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Immunization Concerns

Ok. My son is 3 1/2 months old. At his 2 month check-up, he received 5 seperate immunization shots. Other Moms I know, who have same aged babies, said that their child only received 2 seperate shots at their visits. It's 3 different Moms who go to 3 different pediatricians. I have heard the notion that the increased number of immunizations children are receiving at once may be linked to autism. I am confused why my baby got 5 injection when others are only getting 2 at a time. Can his little body really handle all of those anti-bodies at once. I've tried researching the topic on-line but everything says something different and contradicts everything else! His 4 month appointment is in 2 weeks and I know he's due for 4 more shots. I plan on discussing this with his doctor but I'm quite nervous for my little boy. If anyone knows anything about what's really going on with the immunization controversy, the info would be much appreciated! Thanks.

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S., I was in the same situation as you and my daughter had some adverse reactions from the multiple vaccines at once. I now space my DD's vaccines. If my daughter was not in daycare I would have done a philisophical exemption, but there are some vaccinations that the good outweigh the bad.

There is a really great book called "What your doctor may not tell you about Children's Vacctinations" by Dr. Stephanie Cave, MD taht helped me make my vaccine decisions. It is an informative, non-biased book about vaccinations and what choices you have as a parent. She even gives a user friendly vaccination schedule. You can also check out the AZ immunization laws and you can see there is no reason for doctors to be giving multiple vaccinations the way they do. It is unsafe for our children.

Email me if you have any questions. I spent a few months researching and found some really great sources if you would like to go exempt or figure out a different vaccine schedule.

Some pediatricians use what is known as a combo shot, where it actually has 3 of the immunizations in one shot, so I am pretty sure that your son got the same amount of actual immunizations, he just got more "ouchies". I would certainly discuss the possibility of combo shots in the future, I know from experience that it makes things easier.

At 2 months your child should have received the following immunizations: DTaP, Polio, Hib, and Hep B. They may have also done a flu shot or a pnuemacocal shot. This is based on the immunization schedule through the state of Arizona. Some doctors use manufacturers that can do a combo shot that includes multiple immunizations in 1 versus having to do each individually which is what can contribute to only getting 2 shots. I would recommend that you check your childs immunization record and advise your friends as well to ensure that your child has received the immunizations listed above. You can also find the immunization schedule and more information at http://www.azdhs.gov/phs/immun

This is very unfortunate. I am currently earning my Ed.D. in Education and my focus has been on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)...I have come across the link between autism and immunizations. Although pro-immunizing initially with my girls...I have not chosen to immunize until I hear any different. It is a great idea to ask not only your pediatrician, but others in the field as well.

Dr. Kimmie Pooh

You really should educate yourself on immunizations. There's a lot of information available on the internet through reputable sites. This is a decision you should make based on an informed decision. There's a good article on this website

Make sure the vaccines your child is getting are mercury free.

Your son probably just recv'd them all seperately instead of the bulk immunizations where they double and triple them up into one shot.
I am on the fence with immunizations myself and have stopped with my one year old and 2 year old.
I have read that it is better to space out the shots and not do the super booster shots where they combine them.
A good book to read is http://www.amazon.com/Vaccines-They-Really-Safe-Effective...#
Good luck with your decision. Question authority and do what you feel is best for your child.

I feel for you on this one. There is a lot of controversy with weather or not immunization is good or bad, and I think it can really go either way. I have a little boy who just went in for his 4 month check up and I was nervous about it. But I look at it this way, I would personally rather have my immunizations for myself than not. And for my son, I would rather have him protected. Although I'm not so sure for things like polio that has been all but wiped out and I heard the only cases of it now days is from the vaccine.

I don't think the multiple shots is what they think causes autism (although I guess bombarding your system with vaccines might be a bit much for you system). I've heard it's a preservative they use that contains small amounts of mercury. I asked my doctor and she said they only use it in flu shots now days and you can ask to get it with out that preservative (I can never remember what it's called).

As to why your son seems to have had more shots than your friends, you might have actually been given the same vaccines but sometimes they have more than one in a shot. My son got three shots and one oral vaccine. I know for sure that one of the shots had 3 different vaccines in it. But I feel for you and your little boy. Definitely talk to your doctor about your concerns.

Good luck...

Hi S....I had similar vaccination concerns when my daughter was born 7 months ago. I have twins boys that are 4 years old that I did the regular vaccination schedule. Then I started hearing some of the supposed dangers of vaccines and giving them to infants so young and so many at one time, etc. I researched it on the internet, here's a good website to visit: www.Mercola.com Why you MAY have had 5 shots is maybe they gave vaccines for individual diseases instead of the combos, like MMR, DaPT the measeles, mumps, rubella and diptheria, pertrusis, tetnus. Why don't you just look up the shots your son had and compare it with what's on the U.S. infant vaccination schedule? If they gave your son more shots than what is recommended I'd want to know why too? Then you'll also have a reference for what shots to expect at future visits. But back to the possible dangers...after researching, I decided for my daughter to not immunize her till she was 6 months old, then I started with one shot at a time, never many at once, and when a vaccine is available NOT in a combo, such as MMR I get it. There's some sources that would say to never vaccinate any child, then your pediatrician says that it's safe to do them at such a young age all at once, etc...so I made my own decision somewhere in the middle. Sometimes the nurses look at me like I'm crazy when we won't take all the shots at once, but it's my child and ultimately her health is my responsibility. But keep this in mind...there are certain guidelines that are given by the government related to vaccination schedules for children...doctors are expected to follow those and if they don't it could be a liability for them...so I wouldn't expect to hear otherwise from your pediatrician just because of the legality of it all. So, this probably hasn't helped you decide, but making your own educated decision on your sons health is your right for sure. Good luck!

Well, my advice to you is to tell your doctor that you'd like them spaced out. Or, wait until your baby's immune system is stronger and can handle them, around 2 -3 yrs. old.

This is pretty common practice to doctors, especially with all of the controversial studies out there.

Or, you can skip them all together. There's a whole movement out there that doesn't vaccinate and their kids are just fine.

Remember to use your mommy's intuition. You are the boss and the consumer to your pediatritian.

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