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I Need Ideas for Prizes to Give Out to Winners at Baby Shower!!

Hello everyone! I am throwing a shower in August. I need some help deciding what to give to people who win games at the shower. The thing is I cant afford extravagant gifts...I plan on having 3-4 games, including "Dont say Baby", Baby shower Bingo, Dirty Diapers, and possible Baby shower Scramble. If anyone has any ideas please help me out!! Thanks ahead of time!!

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What we did at my shower was have lucky bamboo on the tables as decorations and gave out the plants as prizes at the end of the party. I got the plants, vases, and glass beads/rocks for the bottom at the dollar store so each prize cost less than $3. It is fun for me to see the bamboo at people's houses all these years later!

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I think gift certificates are great. Just $5 for starbucks or something simple like that.. that way the guest can get what they want; and everyone loves when something they want doesn't cost the full price.

Hi! At my baby shower Me and my sister bought bottles and put a few things from the $1 store you could fill it with nail polish and finger nail files cute things like that.Everyone on here has realy great ideas think I will have to use a few.Hopes this helps you.Take care.

I just did my sister's shower in August, and we just got bath and body sets from Bath and Body works. If you get the travel ones, they are less than $7 a piece!! Those were a huge hit. We also had a couple bunches of flowers in cheap vases :). Good luck!

There is nothing I love more than getting something simple that I don't buy for myself. Lotion, a candle, even a cute picture frame. Michaels' always has $1 bins with really cute memo pads and note cards! Even though it's just a dollar, it's a big day when I treat myself. Mom guilt I suppose. Have fun!

I like practicality - $5 gift cards to Starbucks, ice cream, book store, etc.

I hosted a baby shower a few months ago and I spent about $30 at Bath and Body Works. I looked for sale items. I too had 4 prizes. I had a small candle, lotion, lip gloss, and mints in each prize bag.

What we did at my shower was have lucky bamboo on the tables as decorations and gave out the plants as prizes at the end of the party. I got the plants, vases, and glass beads/rocks for the bottom at the dollar store so each prize cost less than $3. It is fun for me to see the bamboo at people's houses all these years later!


Most bookstores have bargain tables ($5 or less)with a large variety of books suitable for different tastes: poetry, cooking, gardening, seasonal decorating plus fiction. If you have a Tuesday Morning store in your area, you will find great prices on everything from cute mugs (fill with candy and wrap with colored cellophane), note cards, potpourri and satin pillowcases to the more practical accessories for home and travel. Candles, spa/bath products, movie tickets and gourmet treats are all good choices, with most being available for less at a warehouse store like Costco.
I like to get a few extra prizes in case there's a tie or a need to reward "best effort." Here's what I do to take the pressure off of selecting the "right prize" for the winner: I wrap all the prizes and put them in a pretty, decorated basket and when it comes time to reward the winner, I let her choose from the basket of wrapped prizes. I've actually had 2 guests admire each other's prizes and end up exchanging them at the end of the party! Much better than if I had presented each with something they weren't thrilled with and felt they had to keep.
Good luck and enjoy your party!


Scented candles would make a good prize. A $5/10 gift card to Starbucks or Barnes & Noble. A journal wrapped in pretty ribbon. All of these things make nice prizes and can be inexpensive. Check the end caps at Target they always have that sort of stuff on clearance. Also, Michaels has a great $1-2 aisle that has Travel Journals, Notebooks, etc. Good luck.

Someone made cute roses out of baby socks for one shower and each winner got to take one home. Small soaps and lotions are also good, IMO.

Jar candles are always nice (even the ones from Target or Wal-Mart).

We gave out little plants, we had 2 or 3 different plants, aloe, some cool looking one with a blue flower. I think each one was only a couple of bucks. Then we put tags on them that said congratulations on being a baby shower all-star. Here is a new "life" in honor of our new "life". It worked out well. Good luck!

