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I Need Mixed Race Childrens Hair Product Suggestions!

I have 2 little boys 4 & 6 with beautiful curly hair. They are 1/2 black 1/2 white. They tend to get dry hair in the summer and other seasonal times. (one child a little worse than the other He also has a tighter curl) I want to find something that will keep the curls soft and a good hold. Seems like at the end of the day it looks so tasseled and on the dryer side . Any suggestions? When they get out of the shower and I set it and it drys their hair looks amazing. How do I keep it that way???

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I have a 1/2 Black and 1/2 Filipino son with similar hair and what I use is Carol's Daughter Hair Balm $12 at Sephora.

A product called Mixed Chicks is wonderful. You can find it on the Internet . It will do exactly what you want ! Good luck

Only wash their hair once a week unless they go swimming. I have the same type of hair and I notice the more I leave it alone the better it gets.

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Hi J.,

I'm going to make this brief, I don't have bi-racial kids but they both have bi-racial hair including myself if that makes sense. We use different products depending on if it's for my daughter or my son but ultimately get the same results. www.Curlz.com has a great kids line that I use on my 3 yr old son that has curly locs down his back and curl jealousy works on all three of us. We also use another brand of product by carols daughter it's the hair milk for my fine curly hair. Both have websites check them out and good luck.

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i make a product called "natrique (TM)" which is completely natural and provides moisture through jojoba, aloe and glycerin, and hold through natural plant gums. our whole family uses it (we are all mixed race). it is nontoxic, aromatherapeutic and affordable. my business is called supanaturals and i work out of my home doing special orders. call ###-###-#### if you'd like to try some!

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Hi J.,

My boys are multiracial as well. I've got one with big curls and two with the tighter African-American curl pattern. For all of them, I use Enemy of the Frizz by Collective Wellbeing. Less for the big curls, more for the tighter ones. It's light and does a great job of holding the curl pattern. You can also use the Frizz Ease-type products. They're designed to maintain the curl and minimize frizz. You probably already know this, but don't comb or brush their curls after their shower or bath. If you need to detangle, comb it while it's wet and then rewet to get the curl pattern set again.

Good luck! Mine are 6, 6 and 3, I'm living the same insanity that you are. What a blast!

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You may want to try a product called 'Mixed Chicks'. They have a leave in conditioner that is suppose to be great for all curly hair, but it specializes in interracial hair...hence the name Mixed Chicks

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I recommend using Carol's Daughter products. They are all natural and do not have mineral oil or parifin in them. Ingrediants that are not good for the growth of hair --especially African American hair. Website: www.carolsdaughter.com and the products are sold at Sephora as well. Although Sephora does not carry all the products. My daughter has similar hair to what you are describing above, we use the Hair Milk, Black Vanilla Leave in conditioner and Some of Marguerite's Magic. The Hair Milk is a must --easy to work with and light. You may have to get samples and try some of her other products for kids until you find the right combination for you. Take a look at the website and read about her and the product lines. Hope this helps.

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Try Kiehls "Creme with Silk Groom" I am not mixed, but have coarse, dry very curly hair, and this makes it soft. Best put on when wet, and let to dry naturally.

The boys sound like a lot of fun. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Don't wash their hair daily. If frequent washing is required due to them getting dirty while playing, you MUST use some type of cream based conditioner EVERY time you wash their hair.

2. There is a new product that I think is called "Mixed Girls" or "Mixed Chics". You can for sure buy it at The Beauty Center store, but I bet you can find it other places. I have not tried it, but the girl at the beauty supply said she really thinks it's great.

3. A great reasonably priced hair cream that can be used daily is called Vitapointe. I swear by this stuff and it has been around for years...tried and true!! They definitely need some type of hair cream or oil in their hair on a regular basis to keep it shiny and moisturized.

Good luck!!

check out www.mynaturalhairstore.com. They have great products that you will love!

I have a 1/2 Black and 1/2 Filipino son with similar hair and what I use is Carol's Daughter Hair Balm $12 at Sephora.

