for the second one. If I have another baby, I will definately drive an hour and a half to go back to him. I will say though that I wonder if having a hard delivery would have been worth it for the second one LOL. My first was a hard delivery, but he was the BEST baby, the second was an easy delivery, but he was a pretty demanding baby. I wonder if they correlate any LOL. If they don't get you one way, they'll get you another.

I was induced with my first (and only so far), so I can only share from that perspective. That being said, I had an awesome birth. I had a walking epidural placed early which helped with pain, but allowed me to walk around, sit on the birthing ball, use the bathroom (on my own), etc. When I was ready, I had them convert it to a traditional epidural ( they just switch the drugs, not a new catheter) and we had our daughter :) Good luck!

With my second everything went much easier & faster! I can't consider my first a difficult delivery (esp. after your description!) but I was induced both times. The first time, my water broke at 38wks and they had to induce. Labor was 18hrs with an episiotomy but my epidural worked and no vaccuum. He weighed 7lbs, 10ozs so 2wks early was a good thing :) After talking with my Dr we decided to schedule an induction with my second which was a good thing - she weighed in at 8lbs, 2ozs. I went in at 8:00am, got my epi at 11:30am and she was here at 2:45pm. The first wasn't an ~awful~ experience but the second was much better! I wish the same for you - Good Luck!

I was induced at 39 weeks, and went natural (had pitocin but no pain meds) It was brutal, but I'd do it again, I had a good nurse and good husband. I had really bad epidurals with my first 2 babies. Each delivery was very different. Good luck.

i haven't read the other responses, but I will give you my details...

1st baby, i was induced at 40 weeks, 6 days. He started pit at 10 am, broke my water at 12 and i started pushing at 7pm. she was finally born by use of vacuum, episiotomy at 9:54pm 9lb, 7oz.

2nd baby, he induced at 39 weeks b/c of DD being so large. He started pit and broke water at 8am. He was born with vacuum and episiotomy at 11:56am. 8lb 6oz

So, second baby was a lot faster, not sure of all the reasons, smaller baby, second baby whatever. I would just go for the induction and not be worried. I shouldn't even say that b/c i was scared it would be like the first time. Thank goodness it wasnt!

Every delivery is different, and every mom is different with her body and level of pain/comfort tolerance. I was induced with my first at 41 weeks, 1 day. Labor was hard and fast, and I had a fourth-degree tear on top of an episiotomy. She was 8 lb, 9 oz. The recovery was painful, but it was not as bad for me as I've heard from many others. Her cord was wrapped around her neck, and I came close to having a c-section because her breathing was decelerating with contractions. In the end, it all turned out fine and healthy.

With my second pregnancy, my doctor would not induce early just because my first was late and big and because of the tear. He felt that letting things happen naturally, if possible, was best. My second came on her own on her due date. She was 8 lb, 10 oz. Pretty easy labor, but I did have a third-degree tear. Again, not a really a big deal in my opinion (of course, I don't know what else to expect since I tore badly with both deliveries). I can say that I would choose a vaginal birth again rather than opt for a c-section. I think that recovery from a c-section would be worse. Good luck to you. I hope everything goes very smoothly!

I had a doctor the first time & was induced, tore really bad after almost 2 hrs of pushing. The second & 3rd I've had a midwife & gone totally natural, no tearing, beautiful deliveries. Natural is better for you & baby. I fear the long-term side effects & risks of an epideral. Also my midwife delivers huge babies all the time, one who was 12pounds 4 oz. & the mother didn't tear or anything. Midwives tend to be more patient with your body, you just have to find what's right for you. I wish you a great delivery!


Let me start off with saying that I am a mom of three boys. Each one of my boys were born two weeks late to the date from my original due date. I was not induced with my fist son, but I think that when the doctor stripped my membrane that that is what put me into labor that next morning. I was not in labor for 26 hours. My problem was that his head didn't want to come down. Finally after pushing for several hours they ended up taking me into the c-section room. The doctor told me that if he couldn't get the baby out with the help of forceps that they would have to do a c-section on me. This was even after the doctor had done an episiotomy on me. I am happy to say that they did get him out with the use of forceps, and to my surprise with very little markings on his head from the use of the forceps. I all most forgot that he weighed 8lbs, 11oz.

My second and third sons were both induced. I did not go natural meaning no drugs with any of my deliveries. I had an epidural all three times which I am really glad that they did work for me. I had no problems with the labor or the delivery of my other two sons. I think that my first son made the deliveries a lot easier for my second and third sons. I am not sure about this because I am not a doctor. As I said before I had all three of my boys two weeks late to the date of what my original due date was. Just to let you know that my second son weighed 7lbs, 11oz which really surprised me, because I thought that as you had more babies that they got bigger in weight. Then my third son weighed in at 9lbs, 1.8oz. So he was my biggest of the three, and I had no trouble with delivering him. I also had an episiotomy with both my second and third deliveries.

I hope that this helps you out. I almost forgot that my boys are a lot older now. My oldest is going to be 18 on the 10th of July, My middle one is 14, and my youngest is 11. Good Luck with this pregnancy and delivery. As I said before I hope that I was of some help to you.


My first delivery I had pitocin to speed the process. I also tore because of a large head. It took me 6 weeks to fully heal from this. My second delivery went so fast and no complications at all. No healing necessary, I felt great the next day! Every delivery is different, you really have no idea what to expect.

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