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I Woke up Dizzy, like Drunk Dizzy... Been Dizzy All Day

I woke up to my room spinning worse than it ever did on any night of drinking(i hadnt took any medicine before bed). i was already laying on my left side i stood up to get in the shower (thinkin it would help me feel netter) and started dry heaving bc i was spinning so bad. i laid back down and nothing seemed to help it. i started to get a headache, and tried to relax and calm down. i finally fell asleep, although it was a light sleep and i still flt dizzy when i woke up- just not as severe. i went to my grandmothers and she checked my BP it was ok 125/75 but my pulse was around 111. i called my nurse she told me to take tylenol and drink lots of water. i have and im still dizzy. Any advice until i can get in the dr?

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OH i guess i didnt mention im 34 weeks pregnant no need for an ept lol, my dr was out of the office today, but i called the nurse back and she said if it persist to come in thursday. its 9pm now and im still slightly dizzy so depending on how i feal when i wake up, ill probably end up goig to the dr. Thanks for all of your comments :)
He scheduled an ultra sound, i go in a few hours for that, why would he schedule an ultra sound? now im worried!

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My ex-MIL had a condition called Munnear's (sp?) Syndrome, which is an inner ear problem that can cause dizziness. It can be treated with medication, but I don't know if the medication is safe for pregnant women.

I've had this happen before and for me it was a sinus infection.

Since you are pregnant it could be how the baby is sitting.

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Does someone need an EPT?

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Sometimes an inner ear infection can mess with your balance. Keeping up your fluids can't hurt. I like a heating pad on my head and neck if they are not feeling well.

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You might have something called Benign Paroxsmal Positional Vertigo, or BPPV. You can look into this website: vestibular.org. Lots of doctors give meds for this, but that doesn't really treat the problem. You can try to get into a physical therapist that can do a maneuver to actually treat the problem (called an Epley maneuver), or you can try to get into an ENT doctor to further investigate the issue (you may need a referral from your regular doctor). Either way, you can try taking something like dramamine to help with your symptoms, but know that you are just covering up symptoms with meds and you really need treatment to fix the problem.

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My best friend just went through this. Get some rest, drink water if you can and hopefully you'll feel better later on. It lasted about 24 hours with her. Good luck!

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I had it too, and it lasted for weeks. It's essentially a little build up that blocks part of your inner ear and until it gets knocked loose it will continue to cause the vertigo. This is why the physical therapy helps so much. Tylenol won't do a thing, not sure why your Dr would recommend it? It's a very common complaint. Dramamine will help alleviate the symptoms, but not cure it.

For me, I went camping the weekend before I was scheduled to see a specialist. When camping I always use earplugs and, per usual, plugged up my ears. I had a really dizzy night, worse than usual, and woke up completely better. Not saying it would work for you, but it worked for me :) The Dr said the big change in ear pressure may have cause the 'thing' to be moved. GL, it stinks to have it, hope you feel better soon!!

hmm, did you take your temperature?

Hi S.,

Actually I did have this, but it wasn't vertigo it was that my cholesterol level was through the roof. Prior to finding out that my cholesterol was high I went to the emergency room because I also felt a shortness of breath. I just want to wish you well and hope you find out what it is.

Home BP minitors can be off. I just had high risk baby #2 after being on bedrest. I would monitorr mine daily and it usuaklly didn't match the doctors. One thing I noticed at home was it was difficult to get it tight to start unless someone could help. I would go to the doctor regardless how you feel when you wake up just to double check. Plus your BP can very hour to hour. I can remember having a reading of 150\100 at home and then be 140\90 at doctors an hour later. I was going 2 or 3 days a week to see doctor between 30 weeks and 36 weeks when I delivered. Goodluck!

It sounds like an attack of vertigo or inner ear trouble. Unfortunately there is little they can do except medicate you -you just have to lie still until it subsides.

Definitely sounds like vertigo, which can be a symptom of an ear problem or also a migraine. When I have migraines, I have a mild headache, but major vertigo. I'm sure your Dr. is just being safe, scheduling an ultrasound. Most OBs would do that just to make sure everyone's fine. I've had days like you are describing, though thankfully they are rare. Most of the time your inner ear will correct itself, though it may take a day or two. Some things you can search for on the web if you like are benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), or Meniere's disease. Just be sure not to take any medicine unless approved by your Dr. Hopefully you'll be better soon.

It could be an inner-ear problem...until you can get to a Dr...try getting some Dramamine Less Drowsy or something that has meclizine in it. That will help get any fluid out of your ears. Meclizine is what is in Antivert used for inner-ear problems that cause dizziness.

Hope you get better soon!

I just saw that you are expecting....check with nurse before taking anything.

Maybe you should go in to the doctor to see if you have an ear infection
If your ears are infected or have fluid in them that can affect your balance and can make you very dizzy. One thing you might try is equal parts of vinegar and alcohol put a few drops in your ear with a cotton ball that helps dry up any water that may have got in your ear while washing your hair .one thing you could try my granddaughter had tubes put in her ears and her mom has to put ear plugs in her ears to keep water out
She got the kind that you can press. And make it form cause her
Ears are small my mom uses ear plugs to when washing her
Hair also because if she gets water in them she sometimes wakes up dizzy hope you feel better soon

Vertigo can have a number of causes, and often rolling over in bed is the thing that triggers it. There are exercises you can do that are supposed to help any crystals floating around in the inner ear settle down. While you are dizzy, avoid alcohol, caffeine, and salt. Definitely have your ears checked for infection, wax, fluid. If the dizziness persists, there are tests more elaborate tests to check blood flow in your neck (very, very rare problem, so don't start to worry about that!). Generally, vertigo is over after a day or two, although you can feel woozy for a week or so. Hope you feel better soon.

Actually there is something you can do for vertigo if that is what it is. Take some antihistamine like allergy pills. I was also told by my Dr to eat something salty, it also drys out the fluid in your inner ear. Then lay down and stop moving as much as you can.

Change in air pressure, movement of air can cause this soemtimes so if you have any fans on in the house turn them off, it makes it worse.
If it continues though it is probably something more major so you should go to the Dr.

I've had this happen before and for me it was a sinus infection.

Since you are pregnant it could be how the baby is sitting.

At some time you may have went on your back which will cause extreme dizziness light headedness possibly bad enough to cause a fainitng spell so remain on left side drink water eat as normal during the day sit up with your feet proped up during the day limit your activity today till it resides.The possibility of having an ear infection from cold or allergies or fluid in middle ear will cause dizzines unbalanced etc.Call you OB if it gets worse or better yet go to the ER they can't do anything for an ear infection

Could be anear thing. My mom had this happen once, severe dizziness and vomiting. She went to the ER and they diagnosed her with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. Has something to do with calcifications in the inner or middle ear or something. Try googling it. She got meds for the dizziness and nausea and I think it was gone within a few days, maybe a week. I can't remember. But she had the same symptoms, room spinning no matter what position she was in along with nausea/vomiting due to the dizziness. Good luck and hope you feel better soon!

My ex-MIL had a condition called Munnear's (sp?) Syndrome, which is an inner ear problem that can cause dizziness. It can be treated with medication, but I don't know if the medication is safe for pregnant women.

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