My kids are 1/2 black and 1/2 filipino. I use the KRLY Kids line by OUIDAD and I love it. They have a 2-in-1 conditioner/leave in conditioner that works wonders and doesn't leave their hair feeling "cruncy" or looking oily. Their hair turns out really soft, the curls intact and smells good. When giving them a bath, I put a bunch of conditioner in their hair and use a wide tooth comb to get all the tangles out. I only give it a couple of rinses (not wash out completely)and let it dry naturally. For special occasions, after bath time, I would rub about a dime size of the condition between hands and rake their hair with my fingers, concentrating on the ends and parts that tend to frizz up (in the front by the roots). I've tried Mixed Chicks and Miss Jessie's Baby Butter Creme and they don't compare, in fact they make the tangles worse for them. I get compliments on their hair everywhere I go.

Unfortunately, they only sell it in the East coast and in selected salons so I have to buy it online. I would buy more conditioner than shampoo. The bottles are $14 each (also sell a 4-pack). Check it out www.ouidad.com

Also, don't wash their hair everyday. Try every 2-3 days and more conditioning than shampooing.

Have you tried Body Shop?
I have some if you want to try.

I second the Ouida Krly kids suggestion. My daughter has curly hair and it works wonders. I usually rinse her hair with water, then condition it. I wash it maximum once a week.

I have 3 mixed race (black/white) kids. My daughters hair is long and has been a learning experience to keep it short. I have discovered to keep her hair managable, curly and soft, when it is wet I put a good amount of oil in it (hair oil) and brush it through and let it dry naturally. Her hair does not get frizzy this way and her curls come out great. It also helps to keep her hair and scalp moisturized (and she never gets lice when it goes around school). I use Optimum Therapy oil (usually get it from Longs or Walgreens). Good luck.

my children are also mixed and I use the Just for Us product from Target, it's in a pink bottle and has a pump. I put it in every morning and let it dry.
There is also another one I've tried that is more of a gel type that is in a green tube. I'll look at it tonight and send you the name tomorrow.

I also have two boys, 18 mths and 3......and I agree whole heartidly with your "a little about me" paragraph.

Only wash their hair once a week unless they go swimming. I have the same type of hair and I notice the more I leave it alone the better it gets.

A product called Mixed Chicks is wonderful. You can find it on the Internet . It will do exactly what you want ! Good luck

I am mixed myself and so is my son. Every mix is a little different so I will tell you what I do. I use a few things. You can wash the hair every 3 days, or every other day at the most. I towel dry my hair and then I apply the conditioner and I leave it in. You can use Paul Mitchell "The Conditioner" or Tresemme Conditioner for Curly hair because it keeps the curls nice and moist. Then I put a little gel on it. Once you put the Gel on it you just shape it and leave it. You can use Paul Mitchell "super clean sculpting gel" and use a little so the hair won't be too "crunch like"- smile- or Sebastians WET works fabulous but it is somewhat expensive but since you don't really use a lot it lasts a pretty long time. Mixed Chicks also works. Once a month use a Hot Oil Treatment to keep the hair moist but not greasy and you should be fine.

One more thing, always make sure they shampoo the hair every time they finish swimming or the clorine will damage the hair and make it super dry.
Good Luck!!


For your boys I recommended Luster's Pink Moisturizer. Its a leave in hair conditioner that adds sheen to the hair and keeps it moisturized throughout the day. It's pink and can be found in most black beauty stores and may even be in Target. Place a dime or quarter sized amount in your palm and when they get out of the shower, evenly distribute it in their hair.
If you find this product to be too greasy or not suitable for their hair, I recommend going to a black beauty store (goggle it if need be) and ask either the store workers or other patrons for suggestions.
Lastly, limit hair washings to three times a week max. The wahsings strip the hair of its natural moisture and is likely contributing to the dryness. African-American hair is not as strong and repeated washing can casue hair follicles to break unevenly and this too contributes to the dry-look.
On a side note, I appreciate your honest concern for your boys and that you are actively seeking out how to properly care for their hair. I am an African-American woman and have on numerous occassions helped my friends in instances like this and I understand, at least vicariously, how difficult it is to find products for different ethnic hair types.
Good luck!
- T.

