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Income Taxes for Babysitting

I currently babysit for one child. Not a lot of money to brag about, but it allows for a little cash each week as well as a playmate for my two children. I was notified that the parents want to claim the child care expense. So, I made a call to a tax prep office. They said I need to file a Schedule C and I can claim some expenses to offset the income. They couldn't give me a list of what I could claim. So, now I will be spending a lot of time digging thru my receipts and bank statements. But, I don't want to overlook anything. If you have experience with this, can you give me some pointers? I had considered advertising to babysit another child... but does it really work out as a profit?


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Hi, K.,
I'm only responding to the question about whether or not it is worth it, profit wise......

Definitely! When I had my center in my home, I charged $25.00 a day, and had six full time children. That's over 37K a year. If your husband makes enough to support the family and pay all the bills, your income can take care of things like new cars, vacations, Christmas, etc.

The work is very hard, (if you do it right) but SO worth it!

Plus you get to be home for your own children, and can get your laundry done during nap time! :)

Email me if you have any questions about any of it. I did it in home for five years. (Now I operate a center out of home)


You've gotten some great advice already, but you can also call your local resource and referral for child care in your county. Miami County is Child Care Choices, ###-###-####. It's a wonderful, free resource for child care providers. (I'm biased...I work there!) I would rely on them for advice as opposed to asking your accountant. Some accountants have given our providers bad advice and encouraged them to write off more than they should have.

All the gals just about covered every things deductible.
One thing, if asked you must supply your social
security number or get an EIN number from the

You see, the IRS will let someone paying for a
babysitter report anyone not giving their social
security number for them to electonically file.

Other wise the parents can paper file a federal form
and calm your refused to furnish needed information.

Hi K.,

I have never babysat in my home for income but have taken my child to an in-home babysitter. The sitter was very up front about being paid in cash only so she didn't have to claim it as income. At first I was ok with that, we were getting a great deal so i figured I could turn the other way even though personally I would have felt compelled to claim the income if I were in her situation. As our time with her went on, there were several reasons why we considered switching sitters and the cash issue became one of them, she didn't have any record of our payments to her and technically neither did I. This became a minor dispute one day over which week had already been paid, etc. Between that and our other reasons we decided to switch sitters. It saddened me to see how caught up she was in getting away with the no tax thing, she watched tons of other kids too so I know she was making a very good living off of the babysitting. I know your stuggle is more towards the hassel of keeping track of the extra receipts, etc but once you get a system down, learn what you can write off, etc, each subsequent tax year will be easier. Plus, I feel it's always better to be on the side of honesty and transparency. The parents of the child you watch are probably both pleased with the work you do as well as the price you charge them. I wouldn't let their request insult you or anything, they're just looking for the best break they can get and there's no reason that you can't do the same too by claiming as many deductions as possible! Who likes paying more taxes than necessary? In fact, once you go thru this you may find the motivation or ability to take on another child or two and really make it a business, if you so desire. Best of luck and keep taking good care of those precious little ones!

I have done the baby sitting and have also been a tax preparer. What would you like to know? If you babysit from your home you can write off part of your mortgage payment, electric bill,any toys that you buy. There are a lot of things. Do you have any children yourself? Depending on how much you made on how big a deal it will be. send me an e mail and I will try to answer any question that you might have.

Get Turbo Tax - it's very user friendly, has all the forms and will walk you through eveything... and the cost of the software is also deductible.

I do agree with the other person who has posted that you should be charging closer to what the "regular day-care centers" in your area are charging. That's what we base what we pay our sitter next door on.

For filing schedule C's, make sure that you keep all your receipts for food/snacks/diapers/wipes, etc. If you get toys, coloring books, crayons, paints, bubbles, etc. for the kids while you're watching them, then all that should be able to be counted. I think they'll only let you claim 1/2 the food expenses, but I can't remember.

Don't forget too that you'll want to pay social security too. That'll add to your benefit when you retire.

Basically, treat it as "K.'s Daycare", keep every receipt, and attach it to a sheet of paper listing what you bought and for what purpose, then put it in a file folder. If you make any phone calls that are long distance or "above/beyond" minutes on your cell phone, that counts too. If you take them to the Children's museum, or drive through McDonald's - then all that counts too.

If you're not making some profit from doing it, then it won't be worth the time and effort.

My neighbor had lost her job several years ago and was looking for something she could do from home that would allow her to take her daughter to school and pick her up after school. I told her we'd give her a car seat. There are trade off's. She doesn't have insurance, but she's been able to go check on her parents if needed, etc. or go to the store if she needs to during the day. It's worked out for both of us.

Just a few thoughts....for what it's worth...

If the people want to claim this as a tax write off , you should raise your rates enough that you are turning a profit.
I would call around to day care centers and see what they charge. You are offerring more than they do because you give one on one attention and probably provide meals and snacks as well.
When I had my kids at a private sitter, I paid her in cash and did not claim it as an expense on my taxes as she did not wish to pay taxes on her income.
A good babysitter is worth her weight in gold and you should not be selling yourself short. Charge more!

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