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Ideas for Granddaughter's First Birthday Gift

My first granddaughter's birthday is approaching, and I would like to purchase a gift - maybe to start a collection or something. Any ideas from other mothers or grandmothers on what might be a good gift.

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Wonderful ideas from everyone. I neglected to tell you that we are purchasing a savings bond and this would be a visual present. I like the add-a-pearl or charm bracelet for the future. I also like the red wagon idea.

I'll let everyone know what I decided on. Thanks again.

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hi K.. jes i have 2 grandchildren that live with me. i started to colect for them the beautifull hallmark shakers. you can get one for all acations . and but them on a shelf. they seem to like them so comes christmas ans easter and all other hilidays you can add to them .B.

My mom gave my daughter a Bitty Baby from American Girl Dolls. It is her favorite. She is almost 3 now and Bitty Baby goes everywhere with us.

When I was pregnant & had my baby shower - my mom had written on the invite for everyone, aside from the gift - to bring a book to start the baby's library. Now every year, my family buys a book for each of my kids, for birthdays, school graduations (grad from kindergarten, & each grade), christmas, easter, v-day, etc.

You can also do mini snowglobes, or little fairy statues or something. I had a disney collection my parents would by me disney mugs, snowglobes & statues, etc - which by the way I"m selling right now cause I have only boys - no girls to pass them onto.

Ok so just a couple ideas - hope you can get use out of one of them!

Good luck!
C. B.

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I got a charm bracelet when my godchild was born and I give her a special charm each year, or when something significant happens. She is now 8 years old and looks forward to the charm evry birthday and Christmas.I plan to do this with my granddaughter as well.

I don't know how much you want to spend, or what your family traditions are like, but my mother gave me a piece of Waterford crystal for each of my birthdays. Now I have my own set to entertain with when freinds and family come for a special dinner. Also, I know it's a little out of season, but I started a Christmas ornament collection for my goddaughter. That way, when she gets a home of her own, she'll already have ornaments to decorate her tree with. Please excuse this message if you and your family don't celebrate Christmas. Hope that gets you thinking!

Hi K.,
I have an online store with VERY cute monogrammed birthday suits and dresses (also accessories)! Visit www.PrincessSharon.com and look for "Extra Sparkle" and then "Cupcake Couture"

Best of luck!

For my nieces and close friend's daughters I have started charm bracelets for their first birthdays. The first charm has typically been something engraved and each year I add a charm based on something in that child's life...i.e. became an older sister, started school, etc.
Its been a big hit and my brother even reciprocated with my daughter!
hope this helps.

What about a necklace and add a pearl each year or each special occasion?
Another idea; for my niece, I got her a charm bracelet. At different points in her life she will get additional charms. (she got a beetle car to start for christmas b/c she loved them...then a heart that said big sis with the date of her little brother's birth...then a cruise ship after our trip to alaska...a school bus when she started kindergarten) I made a scrapbook for her and each time she gets a charm she also gets a page for the scrapbook. (can you tell my father-in-law has a jewelry store...) if you want something she will enjoy immediately at a low cost...you can attach helium balloons (obviously only to play with completely supervised)
Whatever you do...make sure it's something you are prepared to do for each future child too! ; )

Hi K. B, I would like to suggest you try my K.'s Huggable. Grandmom's are just loving them and SOOOOO do the Mom's and kids!! A wonderful loooooong lasting gift...check out my website www.huggabletowels.com and www.nhmade.com products/child care...

Let me know what you think!

K. V

How about starting a string of pearls? You can add to it for all occasions..holidays, birthdays, etc.. then one day she'll have it for a special occasion.

I wouldn't go with the doll idea. My sister-in-law bought an expensive Barbie for each of her girls for every occasion, but they had to be kept on display and often in their packages, so the girls got frustrated not being able to play with them. Eventually I think they were sold. I have a large doll collection that my grandmother started as an adult, but it's from her travels (and those of other family members) around the world - it has sentimental value for that reason, but it's a lot to care for and the display cabinet is quite large. I enjoyed looking at it when I was a child, and still do, but it was a "look, don't touch" thing which I would not have appreciated if she had given these things to me when I was a kid.

The pearls, stock, bonds ideas are good but they aren't things you can give her to "open" - just put them away for her or have the parents put them in the safety deposit box for her to enjoy/appreciate later. The pearls may frustrate her at a young age before she has enough to look like a necklace, and then what if she wants to wear it to school at age 8? Can't have that!

Whatever you give her now, she won't appreciate until she is older. You can start the collection if you don't expect her to open it and appreciate it - I would hate to see you disappointed!

I enjoy a lovely set of silver teaspoons that my grandmother received from her great aunt - matching spoons, each engraved with the year or sometimes her birthday (e.g. 6-3-08) - she started receiving them when she was 7, and had a set of 12 by the time she turned 18. This was a nice start to her married life, but it's nice for any girl's adulthood, especially because single women never have any nice things that are usually acquired as wedding gifts! My mother-in-law had a lovely set of teacups like one of the other posters mentioned - we enjoy using them at holidays and other nice dinners. A girlfriend had a similar collection from her aunt. Again, these aren't things that can be played with or appreciated by a young child, so it might be nice to start her at a later age.

My daughter has a nice picture frame, and the mat is cut with holes and captions for each year of her child's life - every year, you add another picture of the child at that age. In the center is a photo of the child at birth, with the date and birth weight listed. It's fun for the kids to look at how they've changed.

Consider some sort of scrapbook or memory book with stories about YOUR family, your parents and grandparents. You could add a page or two at every birthday, making the stories longer or more complex as she gets older and can enjoy them. Someday, when she is grown and you are no longer around, she will have a wonderful treasury of family stories.

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