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Ideas for Removing Plantar Wart on Children's Feet

Looks my 6 yo has a plantars wart under his big toe from our trips to the pool this summer. I googled a little bit and got some ideas of duct tape for 2 months or nail polish for 3 days. does anyone have any experience with this that can add to what works and how long it takes??? thanks mamas

We are currenly broke to the extreme and i'm trying to avoid dr's fees, this is very small right now less than the size of a pencil eraser, does that make a diff in length of treatment???

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Here's what worked for me when I had warts as a child. Tape a small piece of banana peal to the wart. Something in it causes the wart to soften quite quickly and like someone else said it can be kinda rubbed off. I think it took a couple of weeks, but it worked better than having my doctor freeze it off. We tried the doc first and it was painful. The banana peal was kinda yucky, but it certainly did work.

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My son had the same thing last summer. We tried it all, finally went to our peditrician - he froze it and it did not work. Finally went to About Feet in Exton and they put "Bug Juice" on it and it went away in 4 weeks. I was so scared they would cut it out, but easy and no pain. Good luck

I recommend using Metiplast. I used this as a child and it got rid of all of them. It is painless and easy. I just cut the cloth to the size of the wart and used a band-aid to ensure it stayed in place. Over time the wart just peeled off. The only problem is that I haven't seen it in a while in a drug store, but by the link below it is still available. I would ask the pharmacist if it can be ordered for you. Actually I had been to a podiatrist for 3 months and my warts only got bigger and painful with his treatment. They were gone in weeks after trying this stuff. http://www.uwhealth.org/healthfacts/B_EXTRANET_HEALTH_INF...

When my son was about the same age, he had a planter wart on his foot at the end of the summer. The pediatrician told me that I could get rid of it at home otherwise he would freeze it to remove it. We tried the at home approach first and it took some time but it worked. Twice a day he would soak his foot in a tub of warm soapy water for 15 - 20 minutes. He then towel dried his foot and used a clean nail file to gently exfoliate some of the skin off the wart. After filing for a few minutes, we would apply Compound W to the wart area only and let it air dry before putting his sock on. He repeated this process under my supervision for about a month. The wart area slowly shrunk and eventually went away. It became a challenge to my son to get rid of it and didn't cost much at all. His wart was larger than you mentioned your son's is so it may not take you as long.

My kids have had these and the main thing is to use the Duofilm wart remover I believed it's called and the duct tape helps also. You are basically trying to soften it up so you can peel it away. You can also try the freeze techniques. If you do go to an ortho, they can remove the whole thing right away. or most of it. They can take a long time to come off. But you need to be consistant with the treatment. I had them as well, and I would use toenail clippers to clip off the dead skin. It can take months to get them to finally fall off

I don't think plantar warts are really the same as regular warts. You can certainly try duct tape, I've heard doctors recommend that treatment, but plantar warts need to be removed by a doctor. My son had plantar warts and it took 3 treatments with a dermatologist to remove them. He chose to have them removed because they were very painful. Check with a doctor.

My husband has been out of work for 4 months I hear you on being broke...but find something else to cut back on...take your child to a dermatologist. My daughter had them, and that's the best way to treat them. They're very contagious and can be painful and they won't go away on their own.

MAke sure you know what kind of wart it is first.

I found this cure online:
A simple but very effective cure consists of painting the wart for with thick red fingernail polish and letting it dry. Cover the entire wart and close surrounding skin with polish so that no air can get to the wart. Since it is a virus, it needs air and moisture to survive. The polish keeps the air and moisture out. Do this for three 3 days. Then peel off the polish. The wart should come off with the polish, and you should be wart free! Now how’s that for a budget friendly cure!

The only thing that worked for us was a couple trips to the podiatrist. He scraped them off and put a chemical on...neither of which hurt...and then in 2 weeks repeated the procedure and my son was fine. My son (13) is a runner and was able to compete in a half-marathon 2 days after the first treatment! We tried all those things your were finding on the web (duct tape, freezing, nail polish, etc.)

D. B.

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