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I Need Ideas on What to Feed My 19 Month Old

I need ideas on what to feed my 19 month old . I'm running out of ideas and and afraid he's not getting enough. He's not under weight just wants oly cheese doodles. It would be okay after meals.. but It hard to get him to eat the meals.

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Dont buy cheese doodles, then when hes hungry they wont be there. Try grilled cheese, baloney & cheese sandwiches or just cheese sticks. He might like the crispyness also so try giving him crispy food like cucumbers, celery or maybe bacon.

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I agree with the other mamas. Don't stock finger foods or junk foods. Offer your child the healthy meals that you eat. Children learn by watching and doing what the adults in their life do. You are your child's role model.

My little girl eats all sorts of raw veggies (yellow, red, and orange peppers are her favorite). She eats curried and spicy foods, she eats all sorts of tofu and meat. We never bought junk or 'baby' finger foods or any of that junk and when she sees it, she is not interested. She gets very excited in the produce section of the grocery store asking for broccoli and avocado... it's great!

Even though you have started with the cheese doodles, it is possible to turn it back now. There may be some fits, as the terrible twos are coming on, but hang in there and continue to offer the healthy foods. He WILL eat when he is hungry enough and eventually prefer the healthy foods.

good luck

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My advice--completely banish the cheese doodles for him and yourself. You can't eat something in front of him that you aren't allowing him to have. In a few days he will forgot about them and you won't have to fight the battle every day. You aren't depriving him by not giving him his favorite snack, you are actually helping him to make healthy choices.
By 19 months old he should be able to eat nearly everything an adult eats with the really hard or overly chewy exceptions that could become choking hazards in kids, like nuts and steak (though we have given my 22 month old both, just not that often) We like to give soft cooked veggies, soups, pasta, rice, various meats and meatballs, whole fruit (cut up of course) and some snacks like whole wheat pretzels or goldfish.
Good Luck

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If a child is hungry,he'll eat. DOn't give in to the cheese doodles!!!!!!

My youngest is 17 mos. He eats, chicken (all types), steak, burgers, fish, pasta, all veggies (steamed), etc.

Whatever my husband and I eat, the baby eats. I am not a short order cook. I also don't cut the pieces up into small pieces anymore. my son even holds a drum stick from chicken and eats it.....

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Dont buy cheese doodles, then when hes hungry they wont be there. Try grilled cheese, baloney & cheese sandwiches or just cheese sticks. He might like the crispyness also so try giving him crispy food like cucumbers, celery or maybe bacon.

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I also have a 19 month old who is a really good eater, but it's become really obvious that lunch is his big meal. By dinner time, he's pretty tired and cranky and just doesn't want to eat that much. So we have started feeding him more during the day when he is hungry. He eats a good breakfast, a huge lunch, and has snack (fruit or yogurt) mid morning and when he wakes up from nap.

Foods he loves: all fruit, yogurt, cheese, peas (cold or hot), raw carrots, meatloaf, pasta, and french fries. I think he would eat ketchup by the spoonful if we would let him so if there's a food he's not crazy about, a little ketchup helps.

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Here are some things that my 2 year old son likes to eat:
cottage cheese
eggs (scrambled and egg salad)
grilled cheese sandwiches
fruit smoothies (blend yogurt, milk and fruit)

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Do not surrender your role as parent to a 19 month old child. Stop buying cheese doodles or any other junk food/candy. If you don't have it in the house, it's really easy to keep him from eating it.

At 19 months of age, he should be eating table food. Whatever you guys eat, he should eat. If you only offer him healthy choices, he might throw a few tantrums at first, but if you do not give in to his demands for junk food he will eventually get over it.

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try peas and pasta ( small elbows } with butter salt and garlic its a hit here

At 19 months, he should be able to eat 95% of the same foods you do, only cut up into tiny pieces.

As far as the cheese doodles go, it sounds like a battle of wills. I have 2 suggestions.

1. At meal time, give him just a few cheese doodles. After he eats the cheese doodles, tell him he must eat everything on his plate, then he can have a few more. If he only eats the cheese doodles and nothing else, that's ok. Remember, he won't starve himself.

2. Get rid of the cheese doodles all together.

If you're worried he's not eating enough, try offer more of his favorite nutritional foods.

Maybe this might help!!!! No snacks without eating meals though... Everyone loves stuff that tastes yummy & the not so yummy stuff well we know how that goes!!!


Mine went through that phase. I asked the peds about it when mine were that age and the doctors said it was normal. If it continues then don't buy them for awhile, and see if that helps.

Ohhhh yes I remember those days.Especially when I use to do day care!Many times the childs parents wernt making them eat better things too.But you justhave to make them understand they have to eat the good food too.Maybe small pieces of cheese too,some fruits.Then you can slip in a cheese doodles too.It's hard at first but they will find other things they like too.Remember...your the mama!!He'sthe child.Jello is always good too.It has to be an even balance too of fruits and veg,and meats too.And don't forget the milk and juces.

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