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I Need Ideas 4 Suprise Party 4 My Pastor.

I really need help planin a suprise party for my pastor.i need ideas of what we could do,what foods to have a gift idea an how 2 get in contact with his family and friends without him knowing.the only thing we really have rite now is the place.an the event will be on friday the 12th.so its crunch time can anyone please help....

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As much as you would like to surprise your pastor, it sounds like you have way too much going on in your life right now to be putting on a party for your him! I think your family and the friend that needs a place to stay are some major concerns right now. Is there any way for that place the party was to be held, to be cancelled? If not, it might help to have everyone bring something. During the busy month of December, most people are already booked and I'm afraid you wouldn't get much of a response even if you knew who to invite. I know this must sound pretty negative, but maybe a nice card with a note would be more appreciated by your pastor. I hope your sister's friend and her little one are going to be OK. She will really appreciate your help!

Hello O.!I believe that a good gift truley comes from the heart.I gave my pastor a monogramed Bible with a nice inscription inside,and he loved it,you can also never go wrong with a nice tie,as far as contacting people to come,you should ask his wife for help!!!!!!Good luck

I think pastors can always use a gift card to a restaurant or store where they can get a lot of different things. I'd quickly call and/or e-mail everyone at this point. Mexican food is cheap and pretty easy - also colorful - or spagetti/salad/bread. Good luck!

Dear O.,

I would talk with your Pastor's Wife "first",this will show your "respect" to Her,Your Pastor and the family. "Ask Her" if they "have plans" first, if not, then let her know what you would like to do. She could "best advise" you on a "gift"(maybe something he needs) or "Help You" Plan the Surprize Party along with the family. I'm sure they will be helpful. GOOD LUCK, J.

Well, as for the food, I would would go with appetizer typed food. Like cheese & crackers, fruit, veggies and dip, meatballs, etc. As for a gift, how about a nice religious plaque or statue?

Here's one idea. Have everyone who comes just bring a dish of finger foods. That way no one has all the responsibility and everyone helps out. Plus you could get a cake and have punch. As for a gift, have people contribute money and put it all together to buy a gift card to a local Christian store. I'd just contact his wife when you know they aren't together or talk to her at church and let her let the other family members know. Good luck!

We did a suprise party 4 our pastor last year. Find out what his favorite foods are then have everyone bring a dish related to his favorite foods.

Inviting family have the wife do that but the friends I would send invitations to.

For a gift take some picutres of everyone from the church if possible then get an ingraved photo album from "Things Remembered" and place all the pictures in it as a gift.

Friday the 12th isn't much time. I guess first, I would move the date back. Second, I would talk to the people that know your pastor well and see what names they can come up with, also see if the church secretary has any leads on how to get names. If he has kids, you could always ask them to help (that way it would be a surprise for him and his wife, if he's married). I like the idea of a gift certificate (maybe one of the visa ones?) and I would also try to do a scrapbook or a sentimental video or something where people are able to verbalize or write down memories, thank yous, etc.
I've done something similar so email me at ____@____.com . Other factors that would be helpful to know is how big is your church and do you know any of his family?

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