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I Need Help First Time.

Okay I also need help with my baby shower. It is my first baby, and i have never been to a baby shower. I am throwing the baby shower myself..i know pretty lame. But that doesn't keep me from having one. I want to have the best time ever. What games can you recommend etc.? PLEASE HELP!

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I would like to take the time to thank all of you for the grestest help. The baby shower was awsome i received many many gifts. I also had lots of fun, I didn't expect that many people at my baby shower.

Now I need a new advice, a very delicate one. See after that baby shower, my mother in law had to rush home. My father in law had a heart attack, and he was taken to the hospital. My husband was called to go to the hospital, so we went. There he had 3 more, and had to be resuscitated all those times. He was in a coma and then on life support. Finally the next day all the family got together and decided to have the machines turned off. Girls, I need help!! My husband is in a terrible condition. Everything is changing, we just got married, and then we have to move to my mother in law's house. We're newlyweds and we don't even get to enjoy that, our life is ruined I belive. I also think I'm responsible for his death. If it had not been for my baby shower. My mother in law should have been with him that day. I feel terrible. I don't know what to do with my husband, I don't know how to approach him. My baby is due pretty soon, and i've been getting sick cause of so much stress. Any advice would help I would appreciate it. So much for a baby shower memory.

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I just threw a baby shower this past weekend, are you have a girl or boy? I have some good ideas. When is the shower? I can let you know of some things you can do. Email me if you want more details. ____@____.com

Fill a jar with Jelly Beans and have them guess the amount. My cousin did this and used a giant baby bottle, I don't know where she got it, but it was really cute.

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Well first off congratulations!! I wish you and the little one the best!! One game I had at my baby shower was to get about 2-3 ice trays depending on home many guests you have. Buy some little decoration babies that are about an inch long. They have some at Wal-mart. Put one baby in each area of the ice tray. Fill with water, and freeze them. When serving the drinks let your guests know they have a baby in their cup. First person who's baby is "born" first wins! This is a cute game and everyone loved it! Another alternative to the don't cross your legs game is to use clothes pins(give one to each person as they enter the shower), and then you can turn around and use them for the clothes pin game(whoever can hold the most pins in one hand without using the other hand or dropping any wins). That's just a thought to save money on supplies you'll use that day only. Good luck. I hope everything goes well!!

Being pregnant, you should try to find some help because it is a big job to throw a shower and you don't want to take on too much! I'm a mom of 4, and just going to my showers wore me out! Traditionally there is cake and punch, decorations, a sign in sheet, mints and nuts, and sometimes games. One that I've seen a lot is getting a big enough piece of toilet paper and see who gets it close enough to fit around your pregnant belly. Another game is using clothes pins. Everyone starts with one. As people hear others say baby they can take their pin. Whoever ends up with the most wins. Then you need prizes for the winners of your games (simple and inexpensive). A real time saver is to already have the envelopes out for thank you notes. Set them on the table as people come in and have them address an envelope to themselves. This will save you time and headaches trying to get addresses to send out your thank you's. Good luck and God bless! Babies are wonderful and every baby deserves a shower.

I can think of a couple games. We played one where you put cotton balls on the floor. You give the player a plate and a wooden spoon and blind fold them. The person that gets the most cotton balls on the plate wins. Then, another one, you put a doll on a table and have a contest to who can put a diaper on the baby the right way while blind folded. Another one is take the labels off baby food jars, make sure you write down what they are and number the jars. Then, you have everyone guess what kind of food is in each one. The last one is get toilet paper and have them guess how many squares would fit around your belly. We had fun playing these and some others but I can't think of what else we played. I hope it goes well for you and you have fun.

Fill a jar with Jelly Beans and have them guess the amount. My cousin did this and used a giant baby bottle, I don't know where she got it, but it was really cute.

Hi R. First of all congrats on your baby. Well the games we played at my babyshower were : the toilet paper game where every one cuts a piece of toilet paper to the length that they think how big you are once everyone has their piece they measure it around you and the closet one wins. Also there is a game with clothes pins. Everyone tries to fit as many clothes pins in their hand and who ever can hold the most wins. also a jar with jelly beans who ever guesses the closest amount in the jar wins. another game was we got a doll and everyone had to try to put the diaper on the doll with one hand and you time everyone who ever has the fastest timing wins. well hope this helps you good luck

Hi R.,

My name is M.. One of the games we played at my baby shower was a diaper game....its kinda wierd but it was fun. One of my friends got some dipaers and smeared candy in the diapers....like snickers, hershey, almond joy, milky way. Its all up to you on what kind of candy you would want. Hope this doesn't gross you out. Its sorta like practice. Have a great time. And Congrats on your first.


I just threw a baby shower this past weekend, are you have a girl or boy? I have some good ideas. When is the shower? I can let you know of some things you can do. Email me if you want more details. ____@____.com

I've done alot of baby showers for all of my family and including mine....ok here we go...I usually get 10 items which will be the prizes....and well they usually come from the dollar store...some cups...candles....picture frames...whatever you want....1 prize per game...so you do 10 tames.
1. As soon as people start coming in give them a pacifier to put around their necks....(the pacifier are the plastic ones and tie a pretty ribbon so that it can go around their necks) the game is that they cannot cross their legs at all during the whole baby shower...if someone crosses their legs then the person who saw her can take away their pacifier...the one who has the most at the end of the baby shower...wins a prize...
2. the one that never fails is the measuring of your stomache with toilet paper....pass the toilet paper around and have them take a piece of it and ask them how big they think your belly is....whenever everyone gets their piece have someone measure yourself...and who ever has the same number of toilet paper pieces wins...don't worry if their is a tie pic a number from 1-10 or 20 and go from their...
3. buy a bottle and put m&m's or jelly beans in it....pass it around and have them guess how many there are in the bottle...whoever is closest wins....
4. have a baby food eating contest....this one consists of 4 people...two in each team...one person with their hands behind their backs and the other will be giving her the food...they both have to be blind folded....who ever finishes the baby food first wins....(its a little more funny if the baby food is a vegetable or meat or something)
5. Get a diaper (clean) and melt about 4-5 chocolates and place it in the middle of the diaper...reassure your guests that it is clean and they have to pic the names of the chocolates...they will have to taste it to figure it out...give them 1 piece of paper and a crayon so they can write it on the paper...who ever get closest to the chocolates wins.
6. You can play bingo...the rest of the games....the trick is that they have to say BABY instead of bingo when they win or else it will not be a good win...they sell the cards at any dollar store...or you can make them yourself with word...I have one if you need one....just send me a message....with enough time of course....

I really hope this helps... oh as for the food...I usually give chicken sandwiches with chips and a drink...and don't forget the cake....

good Luck

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