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Im 16 Weeks Pregnant.. Should I Be Feeling the Baby Move at This Point

I am 16weeks pregnant with my second child and in my first pregnancy I could feel my son moving at 15 weeks. I am now back to my regular shape and I know my muscles have toned back down to their original size. So I am wondering if I should be feeling the baby move. I could have sworn when I was around 13,14weeks I could feel it moving and pushing its hand or foot out, but now I cant feel any movement. Should I be concerned??

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you might but gas will almost exactly the same to you in the early stages

Honestly, at this point the baby is small enough, and his/her little bones are soft enough, that you really can't feel it. Anything before 18 weeks or so is probably just indigestion (as much as it seems otherwise!). I felt my first around 19 weeks and I didn't feel my second until around 20 weeks. I wouldn't worry at all about feeling the baby at this point. As hard as that may be! Soon you'll be getting those wonderful kicks and jabs.

A., i want to say i felt my twins that early but i didn't. i believe it was around or between 23-28 weeks that i started feeling them. and mind this, i had twins :). so i do not think you should worry. have you had ultrasounds done recently?

I was at 20 weeks with my first child before i felt any type of fluttering with him. I was at 17 weeks with my second child. Remember it also could depend on where the baby is lying, if the baby is turned more towards your back, you won't feel him/her move as often. As long as at your ob appointments you still hear a heartbeat, rest assured your little bundle of joy is safe.

Hey, I didn't feel my daughter move (flutters) until about 18 or 19 weeks and no real "kicks" or "punches" until about 21 weeks. Every baby is different so even if you did feel your first one earlier..doesn't mean you will with this one. However, you know your body. If you are concerned or feel something is wrong...talk to your dr and have an ultrasound to ease your mind. Good Luck!

Hi A.,

I think I was around 18-19 weeks pregnanat with both pregnancies when I felt them move and I was in shape as well.

With my daughter, I wasn't sure if I was feeling anything and tried to convince myself I was around 15 weeks. Maybe it was flutters, but to this day I'm not sure if it was just indigestion! At 21 weeks at our ultrasound, I was lying on the table waiting for the doc to come in after the tech left the room and my belly jumped! She kicked me like a soccer player and from then on, it was non-stop! No more wondering!
At 15 weeks, they're still pretty small, so a simple change in position can change what you feel. That said, if you had been feeling regular kicks and suddenly they stop, it's best to see your healthcare provider.

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