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Ideas for 8 Year Old Girl Birthday Party

My daughter will be 8 in February and I would love any ideas you may have for birthday party games. I am interested in anything that will keep all the girls involved and having lots of fun.

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I get all kinds of idea from birthdaypartyideas.com it is a great websites were moms write there idea down!!!!

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I actually had a belly dancer come to my house and taught the girls how to dance. They all had a blast and learned some great dance moves. If you're looking for party favor ideas, I have a personalized party favor business. You should check out my website www.littleshopoffavors.com. i give a 10% discount to MamaSource moms. Good luck with the party planning.

Hi A.,

I'm guessing your having an at home party. I recommend some type of craft project - this becomes their "goodie bag" to take home. If you know the approximate sizes of the guests you could decorate t-shirts with fabric paints - at Micheal's they sell little wooden trinket boxes that they could paint and decorate.

I don't remember how old my daughter was (I think 7)when I did a scavenger hunt. I used this game to have the girls find their goodie bags. I had 3 teams and 3 sets of clues, and each team started with a clue "go up the stairs to the room on the right, next you want to search for a light"(the next clue was under the lamp) "look under the bed, being careful not to bump your head" (the next clue was taped to the underneath of the bed), after the 4th clue they found the prize.

My daughter loves this girlscout game, hang a line of marshmellows from individual strings taped to the ceiling, each girl stands in front of the marshmellow with her hands behind her back. The first to finish the marshmellow wins.

A fun activity if you have girlie girls is manicures and/or pedicures.

Best advise, keep it simple.

Have fun.

for my daughters 8 yr birthday we went to a local nail salon and had Manicures and pedicures. (quick nail color change). I made a deal with them before we came to keep the cost down. Then we came home and did facial masks and I put cucumbers on their eyes and took pictures. I sent the photos to them. We had 12 girls and they all loved it. They had to bring their own "spa" robe. They also slept over. (a bit crazy but they had fun!). For a gift bag I gave them "kiss my face" samples you can buy online. Google it.

For my 10 yr old w I gave each kid $15 and we went to claires and I let them spend it. Also works as a gift bag. The girls at claires were very helpful but you need to call first so they are prepared. I had 14 girls then and they also slept over. I rented a movie when they were in sleeping bags and brought in popcorn and fruit. For breakfast I made crepes and let them design their own with bananas, nutella, cinamon etc... It was a big hit.


Some of the ideas I used for my 3 girls over the years follow:
Create your own sundae or decorate your own cake, you provide all the ingredients (cupcakes for the cake one) they provide all the artistic talent. All the girls loved this. Who am I game, each girl puts on a strechy hairband (they get to keep theirs after the party)sweatband style,you have index card made up with peoples names or professions ie:their teachers name or zoo keeper. Each girl takes a turn putting one of the cards into their headband without looking at it. she asks yes or no questions until she figures out who she is. Craft kits are also very well accepted whether they are store bought or you put them together themselves. If you can take and print pictures at your home they could always do a party scrapbook page. Hope these ideas help! the most important thing is for you not to stress.... if you have fun so will they.
Mother of 4 grandmother of 7

I get all kinds of idea from birthdaypartyideas.com it is a great websites were moms write there idea down!!!!

hi A., im a mother of 2, my son is 61/2 and i have a 16mon old daughter. my suggestion for an 8 yr old girl party would involve lots of pampering( nails, hair, maybe even facials?) i know this sounds expensive, but its definately doable on your own, just round up your nailpolish, some sparkle spray for their hair, and just have fun with it!
p.s. you may want to send your husband and son out for the day :)

Our dd's b-day is in Feb, too...we're always thinking of something cool to do since we have to be indoors...we may go to a local hotel (Embassy Suites) and have a pool party for her...you can rent the pool, bring in food and cake and voila...a few hours later you're home relaxing and the kids will talk about it for a long time to come...if you live on the east coast swimming in Feb is a treat! ;-)

We just had a winter themed birthday for my 7 year old. As kids arrived they were directed to the arts and crafts table where they colored. For games/activities we played winter bingo (I just searched winter bingo printables and found game cards, the girls used mini marshmallows and assorted candy to build edible snow sculptures and they used pony beads and elastic to make either a bracelet or necklace. With pizza, cake and present openings that used up most of the two hours scheduled for the party. As we waited for parents to arrive for pick up kids played keep up with a balloon. The balloon needed to be kept up in the air without using their hands.

The craft kits to make jewlery, picture frames, treasure boxes... work well for entertainment too.

You've gotten some great ideas!
For my daughter's 7th birthday we had 7 little girls for a sleepover. There was a lot of activity-(games of all sorts and FOOD!) The kids got tired at varying stages-(and some cranky:( ). We had collected all kinds of things to do, but the one I remember most is the pomanders made from small oranges and cloves. (this was my daughter's idea she'd found somewhere)
When the girls were getting tired, but still not ready to go to bed, they all sat around the table and assembled them. It smelled SOOO good and very calming. I was surprised how much loved it!

All you need:
-Small oranges or tangerines for each girl (and some to eat)
-enough whole cloves to cover each one (you can get them in
-Fishing line to hang them
-A pretty button or something to hold the fishing line

Just thread a long, large eye needle (you can get plastic ones at a craft store if you want them to use their own) with a double length of line long enough for hanging. Thread it though from the bottom and fasten the button. (you can do it ahead of time ,too.)
Stick the cloves in all over or in designs.
Being so close to Valentine's Day, you could get a few little heart pins or anything that would stay.
Tie a bow at the top with ribbon if they want.
The kids (and parents) talked about them for a long time. They dry beautifully and keep their scent for a good while.
Who would have thought...
I hope you and your daughter have a great time at her party!

i know this is not a game but instead of games if you do not come up with any why not try, depending on how many girls you have at the party. buy some fleece material that would be age appropriate..like tie dyed colors or flower about 1-1/2 to 2 yard long you need two pieces per girls and cut all the way around on both pieces about 4 or 5 inches long towards the middle of the material and then have them tie the two pieces together to make their own lap blanket to take home for keepsake..they are easy to make and right now you should be able to find the material on sale..walmart or joann fabric or maybe your local fabric store..they are no sew and it does take time to cut and tie but it gives them something to do together and to keep take pictures of them while they are doing this..you could always go to the dollar type stores and get cheap photo frames and print a picture of the guest with the birthday girl and put into the frame for them to take home also..hope you and she enjoy her birthday no mater what you do..instead of game i actually did this with my 6 yr old daughter and the girls loved it..of course younger i got kitty print and bratz and princess patterns..let me know how you do...rosie

How about a "pajama party". The girls came come over in their pj's, do each others hair, nails/toes & watch a movie. The craft stores have a make your own pillow case. They can decorate that and take it home as their favor. Something like this can be done at any time of the day and who doesn't like to eat in their jammie's at any time of the day??? Good luck and I hope she has a blast with whatever it is you come up with.

for my daughter we had a Barbie and Ken Wedding Party.
Each Girl brought a Barbie in a very nice gown they themselves arrived in a very nice dress, she and i made a wedding cake and a beautiful punch with plastic fancy
cups and we went on line and found directions for a waltz dance with footprints to follow, then we danced to claaical waltz music. we had streamers across the room which we lowered later and played volleyball with balloons and pinky links game, and a craft of each decorating a box with sequens and or other shiny things.

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