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Ideas for 3Rd Birthday Treats for Preschool


I am trying to think of something fun to take to my son's preschool for his 3rd Birthday. Trying to think of something other than food but not cheesy junk toys for 15 kids. Do any of you creative moms have any fun ideas?

Thanks so much!

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Thanks for all of the ideas! I did not leave myself with too much time, thought I was pacing myself pretty good getting ready for his Birthday and all of the sudden it is here. I went to Learning Express and they had these cute little activity books. They do little gift bags and give you 10% off all the things you get for them. They put the stuff in cute little bags and tie them up (no charge). Hey can't beat that!

Thanks again for the ideas, I will keep them in mind for next year along with being more prepared.

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For my daughters I have done jello cups and added whipcream and sprinkles. Also, popsicles are well liked. Good Luck!

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For my daughters I have done jello cups and added whipcream and sprinkles. Also, popsicles are well liked. Good Luck!

Hi I'm a former 3 year old preschool teacher, a favorite gift was bubbles or chalk. Kids love them both. Good Luck!

along the lines of the McD's gift certificate, my kids have received a gift certificate from oberwiese(sp)and it was a hit! Also a themed cup with some candy in it. Can you do a craft with the kids?


I checked with the teacher first, but I sent a craft project for the class. I bought one of the packages that comes with various animal parts, but lets the kids assemble what they'd like. It was simple but still let the kids feel like it was a special day. :)

I'm assuming your son's birthday is this month? For my daughter's October birthday and for halloween, we always make ghosts using a tootsie pop. Just cut squares of white tissue paper, cover the lollipop and tie with a black, white or orange ribbon around the top. Use a black marker to draw on two dots for the eyes and a bigger circle for the mouth. It's a fun craft to do together and everyone loves them!

My son has received the McD's gift cards and that was a big hit with the Moms (also a hit for him).

We handed out bubbles for his 5th birthday and that seemed to be appreciated but the weather was warmer. Now that fall is here, kids arn't playing outside as much, the bubbles will have to sit in the garage for a while.

Both kids have also received a small container of playdough with a note stuck to it "So-and-so is 4!". (I'm going with this idea for my daughter's b-day.)

I agree that the pencils are nice - we just get too many of them.

How are you at crafts? If you are talking about this month you could do a little Halloween themed craft. One idea: get a bunch of black/red pipe cleaners and some some black cotton balls and those little eyes you can buy at a craft store. Its easy to push the pipe cleaners thru the ball and glue on some eyes to make a spooky spider. Or you could use styrofoam balls. I'm sure the Oct issues of home/family mags have lots of ideas like that. Have fun!

I found some really cute drink cups with lids and a handle that serves as a straw at Wal-Mart in the lunchbox aisle. I think they were a dollar. They are clear with different colored tops. I filled those up with candy for a party favor and they were a hit!

I sent bubbles with a little note attached to it on a ribbon saying, "Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me! Your friend _______ "

3 is hard... I think its great that you are not just giving out little plastic junk toys! What about finger puppets or party hats? Just something to make the day a little more festive? I also think little notebooks and colored pencils or something creative like that would be fun too. My son and his little friends ( back in the day- he's 10 now) always LOVED those little Dover books. They cost about $1 each and have stickers, mazes, puzzles, coloring, etc. they are really fun and have all sorts of themes.

Hi M. E,
Try cupcakes! I bought some at Jewel for my kids classes. Most schools don't allow you to bring cooked items from home.

Have fun!

mcdonalds gift cert they have halloween ones out now i think

How about a book instead? You can usually get a "read aloud" book for 3-4 dollars each. You could do Dora for the girls and Diego for the boys or just mix it up.

If you're willing to re-consider food, I have given out taffy apples (no peanuts) in the past and that's been a big hit. Lots of schools sell them at this time of year for fundraising. They run $1 each.

Oriental Trading has tons of crafts and I'll bet you could get some fall themed simple crafts for a good price.

Depending on price, what about a cookie cutter? We use them for sandwiches, toast as well as cookies. The small plastic ones might not be too expensive.

I like the McDonalds certificate idea. But please, NO PENCILS. I don't think I could fit another pencil in my house from all that we have gathered from every school party and birthday treat bag.

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