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I Want My Hair to Stop Falling Out!

My son is 5 1/2 months old and about 2 months ago my hair started falling out, and it is very thin looking along my hair line. I know that it is a normal thing after having a baby, but how long does it last? I'm not breastfeeding , so it's not the baby taking my nutrients. I don't know it's just depressing. Any advice or simular experiences?

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It freaked me out too but it will all come back I promise! It'll just look weird a for a while. My son is almost 9 months & I have the baby hairs on my forehead but at least it doesn't look like it's receding anymore:)

I don't know whether you have any hormone or vitamin deficiencies, but I think everyone goes through that point where their hormones change post pregnancy and they start losing hair. I looked at a number of hair growth products and hair vitamins. It appeared that the common element I wasn't getting enough of from my vitamins (I was still taking prenatals) was Biotin, so I started supplementing that.
Best of luck whatever you try!

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In my opinion, you are losing too much hair! Are you having any other symptoms? Dry skin, fingernail problems, difficulty concentrating, fatigue? PLEASE get your thyroid, iron and your B12 levels checked ASAP. Pregnancy throws off our hormones which causes a domino effect in your body. My thyroid problem started after the birth of my 2nd daughter and never really got better. No one caught it until about 7 years later. Long story but I had an autoimmune condition of my thyroid along with other things.

Many doctors tell you to just wait it out after the baby but they owe you at least a blood test. Make sure your levels are not borderline! The optimal range for most tests is really closer to the middle of the range. Ask to see your results and question them with your doctor.

Let me know if you want any more info. You can also search online "hair loss low thyroid B12" or something like that and see what you come up with.

Here is a good article on Vit B12:


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Anemia and Iron deficiency can cause hair loss.
Vit b9 and b12 can help with anemia, and Vit A is needed also.

Having an internal infection of some sort, either yeast overgrowth(candida) or bacterial overgrowth can cause thinning in the front of the hair line. Front hairline thinning is seen sometimes in those who have immune malfunction diseases, like psoriasis for example. not probable but possible an external issue like yeast/bacteria in the hair follicles or the demodex mite.

Vit C deficiency can cause hair loss.(usually you will notice bleeding or bruising easily also). Vit A deficiency can contribute to hair loss because Vit A helps you metabolise iron.

Copper can help with hair loss because copper helps you use iron. (isnt it amazing how all the vitamins are inter twined? Supplementing isn't always the answer either because many vitamins need others for uptake, some compete with eachother, or high levels of one can deplete others. God knew this and put in our healthy foods PERFECT vitamin combinations, so your best bet is to get your increased vitamins with healthy foods. Don't forget organ meats. Sugar, sodas, and High carb processed diets deplete vitamins. Make sure you get enough iodine to support your thyroid, some choices are kelp or Idoral.

Biotin deficiency can cause hair loss. (50% of pregnant women, one study said, were deficient). So you don't have to be breastfeeding to get deficient. The body will take what it needs to grow the baby and can leave the host deficient. Biotin is created in healthy bowels, so taking a lactobaccilus or acidophilus supplement will keep enough good bacteria in the bowel to create the biotin. These supplements will also improve absorption of vitamins and keep yeast overgrowth in check. Best sources are in the refridgerator at a health food store.

Hyperthyroidism can cause low vit A stores(thyroid required for conversion of beta carotene to retanol)

Go to 'wrongdiagnosis.com' and look up your symptoms for more ideas.

One last thing, Chlorine causes all kinds of vitamin imbalances and hormonal problems. For one it is estrogenic so it can cause thyroid malfunction (it kills iodine). Two it supresses your immune system, and three it kills vit A,B,C,E ,the omegas, and stops vit A from leaving the liver.
Try to filter it out of your tap water. If you can't afford a filter, put your water in a pitcher and leave it out, open, for (24? hours) to let the chlorine dissipate.

I lost so much hair every week that I could have made a wig!!! It was horrible! I started taking a hair and nail vitamin from Avon and it was great!! Inexpensive and worth it. Maybe talk with your doctor, too. Good luck!

Have your Thyroid checked. I had the same symptom and ended up being hypothyroid. It was a simple blood test and then you take a pill once a day and your hair will start growing back.

I was advised by my dr to continue taking my prematal vitamins for 1 year after giving birth

good luck

Mine fell out until my last was about a year or maybe even a few months past that. My hair dresser said it was very normal. Then the hair started to grow back and I had a ton of short hairs sticking up....not too pretty. My baby is almost 2 1/2 and I would say my hair is finally back to normal..although not the same as it was before I had kids...guess it is a new normal...kind of like your body after baby!!!

So normal! With both my 3 and 1 year old, I lost a lot of my hair in the front at about 3 months after their births. Tons would come out in the shower and it was definately thinner near my forehead and on the sides. My hair started growing back when they were about 10 months old. It is depressing and, I think, funny. I have a widow's peak so it was like my hair was dividing and conquering :-) It grows back, we all go through it. Try parting your hair differently. I wouldn't worry about it though.

It sucks, but yes it's normal. The worst of it will last another month or two, and by 9 months to a year after your baby is born the thickness returns. Of course, women often end up cutting their hair short during this wonderful (sarcasm) time, so you'll get to be butch for a while. I did it every time.

And in response to the moms who said to check your thyroid: yes, low thyroid (I have it) can be a cause of hair loss, but in this case it's just postpartum hair loss and no amount of thyroid or nutrition will help. I'm sure you noticed your hair got much thicker while you were pregnant.

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