One game that is inexpensive to play and the mom ends up winning is the "ALL" game. You have everyone put their change in a jar when they come in and tell them that who ever guesses the closest to the amount of money in the jar wins ALL. Towards the end of the shower, have everyone write down their guess and count the money. Who ever comes closest wins and you give them a bottle of ALL laundry soap. The money goes to the mom-to-be.

The Dollar Tree! It is wonderful. They have things like gift bags and body butter, lotions, pretty candles, bath beads, sometimes they have pretty scarves and summer hats, bags for the beach. Basically they have a ton of stuff for a dollar each.

They have great decorations for baby showers too! The paper plates, streamers, cups, tablecloths and toppers, balloons. Even those cute little diaper pin shaped clips (perfect for the don't say baby game)

As the other person said, DOLLAR TREE!! Candles, candy, food. I went to a shower instead of bringing a card I was asked to bring a small under $5 gift for grab bag. It worked out great becasue she had no idea what to buy for the winner of games and things. Also since you are playing the Don't say "Ba*y" word, you could award more pins. In the end when you add them up you only have to have one gift!!!! You could also award recipes. You could print out many recipes that the mother likes and would like to be made after ba*y comes home those first few weeks. Just a thought. Hope you have a great time and Congrats to your friend/loved one on her new addition!!

I got really inexpensive things at Target, like notepads stationary, candles, etc. i like the gift card ideas.

I went to a shower recently and the prizes were bottles of handsoap from Bath & Bodyworks.

Hi K.,

I would have to agree with the other responses! Dollar tree is the way to go! When I had our baby shower, I went to the dollar store and brought pretty frames, calendar (the ones you fill in the dates your self, and those magnetic note pads and pens in a pack, little designed spiral notebooks. We played What's in the diaper, don't say the word baby (collected safety pins - you can also purchase at the dollar store! then 1 prize at the end), ribbon guessing on how nicely round mom 2 be is, baby bingo, Peek A boo - what's on the tray (bought baby stuff at the dollar store and put it on a tray, briefly showed, everyone has to write down what they briefly saw on the tray, and what's in the bag game (different shapes of baby stuff you put in the brown bag numbered, guests will have to guess what's inside).. It worked out pretty well, everyone enjoyed their prizes, and at the end you (mom 2 be) gets to keep all those that was used (baby stuff)...

Majority of the decorations you can get at the dollar store too (blue, pink theme) :)

Have fun & Good luck to Mom to be!

At the last shower I went to we received decorated flower cookies as prizes. I won bingo so I got mine first, but everyone got one. Those were so cute and I am sure not that much since it was made by the hostess and not store bought.

One of the gifts given at my baby shower were picture frames. Believe it or not you can find some cute ones at the dollar store. Hope that helps. Lotions, and candles work well too, you can use small yankee or bath & body works, or get little baby bottles to fill them up, then you could even use a less expensive lotions.

Check your dollar stores-our have some really nice things for very reasonable amount. Also you could assemble little baskets of sample size items from Avon-lotions, chap stick, body spray and wash. Those are usually .79-.99 each. Basket of minature candy bars for the dirty diaper game would be fun. Candles are always a great option. I have also gone to the dollar store and made a pedicure set (foot soak tub-dish pan-, foot soak, foot scrub, lotion and nail polsh. All of these ideas are around $5.

I went to a shower recently where one of the prizes was a flower pot (about $2 at a discount store), flower seeds (about $1), and a little shovel and gloves set. The girl who put it together tied a pink ribbon around the pot b/c the baby is a girl. I also went to a party where the door prizes were cute flower pots that are about $5-10 with a plant already in them. (It was just a little plastic pot sitting inside the bigger one.) My sister-in-law always gave cnadles for the showers she threw for me, ones she just bought for a couple dollars. Since it's spring, if you could find a plant scented candle, and put it in one of the $1-$2 clay pots, that would be really cute. Good luck!

I don't think the prizes have to be big at all. Go to Michaels Crafts or Joanns and they have votive candles and cute candle holders for less than $1 each. You can get a couple different kinds very inexpensively. Also they have inexpensive but nice jar candles as well as pillar candles or a cute tin filled with candy also available at Joanns or Michaels for around $1.

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