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In Need of a Good Congestion Medicine for 5 Mo. Old

My 5 month old went to the Dr. last week due to a cough and congestion. Turns out his ears were red inside so the Dr. put him on antibiotics, nasal medicine and some ear drops (if needed). He seems better but he is still so congested. He doesn't cough a ton, but when he does it sounds as if he just needs to spit out all the phlegm in his throat. Of course he can't but we can tell that he is only coughing because he has so much chest congestion. His nose has been running a thick mucus which is kind of good I guess because I can tell the stuff is trying to come out. Meanwhile, we need a good chest congestion medicine safe for a 5 mo. old. I think I may take him back to the Dr. on Monday if he doesn't improve. Thought I would see what other moms think before I call his pediatrician. Thanks.

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Saline drops by little noses and prop the crib mattress up a with a phone book. The saline solution loosens the mucus and lets it drain out. It gets messy but they breath easier. Good luck and hang in there!


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You are not supposed to give young babies and toddlers congestion medication. It can cause hyperactivity. I would call your ped first. I know it used to be okay but it has changed. My mother-in-law was so surprised when I told her that.

I have given my kids pedicare the infant drops for congestion. I also recommed trying the blue aspirator you probably got one at the dr when he was born. Another recommendation is to go to your local pharmacy I have found that the pharmicists are EXCELLENT at helping with what little ones can have and how much. They give great recommendations!! Good luck!

Hi Jenny,
I htink I heard something recently about not giving ANY over the counter meds to under 2 without consulting with your dr. I am not sure what happened, but I would call the dr., especially because dosing a baby is done differently. Hope your baby feels better soon, but I would wait til Monday for more meds...

We have used Little Colds, Multi-Symptom Cold Formula (you can purchase this at Jewel Osco) for congestion.

Call your doctor. I am sure they will be able to let you know shat is best for your baby.


I gave mine pedicare, thats what my soctor always recommends for my 3 little girls even at that age. Ask the doctor the dose according to the weight of the baby.

Saline drops by little noses and prop the crib mattress up a with a phone book. The saline solution loosens the mucus and lets it drain out. It gets messy but they breath easier. Good luck and hang in there!


I think at that age he is still to little for alot of over the counter stuff I know the tylenol congestion works but if he is on all the other stuff you might be over doing the meds.
A great trick is to run the shower as hot as possible shut the shower curtain and just sit in the bathroom with door shut so your baby inhales the steam. That always loosens it up. If he is actually having allergies instead of an infection it is not going to go away until you find out what he is allergic to.
Try the bathroom thing for at least some comfort for him.

Honestly, do not give your 5 month old any over the counter cold medicine without consulting your pediatrician. A lot of research suggests that it's not good practice to do so. Plus, it sounds like it would be best if the pediatrician recommends next course of action and even perhaps see the little guy again. When he sleeps, try and prop him up to aid in congestion. Also, try and nasal aspirator out as much as you can. Hope he feels better soon.

It's not recommended to give babies decongestant at such a young age. WHat is recommended is a vaporizer in the room to loosen up the congestion and also giving nasal saline drops and then using the bulb syringe to get out the stuff in his nose. That'll also help with the drippage into his throat/chest. We also always gave and still do give my daughter peppermint tea. Not too hot, but the mint helps to loosen up the congestion as well. She drank it even at 3 months when she got really sick with a cold. We also had her sleep in her carseat when she was congested that young, since it would prop up her head and help with drainage.

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