My son has super curly hair - my hair is wavy and his dad is from Morocco - he has really kinky hair so our son is in the middle.
I wash his hair with baby shampoo and then put a little leave-in conditioner - Garnier Fructis - 'cuz I love the smell and it doesn't smell girly. We NEVER brush or comb his hair except to get play-dough, gum or sand out. There are several brands of curl enhancing hair products - I chose Garnier because it's in a green bottle - not pink, it smells nice and is very affordable.

Well I also have mixed children and I have used Soft & Beautiful creme lotion and found it to be just right... not too oily but yet enough to keep it moist. Try that for both of them. God Bless.

Try " washing" their hair with only conditioner. My husband is Jewish and had long curly hair just like my half-sister (mixed). After a lot of trial and error, we found that almost any kind of shampoo dried out his hair into a frizzy Jew-fro. There is also a product line called no-poo (as in no shampoo), but it might be a little pricey for children. For some reason, we also had better luck with natural products perhaps because of the oil content.

My kids are half black too. Of course, I don't know what products to use, but my fiance puts lotion in their hair, which is what he does for himself too. We also use creamy baby oil for their hair, which is what I prefer to use on them.

Washing bi-racial hair can often pose a challenge, however if given the proper attention, can just as often be the loveliest of all. This is a great site – years ago I met the lady who started this idea of not washing hair with shampoo and her hair looked awesome. YES her hair was clean – she used conditioner and the site explains it. Take a look it might be just what you need.
Best of luck and congratulations on having two beautiful, happy boys,

I've used this site before to research products for my curly hair and there seems to be a lot of mixed race folks (mostly women) posting on here about what they've used and recommend:


Good luck.

There is an amazing product called "mixed chics" hair products. Last I checked there was only one salon that sold it in this area (sexys salon in sacramento). If you look it up online they have a website so you can order it. The product they started their business with is the leave in conditioner and that's what I've used for my kids, it's great. Now though they have all kinds of products shampoo etc. Good luck!

A. S.

Hi J.,

Your boys sound absolutely beautiful. I am also biracial and was raised by my single, white mother, so your post about hair care made me smile a little (there was a lot of trial and error in the early years of my life).

I have a couple of suggestions:

1) If you're washing it more than once a week, STOP!!! Black hair does not need to be washed any more than once a week.

2) Use a shampoo and conditioner for curly hair or one from the "ethnic section" at the store... all-in-one kids shampoos are not made for your boys' hair.

3) Get a light oily/conditioning product to put on wet (you can wet it, just don't wash it) hair. Like a curl serum or something should be fine.

Hope this helps.



I don't think there is any particular hair product you need to use. You just need to keep their hair moisturized because they have naturally dry hair. If you like the wet look, you can go with a gel. If you want shiny hair, use any hair oil you can find in the afro-hair departments or at beauty supply stores. You should not wash their hair often. Once a week is fine unless they have been swimming or their hair is dirty. Too much washing will dry out their hair even more. Or you can do like me and just keep their hair really short. One of my boys has really curly (kinky) hair (like mine)and the other has straight hair (like his dad).

A little about me:

I am a single mom (divorced)with 3 kids, two are boys 5 & 7. They are also of mixed race (black/white). I must admit that their energy is hard to keep up with.

My sister has 3 grandchildren that are 1/2 black and 1/2 white too and she would do there hair whenever they stayed the weekend. So I asked her your questions and this is what she told me. She suggest a light weight gel for curly waves, not for holding,
You can find something im the black hair care products section.... depending on were you live they have different selections, you will need to try a few until you find one that works for you.

When my daughter was younger, she is 1/2 black and 1/2 Latina. I took her to a beauty salon and had them do her hair and then I asked questions, what products do I use to keep up this look that I can get at Target or Walmart. And that helped me a lot.

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