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Ideas for a "Fairy Tale" Costume for a Boy

Hello Fellow Mammas,

When I picked up my son from preschool today his teacher informed me that it was "Once Upon A Time" week and Wednesday all the children are to dress up as their favorite fairy tale character. Short notice, I know! We headed to the Disney Store at the mall, me thinking they may have a Peter Pan outfit I could pickup, but no such luck! I am in need of some ideas that are quick and relativley inexpensive as I only have tonight and tomorrow night to get something put together! Any and all ideas and suggestions are apperciated!


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He could be an ogre or a troll or a bad guy. They are sometimes more fun to play. He could be Prince Charming and dress very nicely and knock all the gilrs socks off. Maybe the frog prince.

Have him go as a prince. Does he have a suit? and a sword?Prince Phillip has a red had with a feather, or don't even bother with that.
Chances are if he goes as a prince in a suit he will be the most handsome one there! ;)

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How fun! Try Peter Pan! Green shorts and a green shirt with a green hat and a cardboard sword. Should do great! Don't just limit yourself to Disney characters either! They have a lot, but there are so many more fairy tales out there. Google search fairy tales and see what you come up with. Anything easy. What about the tall tale of Paul Bunyon!?? Jeans and a flannel shirt and some cute workboots! Cardboard axe and a stuffed ox. Oh that is too cute.

Have fun with this! Take lots of pics at the party!
marrid 8.5 yrs, dd is 6, ttc #2 for 5 yrs in aug. No answers! Filling out adoption papers! Wish us luck!

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Have him go as a prince. Does he have a suit? and a sword?Prince Phillip has a red had with a feather, or don't even bother with that.
Chances are if he goes as a prince in a suit he will be the most handsome one there! ;)

Wings you can find easy. How about green shorts and a green top. pointy shoes from thirft store or bare feet better yet. Try the thrift store for the wings too. Claires might have some props. Green face makeup and hair spray from a costume store. They might have other things you need. Disguises (SP) in Lakewood on the corner of Kipling and Clofax will have the stuff you need or a costume store just south of I-76 on Sheridan has that stuff too. (Denver area)
Have fun (Glitter all over helps to and sticks well with lotion to the skin)
C. B

I don't think this is anything to get stressed about. Is Peter Pan his favorite fairy tale character? If not, who is? If it is Humpty Dumpty, put him in a white t-shirt and slick his hair back. If it is Jack and the beanstock, give him some beans. If it is a prince, put him in his best looking outfit and make him a crown. If you happen to have a stick horse, your little prince could ride it to school. If it is Peter Pan, the other ladies' suggestions were great! Your teacher does not do these activities to see what mom can come up with the best costume. She is doing it to connect the kids with the literature they are reading. Keep it simple and fun. Focus on your little boy and what really is his favorite character. Ask him what his favorite character looks like and let him help you dig through the closet to see what comes close. HAVE FUN!

My two little men are dress-up junkies, so we have a pretty extensive costume box. . . . For a quick costume your son and his teachers will love, consider the character Max from the book "Where the Wild Things Are." You can use a white T-shirt or hoodie and sweatpants, draw whiskers on with an eyeliner, make a tail with a feather duster and a safety pin, and maybe add claws made from cardstock to his shoes if it needs it.
Kings and princes are always easy--a frog prince all in green with a crown would be very fairy tale-ish. King Midas with lots of gold accents would be fun. You can always customize a Burger King crown or make one out of cardstock or construction paper.
I'm a big fan of the embellished T-shirt and/or sweatsuit as a costume--a cop-out but easy and fun. Anything with a cape is always a big hit with my guys. I am always trying to tone down or steer them away from costumes that will make them behave violently, so I tend to avoid costumes that require a weapon as a prop. My kids both *love* to go to Zurchers party supply store because they have a whole aisle of hats. Maybe a party supply store would offer some inspiration. I've seen wizard hats there (Merlin, maybe?) and I also saw Robin Hood-type hats and elf hats, all for less than $5. A hat can make the man! Good luck and keep us posted! ;)

Hi T.. If you want to go with the Peter Pan idea, go to Hobby Lobby and pick up a green tshirt. They're about $3. Cut the collar out and cut the sleeves and hem in a zig-zag pattern. Glue some fake leaves to the shirt, have your son wear brown or khaki pants that you can roll up to the knee, and ta-dah! Peter Pan. I just did this for a play I directed and it looked really cute.

