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Ideas for a 2 Year Old Boy Birthday

My son is turning 2 this month and I am having a hard time coming up with ideas for gifts for him. He has an older sister and lots of cousins so toys are always getting passed on to him. He already has bikes and lots of trucks. I have family members who are already asking for ideas. Any suggestions would help.

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My little guys love books, books on CD, learning videos with animals. Maybe they could give you gift certificates to visits to the zoo, chuck e cheese, a play dome, etc. He might like bubble toys, slip N slide, sprinkler toys, bath toys, etc. Those type of items tend to wear out quickly, so you don't have to worry about tons of toys piling up long term.

We are always asking for cloth diapers and money for the kids' 529 college plan. My family is big on education is is happy to contribute, my in-laws prefer to give us more clothes we don't need :(
Do you have a wagon yet? My son loves his!

When my son was 2 we bought him a plastic, Fischer Price tool set and a plastic tool box (which was actually a fishing-tackle box) to carry them in. He absolutely loved those things. He'd 'work' on things throughout the day. Then, he'd gather them all up and put them back in his 'tool box'. It was cute!

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Take him out on a special 'trip' with just mom and dad. With an older sibling, he probably ends up doing what she likes to do a lot of the time, so do something just with him. And if you work full time, it's probably hard to find one on one time with your kids (I had two of my own when I worked full time and I remember how hard it was!) Print out a couple pictures of activities or people doing activities (people in a waterpark, or riding a pony, etc...) and let him point or say which picture he'd like to do. Then get a sitter for your daughter and take him! Make a big deal, bring balloons, take tons of pictures.

I bet he won't enjoy any material gift as much as this special time with mom and dad.

My son turns 2 next week and I was racking my brain for gift suggestions too...here's ideas I gave our family:

wagon, sand box, water table, kiddy pool, large building (lego) blocks, puzzles, tool set, little cleaning supplies (my son loves to sweep with mommy), stride rite gift card, sign language DVD's

We have a lot of hand me down toys too but those are the best! You don't have to feel guilty passing them along, just keep up with taking out things that they are too old for or have lost interest in!!

It may be time to open a bank account or start buying savings bonds for him. Something that will be invaluable in the future. Maybe look into putting the money that would spent on toys into a 529 for his future. Just a suggestion.

My son turns 2 in August and we got him a sand and water table. My mother got him a train table. He is obsessed with sand and water and trains so they are perfect for him. Some new books might work. Also, does he have a tool kit? Puzzles, play-Do and other artistic outlest are good as well. Hope this helps!

A day out with just you/ just daddy/ the two of you
Clothing with a favorite character/ sports team, etc
Books on CD
A magnadoodle

My son turned 2 on April 1 and he has really started liking to draw. This could be a good time to get him more "sit down" kind of toys.

A place to go to get really good ideas for his age is the Lakeshore store. It is www.lakeshore.com I think. It is the store alot of preschools use to stock their classrooms. The categories are broken down into groups that are developmentally appropriate for the right age so it isn't so much a shot in the dark.

I got some fabulous ideas there for Christmas. It's pretty reasonable, too.

Books, Puzzles, Crayons and coloring books, blocks, Big Legos, play tents, ball pits, learning activities, interactive play things such as: house hold (play vaccum, play broom, kitchenette (yes boys do play with these too and nothing wrong with it either), gardening tools (play), sandbox toys, etc...the make believe stuff teaches how to interact with other children..to be a daddy/mommy, to take care of babies, to make believe to cook, help clean (do chores)...to learn how to garden..biology...etc...all this gets his mind working and teaches a lot of good habits. some dads are so against their boys playing with girly things..but to be honest its very healthy and good for them, just as much as it is very healthy for little girls to learn how and what boys play with. you can check out playskool.com, parenting.com, pbs.org, nickjr.com..etc... good luck

An appliance box. Seriously. Go to an appliance store, best buy or circuit city (call before you go) and it's free! Take advantange of the fact that he's still two. And books are also always excellent.

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