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I Need Sleep Advice for My 2 Year Old.

I need help! My son wakes up several times throughout the night. To get more sleep, my husband and I have been just bringing him to our room and letting him sleep with us, which I know we shouldn't do. His bedtime routine is bath every other day, fresh diaper, he picks his pajamas out, I wash his face and brush his teeth, then we cuddle and talk about our day for a couple minutes, then read a story or two. The problem is that he has to listen to his nature sound machine and have me laying on the floor next to him for him to fall asleep. I know that's why he comes into our room when he wakes throughout the night, but I don't know how to get him to bed and change these habits. I was able to sit outside his door at one point, but he wouldn't stay in his bed if I moved. So I would end up sitting there, reminding him to lay down, for usually about an hour. That just doesn't seem right to me.
I don't know how to transition him to better sleeping habits. Please help!
Also, we took down the side of his crib when he was about 20 months or so. I would have liked to keep him in his crib, but he was climbing out and actually twisted his foot at one point, so it was just no longer safe for him. He did really well the first two weeks, until he got a cold and my husband and I layed down with him to comfort him. Ever since, he's been needing us in there with him.
Thanks mamas :)

Edit: he does have a lovey. Well, not really a lovey, haha. He has to sleep with "White", his white police car. We tried giving him teddy bears, or soft toys, but he only wants to sleep with that car, haha.

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this will be hard to break since its been going on for a while. you have to do it like supernanny does. you have to tell him its nite nite after you do your routine and put him in his bed and everytime he gets out you put him back. first time he does it - tell him its nite nite and put him back in and kiss good nite and then leave. if he comes back again, you just put him in the bed and you dont talk to him at all. engaging makes him think he's going to get his way. it may take 2 hrs - it may take 2 days, but you have to be vigilant and let him know you are controlling the situation, not the other way around. now of course i wouldnt do this if he was ill or anything like that - but if all is well...then no time like now. it would help too if he has a lovey or something like that in the crib. mine will not sleep without her doll

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The key is to pick a method and then be consistent. If you really want him sleeping by himself all night long... You are going to have to put your foot down (like Alli M suggested) and repeatedly return him to his bed with as little communication and eye contact as possible. It may seem like you are going to have to put him back in his bed a million times, but if you really are consistent and keep returning him straight to bed; he'll figure it out. Be prepared for a night (or several nights) without much sleep. It will work. Good luck.

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Like I responded to another sleep posting just now, whatever works for you is best. Maybe put the crib next to your bed. Maybe read in his room until he falls asleep. This society expects independance at such an early age, but there are those who co-sleep (and nurse!) until age 3 or 5. There is a great book titled "how to solve your chilid's sleep problems" by Dr. Ferber that has lots of good advise about all kinds of sleep issues, all the way up to sleep terrors and sleep walking.
Just think, pretty soon he will be 14 and maybe will not want to talk to you much. Cherish these cuddly time, they go way too fast.

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When he gets older, it gets better.

Does he have a Lovey??? If not, let him have one. Or several. My kids have several.

at 2 years old, kids commonly have sleep tweaks. It passes.
Their cognition/imaginations are changing... and even at this age, they do still have needs for "bonding" with their parents.
Your son seems like my kids... cozy cuddly types at bedtime, talking about their day to you before bed. My kids still do that. I cherish it.

But as for you laying next to him, even if on the floor... it will phase out... as he gets older. Both my kids did. I went through that too. ALL my friends did too. But its no biggie to me. My son, now 4, still sometimes likes for me to lay with him before bed. But its less and less. One day... they will no longer need you.

Either that, or you go the hardcore route. Putting a gate on his door, crying it out, tough love. Its up to you.

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