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Ideas for 11 Year Old Girl Birthday Party

I am the godmother of an 11 year old girl that has never been to or has had a childrens birthday party. The 11 year old is kind of shy and wants to have a cool birthday party that boys will like also. no hannah party here

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Thanks for all the good ideas. i think i am going to go with the limo and maybe a restaurant or show. thanks again

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hi, Local YMCA pool party, glow bowling at local alley. Local sports zone may do indoor rock climbing or open gym type of thing. Anything active and unique should work for boys and girls.

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How about an American Idol party? What are her interests though? Are you trying to do this as a surprise? If not an 11 year old can offer a lot of help in planning the party she wants. If not though then I'd try to recruit maybe her best friend for help. She can tell you for sure something that both her and her boy friends will be interested in.

Well, someone has already suggested this...lasertag....but I just want to expand on this idea. My daugter's party was yesterday and we went to Laserquest for the first time ever.
They all had the best time...one 12, four 11 and one 10 year old. Boys and girls mixed. So we will definitely be going there next year. Just thought you might like another opinion about this activity.

Hi! what a generous godmother you are! If you are close to Mansfield, I have a paint-your-0wn pottery store that is perfect for 11 year old birthdays and the boys do love it too. I have items for both girls and boys and it costs about $14 per child- party food may be served there as well. Please feel free to contact me for more info. There are similar places in Walpole, Franklin and Bridgewater (I think) if Mansfield is not convenient. You could also do candle pin bowling, that has broad appeal to girls and boys.
good luck!
K. Johnston
married 24 years, mom of 2 teen girls, owner of K. Johnston Artworks in Mansfield. http://www.KristijohnstonArtworks.com

I personally did not like the bowling as a b'day party. It is pretty stressful to set the kids up, but that may be just my problem.

You got some good suggestions, and it really depends on you god daughter intests. If you plan something later this year, you could go miniature golfing.
I love the YMCAs. They have much more than just pool parties, check out the ones in you area!

Cranston is a bit far from the Neighborhood Guild in PeaceDale but if you could make the trip I offer pottery birthday parties that are a blast! The kids hand-make and decorate 2 pottery pieces that I then fire and return to you. Boys and girls alike love getting a little messy and creating with their hands! If you are interested, you can contact the guild for details at ###-###-####. Good luck with whatever you choose!

Depending on when her birthday is - you could take the group to see a movie - they have kids packages for that. There is PawSox in Pawtucket - they do parties also.

Dave and Busters is a little pricy but they do kids parties.

If you could find a hall or something you could do a while Hollywood Movie theme - set a screen up against a wall - show a movie (you could also do under the stars with a sheet against a wall on a nice night) - have all kids of "consession" snacks -

Good luck - and you are a great God Mother to want to do this for her.

How about a bowling party? We just had one at Lanes & Games and it was awesome! Kids can be dropped off, if you choose or parents can stay. They are 2 hours long and you can order all your food/drink there or bring in whatever you want!
Good luck!

Peace Groove and Happiness Yoga studio in Georgetown, Mass is an awesome place to have a party! they have "princess" and "Prince" theme parties, Yoga for kids, so many options for children's birthday parties. Check them out! http://www.pghkidsyoga.com/

Hi S.,

What a sweetie you are. I know you will make your goddaughter's birthday a memorable occasion. I don't know where you live, but we had an absolutely awesome gymnastics birthday party at RGA (Reading Gymnastics Academy) (Woburn Street, Woburn) They have a party room, let you bring in your own cake and goody bags. You can even have a pinata if you want and pin the tail on the donkey etc. The kids get a 1 - 1 1/2 hour of gymnastics and then the party. They work alot with boys and even have male instructors so the boys will love it too. (Rope climbing, vaults etc.)

Another great experience is a party at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary in Topsfield MA. They will have a naturalist take the kids on a nature walk on the sanctuary and your goddaughter can pick the theme from vernal pond to birding to beavers or insects. The walk is followed by time in a private party space. Unique and fun.

Another party we enjoyed was with the Cupcake Boutique in Andover Ma. The kids decorated their own aprons and then got to go into the kitchen and bake and decorated their own cupcakes. Well, best wishes.

J. L.

Hi S.,
I'm not sure where you're from, or how much you're looking to spend, but the last few years, we rented the Bourne Gallo ice rink for $200, and that included the rink to ourselves for one hour (rentals included) and the party room for 1 hour. You can invite as many people as you want, and they let you use the milk crates for the kids who have a hard time skating. My step-daughter will be 10 in about 2 weeks, and she has loved doing this b/c it is girl/boy friendly and since her b-day is in April it's something a little different to do in the Spring. This year she wanted a pool party. We tried for the YMCA ($115 for 20 kids in the pool for 1 hour, then 1 hour in the party room, you supply everything) but they were booked so we're going with a pool party at the Holiday Inn in Falmouth, which is $200 for 1 hour in the pool, then 1 hour in the party room, and they supply the pizza and paper goods and clean up after, but that's only for 10 kids. Good luck, and I think it's great what you're doing :)

S., You rock!
Great ideas from the other mom's. We've been to and/or had many of those parties (swimming,bowling, skating, both roller and ice) and they've all been really fun. We've also been to a fitness club where the kids get to rock climb.

