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Ice Cream. Bad for 9 Month Old?

On the rare occasion that my friend is having a treat of ice cream, is it alright to share a very small taste (1/2 teaspoon)to my 9 month old. What are your recommendations?

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I would not give a baby that young ice cream. Babies are not supposed to be given cow's milk until at least the age of one. Cow's milk is higher in protein than mothers' milk or formula, and can stress their kidney's and cause intestinal bleeding. This is because a baby's digestive system is still immature and has not yet totally developed. By the age of one, a baby's system has matured enough that cow's milk can now become the primary source of milk.

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My son was on a soy based formula until he was 13 months old and when he was 8 months old we used to give him a few small bites of ice cream and sherbet when we were at restaurants. One time he had a little too much and spit it back up but was perfectly fine afterwards. I don't think it'd be much of a problem. Try giving your little one just a little bit and see what kind of reaction comes from it, then make your decision from there. Good luck.

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Hi A.,
Yes it should be perfectly fine to give her a taste as long as she's not allergic to cow's milk which I'm sure you already knew that. : )
We used to give my son little bites of ice cream when he was under 1 and had no problems at all. Just a happier baby who now loves ice cream! : )
Take Care~

Yes, of course, you can give your child a small taste of ice cream, if you'd like. A taste is much different that an entire scoop. You'll know by the next day, if it doesn't set well. It's even possible to put your child on whole milk as early as 10 months of age, if you want. One year is what they push now...but it's really your decision. By nine months your child has begun to eat a variety of foods, even table foods and you don't have to be so afraid of letting them try things as long as you keep track, so you'll know if a new food causes a reaction.

Enjoy your baby and his/her new adventures. Don't be afraid over every little thing that goes on. So many young moms are alarmists these days. I know most of you don't think we *old fogeys* know anything anymore <grin>...but I spend a great deal of time taking required up-to-date classes on nutrition and early childhood developement and have for the past 22 years; besides raising my own two daughters and helping with four grandchildren. It's most important that you relax and enjoy your child.

God bless you and yours.

We had some feeding problems with our son and he took ice cream, yogurt, etc from the time he was about 10 months to keep up his caloric and calcium intake. With that said, a small taste every once in awhile will not hurt your little one if there is no allergy present.

Technically it wouldn't be ok if you haven't introduced milk to your child yet. This is normally done at 12 months and no sooner to avoid dairy intolerance and other issues. I'd say to hold off until then. There will be tons of opportunities for ice cream then.

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