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Ideas About Vaccines Relating to Autism

I have a 12 week old baby, who had her first set of vaccines recently. After getting over the shock of five shots at once, I have been hearing how these vaccines may be related to autism. Has anyone heard the same? Can you refer me to literature or documentation that I can review. Thank you. M.

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I have read EXTENSIVE information regarding vaccines and autism. You will find that people are very passionate no matter what their position on the subject. Personally, I have decided to not vaccinate my youngest daughter- at least not until she's older, if at all. You should read Jenny McCarthy's book "Louder than Words". It has a lot of information and is very honest in it's telling of her experience. There's also a book called "A Shot in the Dark" (I can't remember the author's name and I've gave it to a friend) that is amazing as well. The bookstore has many books on the subject. Start googling topics and you will an overwhelming amount of information. The best advice I have, is BE INFORMED! Don't do anything that you are not 100% comfortable with!!!!! I will warn you that Dr's are not always very open to mother's input. I had to change pediatricians after deciding not to vaccinate my daughter and MANY Dr's and nurses can be downright rude......but this is your child's health!!!! And when you start looking deeper into the research that says that these vaccines are safe, most of the studies are funded by the pharmacudical companies that produce the drugs. They don't know what's causing the alarming rise in autism and until they do, I won't take any chances. I vaccinated my oldest daughter, and 4 of the vaccines she was given have been pulled from the market! SCARY!!!! Just this week there was a couple on Larry King who won a court against the government saying that vaccines were responsible for their daughter's autism. Like I said, be informed and trust your gut. Don't let anyone push you into a decision you are not 100% comfortable with!!!!!! Good luck :)

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There was just something in the news about that. Another on-line group was talking about it. In federal court it was admitted that vaccines do aggrevate autism. http://suzieqq.wordpress.com/2008/03/01/government-conced...

Try that link to read more. To be honest I didn't read it. My kiddos don't get vaccines anyway. If you google the topic you will find some good articles I am sure.

Good luck with that difficult decision whichever way you go. :)

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They are now taking thermosol out of vaccines, but that doesn't mean there isn't lots of other nasty stuff, like fermaldahyde. I would recommend reading What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations. It tells the + and - of each vaccine so you can make a decision.

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Hi, M.. Congrats on your new little one! I totally understand your fears, especially as a first time mom. It is so difficult to see your baby getting shots. Your pediatrician should have literature on vaccinations and possible links to autism if you ask for it. You could also call Phoenix Children's Hospital and ask for The Emily Andersen Learning Center and they can send you information regarding this. I am a nurse in the NICU and I know that the potential risks of NOT receiving vaccinations for life-threatening diseases is a larger risk. This is a very heated topic among many. You will probaly read responses from mom's who feel just the opposite. One of the arguments that I have heard often is that "their children are not at risk for exposure because of living in the US and not travelleing abroad." The issue lies in the fact that we have people coming into our country and our community everyday from high-risk areas, such as The Sudan, Mexico, etc.
You have to do what is right and comfortable for you and your family. I hope this helps you in your decision a little. Good Luck!

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I believe that vacines are a good thing to prevent us from some deadly diseases HOWEVER, I do believe that five shots in one day is out of this world for a baby who weighs so little. I swear it's ridiculous. The only reason they give 5 now is to save trips to the doctors and because so many low income family's would stop coming for other shots that they started giving more shots at once to prevent this. Well as a mother who is willing to take a few extra trips to the doctor to protect my son from getting mulitple shots in one visit my son gets 1 shot a visit and I schedule them all when they dont land on a wellness visit. Don't be afraid to take control of your childs health. Deep in our hearts I think all mothers know that 5 shots of chemicals in our littles ones body is just to much...TOOO MUCH!
Anyway, look on line and get alternative Vaccine schedules. I created one of my own by looking at multiple ones and making one that worked for my son.My doctor was more that willing to accomodate and my son will have most not all becasue there are a few I wont give him at all but most by the time he goes to school and he shouldn't have a problem. So do your research and good luck.

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Start with 909-shot.com for info on cons of vaccinating, then also look at the CDC's website to find info on the pros of vaccinating. This is a very controversial topic so read everything with the notion that it came from a biased source. Good luck!

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they only recently took mercury out of most vaccines due to pressure from parent's groups. They denied that thimersol had any effect at first. I generally don't trust what "they" tell me. I would research lines of vaccines to make sure they actually do not contain thimersol (some still do), and if you must vaccinate, do it slowly and when they are a little older. And like the other responder stated, thimersol is only one concern. aluminum, formaldehyde, which are also in the brew, are all toxic as well. I read a study that in Japan they increased the age to start vaccinations to 2 y/o, and the neurological diseases fell by a huge amount. I would also add that non vaccinated kids are the healthiest looking kids I know. It all depends on your kid and if their bodies can throw off the toxic side of the vaccines. some can and some can't and you really don't know until they get them. There are so many books and articles on this subject. Just google it.

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HI M.,
It is hard to know what to do because there is so much conflicting information out there. This is where your logic and not your heart needs to rule. Think of the things that have changed health care drastically in the last 100 years. 1) Washing our hands 2)Antibiotics 3) better nutrition 4)Cleaner living conditions 5) Vaccines. People today have not seen the horrible diseases that vaccines guard against and I hope that they never do. Pertussis (whooping cough) and measles are on the rise today and they cause significant morbity and mortality. There have actually been some cases of polio reported in the US in the last few years. Be very careful what you read because scientifically there has never been anything proven to link autism to vaccines. Think how fast the HIB recall was pulled from the market and there was just suspected contamination there never was a single problem. Cold medicines have been pulled from the market. There is no way the FDA would let vaccines stay on the market and push them if there was a link to something so devestating.

People are so worried about Thermerasol(mercury) being in the vaccines and there is more mercury in a can of tuna. There is no more Thermerasol in vaccines anymore except in the adult flu shot.

I hope this helps. I do understand where you are coming from. This is just a decision that has to be made with logic not the heart. Sit and talk to your DR about your concerns. They will discuss this with you as long as you like. If they don't you need another DR who will.

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