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Ideas for Easter Eggs for a 1 Year Old?

I want to have an easter egg hunt for my little man.I know I'm gonna get some little tonka cars but I cant think of anything else.I don't want to give him candy either.haha His grandma says I'm no fun,she gives him to many sweets already;)any suggestions?

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You are all awesome.I got some really good ideas thank you very much!I really need to visit the dollar store for stickers and mini dinosuars thanks again

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Use the plastic easter eggs that you can fill with fun little toys like the tonka cars, stickers, maybe a piece of candy or two, anything little that can fit into the plastic Easter Egg. Plastic eggs can be used year after year, protect the contents and are still in keeping with the tradition. Have Fun!

You could put little "fruit snacks" in there, or something you wouldn't mind him eating. Little Tonka cars are a good idea too! I might try that.

Just hide a bunch of the plastic eggs. You don't need to put anything in them. At that age, just finding them is the fun part. Walgreens sells them by the ton.

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put strawberries, raisons, fish crackers or any other healthy food that fits in the plastic eggs. We have even put cereal in them. Often times we give our kids a few pieces of candy and then give them a new toy.

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I feel the same way about the sweets neither of our youngsters get a lot of candy if any. What we did for our son for his first "realized" Easter was gave him a basket with a few toys in it and one special toy that he would enjoy. Another idea would be some books.

My kid loved money in their eggs...it helped me to work with them at saving at an early age!

Have fun!


I fill plastic eggs with goldfish, teddy grahams, raisins, etc. and my little guy thinks they're really fun. There's no reason you can't have an egg hunt with "healthy" treats :)

Have fun!

If you feel you need to go the edible treat route, you could get some of those rainbow Goldfish and put some in each of the eggs. Another healthy alternative is to browse the isle where they have the dried fruit/raisins (make sure your child can safely eat raisins before going this route as they could pose a choking hazard.) I have been able to find really tasty and healthy treats for my own children as well as those in my daycare. Mind you I am not a"health food junkie" either. I just think we owe our children options to eating healthier than we probably do. The dried fruit/yogurt covered raisins,cranberries etc offer what the kids like, come packaged to look like "treats" as well as the taste and the health benefits we as parents are after. I know dried fruit sounds gross and boring to some (and some of it is... lol,) but if you get the right product, do fun things with it, and get your kids used to it, it's a good thing. Put it in applesauce or mix it with yogurt, put it on their fav cereal...use you imagination. Try it yourself! You could always make a trail mix of their fav cereals. As far as toy options, they have tubes of 3 in. animal figurines at Target that you could use, playdough (supervise!) good tactile experience at this age, board books, cd's. Just really be aware of potential choking hazards when they are this young. Have fun with it though and don't feel you have to go overboard with "things" and forget the real reason why we celebrate Easter...that's the greatest gift you could give your little one! Happy Easter!

How about some stickers? Kids really seem to get a kick out of those. Otherwise, it depends on how big your eggs are because I know they have bigger ones now too...you could fit small plastic toys like your kid's favorite character ones or something (provided they're safe for a one year old and not a choking hazard obviously), or even some of their favorite cereal.

bouncy balls, rubber bugs- you can get a bag with about 10 for a few dollars at most stores.

the other suggestions you already got are great too. You really don't need that many at his age his is going to want to open them and play with the stuff inside after about 10 at most.

We filled ours with baby goldfish, Gerber fruit snacks, and cheerios. Fun for them, and they didn't know the difference-they thought all that stuff was candy anyway!

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