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Im Still Sore from My C-section 6 Wks Later

how normal is it to have a numb and painful stomach this long after my c section?? my incision looks good, sore and occasional leaking clear unsented fluids. and im just not back to myself yet, still slow moving. I thought "rule of thumb" is 6-8 weeks?? When will i not be so sore?

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Okay, so I went to the dr for my 6 week post partum check up and he checked out my incison which was still leaking and bleeding at this time. He had to get silver nitrate and cotorize (burn) the open area. (it was very painful burning for a while) Dr. said that my body could have been rejecting the disolvable stitches inside and thats what was causing the leaking.
I'm getting better now, the day after my apt. there was white puss fluids draining and I called the dr. and they said as long as its not yellow with an oder I'm gonna be just fine. And everyone is different. 6-8 "ball park" number, just have to listen to my body!
So, now I'm healing and feeling a bit better, cant wait till I'm back to my old self. My incision is actually raised and red, but feels a lot better!

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Different women will have different answers -- some women recover from surgery (including C-section) very easily, while others are plagued for a long time. Check out the International Cesarean Awareness Network [http://www.ican-online.org/], as well as looking for ICAN groups in your area for more information and mother-to-mother support and C-section stories.

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Just remember you just went through major surgery. Are you trying to do to much to soon? Like lifting too much at once, bending over to much. Your body heals from the inside out. People see that the incisions are healed on the outside, but it doesn't mean that it's completely healed from the inside. Try to take it easy as much as possible. It's hard - you feel like you can do everything and anything, but it's not best for your body to heal.

After that said - I would call your doctor and find out what he thinks about the fluid. Just to make sure. But I think that your body is trying to heal and maybe having a hard time. Let us know what happens. Hugs

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I've had two c-sections. And i truly believe that heal time is based on your support system. My first c-section was really bad. The father was so unsupportive and never around to help out. My heal time was 6 months! It was a horrible time for me, the pain and post-partem depression were unbearable at times. But, my second c-section was a breeze. The father was so supportive. He was always there to encourage me and help out when i needed it most. My heal time was one week! Sure every now and then I had a few lapses in pain, but nothing unbearable. The area around my incision is still numb after 6 years, but it isn't painful.
Try not to do too much work and find some relax time. Having a new baby and motherly chores can be a bit too much even with help around the house. That's why it is important to have alone time to recoup and clear the mind and soul.

Six to eight weeks really isn't the "norm", it's a minimum amount of healing time. For some people, it can take several months. I was still having pain and numbness at my scar 8 months after I had my c/s. I had actually just been checked out by my dr, who said it can be normal to have occassional pain for up to a year as the scar stretches to accomodate your daily activities. You could also possibly have adhesions, where the scar tissue ends up connecting your body parts together in spots, which can cause pain. This is easily remedied with a short surgery to revise the scar tissue. We found that I had adhesions when I went in for my u/s for this pregnancy, so my scar will be revised when I have the c/s with this pregnancy. Try doing some abdominal lifts and some stretching daily to see if it helps with the discomfort - these can be shown to you by your dr or by a physical therapist, and are relatively easy to do depending on how much pain you are having. As far as the numbness, I still have a whole section of my belly that is numb, and probably always will be. I am just hoping it won't get worse this time around!
Good luck to you!

I walked funny for a solid 6 weeks after my first c-section so just give yourself time. The good news is that my second c-section was completely different. I actually went home a day and a 1/2 later because I was up moving so well and really not taking much for pain at all. Of course I still had to take it easy and be careful but it was night and day!


Each person's recovery time is going to be very different. You will eventually get back to yourself when your body is ready. I have had two c-sections with the last one two years ago and still do not feel my lower abdominal region has recovered. I also exercise several days a week and train my abs. Hang in there, c-sections are a major surgery.

i have heard that it takes MUCH longer to recover from a c-section than a regular labor and delivery; and it takes at LEAST 6 weeks for that. so i would really assume yours would be anywhere between 8-12 weeks. i mean, we are talking about serious major surgery here.

hope you got some good answers from other moms who've been there. im sure your doctor gave you some good information on watching for infection or something, so im not too worried about that i guess because it doesnt sound like you are having that problem.

i hope you feel better soon.

I've had two C-sections, and I never had any leaking!! By six weeks, the incision spot was totally healed but a little tender--more like a muscular thing-- but not sore nor numb. Call your doctor--something is not right. You should not be leaking anything!

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