We tend to have most of our kids parties at home to cut down on cost. They still are a lot of fun if you put some thought into the theme. (We've done Survivor, and Willy Wonka parties for my 10 year old that were a big hit.)

This website has tons of great ideas for parties. It's the first place I go to start planning for my kids.


Have fun!

S., my daughter (she's 9 1/2) had a pool party at the Portsmouth YMCA last summer and it was quite a hit! She has a lot of friends that are boys and it worked out well. We did a beach party theme and gave each kid a lei and a big beach towel for party favors. Everyone (including us) had a wonderful time. Good luck - it's so nice that you are doing such a wonderful thing for your god daughter.:)

A scavenger hunt at the mall is fun. A bit of work to putting it all together, but you could cater the lists to girls and boys. The could then go to the food court for lunch or dinner....

Have fun!

Honestly, I do birthday parties but I'm not sure boys would find it the cool thing to do. I do Stampin' crafts such as scrapbook pages, treat bags and cards.
If I had to think of what my son would like, it would be bowling, chucky cheese, skating, laser tag.
I hope this helps.

Laser Tag. The boys will have a great time, but so will the girls. And so will YOU! Get in there with them, put on a vest and helmet and enjoy yourself. Bring your husband or a friend to keep YOU company in there too. It is also good if you play so that you can keep an eye on them in there too. I had a few of these for my son's b-day parties when he was younger and it was ALWAYS a big hit. Tip: Let your niece choose the teams BEFORE you get there. Write their names on a piece of paper and then you can read them out loud. You need to choose two captains (your niece can be one captain - they don't really have to do anything). If she is shy, she will feel funny picking the teams while she's there. And if you do the teams beforehand, then you will not have the pushy boys screaming out all the names :) Also: bring some dollar bills - these places always have video games for the kids and it's good to let them play while you are waiting to go in. The places also usually include food (pizza or hot dogs and sodas) so the kids will enjoy that too. Good luck! And by the way, I think it is wonderful of you, as her Godmother, to do this. This will be something she will remember forever. Don't scrimp on anything if you can afford it. This is a once in a lifetime thing that she will remember and always have fond memories of and be able to talk about with you.

S. what a wonderful godmother you are for doing this for her she is very lucky to have you in her life. If there bowling in your area I would find out about their party rates I remember to going to bowling parties when I was little and they were great. If she likes roller blading you could always do a party at skate place too. Plan it around her interests.

You are a great Godmother to do this and you will create a memory for this child that she will never forget. The local small bowling alley in Whitinsville has birthday parties that are enjoyed by both girls and boys......also, the Elms theater in Millbury has inexpensive movies, pizza, etc. You could also contact Michael's or AC Moore for craft parties.

You've gotten some great ideas already. Our oldest has had every type of party we could think of. A bowling or skate part are two favorites for a mixed crowd but we've also enjoyed laser tag and paint ball parties. The paint ball may be a little much at 11 but the boys are sure to love it and will think your goddaughter is the coolest person ever! As long as she's having fun, that's all that matters.

hi, Local YMCA pool party, glow bowling at local alley. Local sports zone may do indoor rock climbing or open gym type of thing. Anything active and unique should work for boys and girls.

First I want to say you rock as a godmother, I would plan a bowling party since it is mixed boys and girls or a roller skating party. Not sure where you are located but in our area there is a place called Pinz that has bowling and lazer tag they actually have a separate bowling alley room for birthday parties w/ a private bowling lane. You could see if there is a place like that is around where you live. Your God daughter will never forget this. Oh and don't feel like you can't join in the kids love when adults act all crazy with them.


Soccer, Soccer, Soccer - check out the availability of a soccer field in your town and have a pre-season Soccer Pickup Game followed by cake and ice cream. If you don't know how to play, the kids will and grownups can be goalies. Just did this for my twelve year old girl before the town's soccer league starts. The kids were itching to play! At this age, try to have an even number of girls and boys on each team. Have fun!

First of all let me say how wonderful it is for you to do this for her. I can't imagine any days that should be celebrated more than a birthday.

Have you thought about taking the kids Letterboxing? That would be a fun and really different thing to do. If you go online and do a search for Letterboxing it will direct you to all the places in your area to do it. I have teens and a 3 yr old and it is one thing that everyone loves to do.

Good luck :)

How about a rolling skating party? We recently went to a roller skating birthday party at a local roller skating rink. It was lots of fun, even for the kids that didn't know how to skate.

Or a swimming pool party? My daughter recently had her birthday party at the local YMCA and all the kids had a blast!

Good luck!!

OK this is a little over the top but that's what "fairy godmothers" are for...my niece had a limo ride to/from the movies w/her pals, they thought it was a blast! don't know if cake is allowed in a limo, but just the drive made it fun! maybe during day hours limo rides are cheaper? not sure b/c i was not there, just got the follow-up call...made a real impression.

or bowling? mini-golf? gender neutral...good luck and have fun!

If you live anywhere near Haverhill, in the Ward Hill section there are 2 options you might consider. Checkered Flag Go Kart racing - both boys and girls think this is cool (at least those not old enough to have their licenses yet do) and also Jump On In - they have cool parties with giant blow-up slides, etc. - although not sure about that for the 11 year olds, but I think that is a possibility. They certainly market to that age, my daughter did her for her 9th birthday, and these slides are GIANT.
Good luck.

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