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Ideas to Get My 6 Year Old to Eat

My 6 year old has a very limited diet. My new years resolution is that he will eat what my husband and I eat at dinner. My only idea is to say if you don't eat dinner you don't eat. I also thought I would try to add something he likes to the dinner menu and bribery in the way of desert if dinner is eaten. All ideas will be appreciated.

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Thanks so much everyone. Great adivice. I'm going to try them all. Thanks for wishing me luck...I think I'm going to need it. L.

I have been trying a combination of ideas...the one-bite rule, small portions, not making a big deal if he doesn't eat...but nothing else if dinner isn't eaten and a dessert or snack if he eats/tries dinner. I'm happy to report he is starting to eat more. Thanks for the advice...I really appreciate it.-L.:)

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I have three children one of which was a picky eater, had a
hard time getting her to eat green beans. She love's ketchup, so I had her put ketcup on the green beans. try letting him
use ketchup on his food.

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My son was exactly the same way! What I did, is I got rid of all the stuff he would want to eat instead of dinner. I didn't buy cereal, peanut butter and jelly, or bread for a few days, because, my husband would usually give in and make him whatever he wanted. This way, nobody gets tempted to give in. Then, if he doesn't eat dinner, then he doesn't eat nothing. He will be okay, eventually he will eat anything!
I also used a timer...I gave him 25 minutes to eat all his food, if not, he got more veggies, or some kind of consequence...no t.v., no skating...etc.
good luck!

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Hi L.~
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Hi L., My daughter (5 1/2) is pretty picky as far as eating is concerned. What I've always had her do is eat the number of bites which equals how old she is. (5 now since she's 5). I started this when she was 3. Also, I've explained to her over and over that she will like more and more foods as she gets older so she needs to "retry" things. This also isn't something I just tell her, she does like many things she didn't the first time around. I've also heard children have many more taste buds than we do and naturally don't like as many foods. She's just started really liking apples after not liking them for almost 2 years. The other day I made 1/2 and egg sandwhich for her and had her take 5 bites. Then she was able to have a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. She knows the 5 bite rule and I make a point of praising her for following this rule and saying "someday I bet you'll really like ______". I try to be positive and casual about it. I also remind her of things she loves now that she didn't at first. The funniest is macaroni and cheese which is now her favorite but she didn't like at first.

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Hi, I am very fortunate that my daughter at the moment eats everything but I grew up with 6 other siblings and our parents motto," You don't eat whats put in front of you, you don't eat". They stuck to there guns. It worked. We all are still alive and well. However being that you have a 6 year old, get your child involved in the cooking process. Ask them to look for recipes and maybe invent there own. I also agree with one writer smaller plate and smaller portions. That way they can always ask for more and it will give you an idea what they really like and enjoy. Good luck to you~

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Coming from a person who was forced to sit at the table until we ate everything, that is not the best idea. Try to make dinner time a really enjoyable time. Veggies are important, of course, but don't make a big deal regarding how much or other things he eats - it'll just create issues around food later. Just support your child in what he's going through. Kids don't starve themselves - they know better. So just let him listen to his body and try to present him with some really yummy veggie options - like broccoli bread :).
Good luck!

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I found that if I include my kids in menu planning, and especially in the cooking of it, they will eat anything. My twins are now 12, and are very good at trying new things, and have a pretty broad palette. I started them in the kitchen very young, told them they had to try something, but if they really didn't like it, they didn't have to eat it all. Hope this helps.

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I would not use dessert as bribery as that can lead to other problems such as weight gain. I would introduce one thing that is new and ask him to eat that first before he eats he favorite food. I use the line even if you don't like it the last taste in your mouth will be what you do like. I have tried the if you don't like it you won't eat but that can back fire if you go straight to that. Other things we used is for example with raw carrots (the baby kind pre-cut in a bag) we use a non-fat ranch dip and that gets our kids to eat them. This can work with other vegetables too. If you want to use bribery offer something that isn't food related such as playing a favorite game or something. I'm with you but just so you know. My now 10 year old who used to be very picky is branching out and starting to eat things he never would before so there is hope.

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