Good Luck!

You could dress him in green with a crown and he could go as the frog that turned into a prince when he was kissed! You could put lipstick on and give him a huge kiss on the way out the door.

Make him a Lost Boy. This wouldn't take too much in the way of preparation. Go to the nearest thrift store and pick up some shorts that you can rip and a shirt that can be ripped. Rub some food or paints on it to make it look like he's been wearing it for a while. Give him a fun hat, a pretend sword, put dirt on his face, and teach him to say BangaRang. I think that would be the easiest without resorting to tights.

green clothes for peter pan or robin hood, a suit for prince charming.

Hi T.,
Pirate costumes are easy to make. Cut off pair of pants below the knee with a jagged up and down cut, can be any color of pants. Take a t-shirt, cut off the sleeves with a jagged edge and the same for the bottom of the shirt, you can draw designs or stripes on the shirt if you want. An eye patch (you can get one at walmart or the drug store)and a scar drawn with eyebrow pencil or a pencil lip liner and your good to go! This is also way more creative for your son than buying a costume and more fun!
Have fun!

When my son was 3, he was invited to a prince / princess party. Jack dressed as a prince, with a sword...I put him a pair of dark tights and a turtleneck with a belt. He put his sword in the belt. He really looked like a prince! Ooh, I think he wore a cape as well.

Hope that helps


maybe a dwarf would be easy, knitted stocking cap and a bag of "jewels" or something. You could also try a prince, tights and a tunic shirt with a crown and a foam sword (?) I just bet the school doesn't want too many props that could get out of hand.

Make him a prince. You can make your own crown out of construction paper, or those foam sheets, and let him decorate it, or you could see if Burger King still gives out those paper crowns. He could wear shorts with jammie bottoms underneath (like knickers and tights) and a cape made from a small blanket.

Hi T.,

Puff the Magic Dragon is all I can think of. Good luck!



The fairy tales that came to my mind:
Rumpstilskin, Hanzel (from Hanzel & Gretel), and a Prince.

Best of luck,

Hi T.,

How about a Pirate, or a King? You can pick up a few quick and inexpensive needed items at Party City. For example, an eye patch, pirate hat, hook arm...or a kings crown and cape. Hope this reaches you in time, good luck!

You could also make him a knight/prince by making a crown or helmet out of a cardboard box covered in tin foil along with a sword. A garbage pail lid or again, cardboard coverer in foil makes a great shield. Can you do a google search for homemade costumes? I bet there would be a ton of stuff on there!

You have received some rally good suggestions. I am a visual person so try www.familyfun.com They have some great pictures for further inspiration.

I don't have any advice for you about the dressing up part, but I would be SO TICKED OFF to get that short of notice on something like that- your TIME, MONEY and EFFORT require a little more respect than 2 days freakin notice!
I would definitely tell the teacher, director and whoever this, and also, not to start trouble, but to see if this is something you and other parents might be able to get together and request together that that teacher be a little more respectful of your time and money than that. I would want at least 2 weeks notice!
Wow! Like you have a life, maybe you could be on a weekly/monthly budget, maybe you have other kids, good grief!

Did anyone else think this when they read this question or was it just me?

Robin Hood is an easy one. I took some forest green felt and made a tunic. buy 2 yards of fabric and just fold it in half. cut a hole out of the folded end for a head hole, and sew up the sides a little about 6-8 inches from the fold. this will make a rough waste. I cut a slit from the neck hole down about 4-5 inches on the front, and hot glued it back to look like a collar. Then I laced some leather shoe strings through some hole I cut into the collar. I purchased some leather fringe and sewed it along the bottm edges of the tunic. He belts it with a leather belt and wears a sword. For the hat, you cut a large half circle of the same felt and sew the flat edge together. Then hot glue the side up and glue a feather in the fold up side. Hope this helps. It took me all of about a half an hour once I got the materials, and they were pretty cheap.

He could be an ogre or a troll or a bad guy. They are sometimes more fun to play. He could be Prince Charming and dress very nicely and knock all the gilrs socks off. Maybe the frog prince.

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