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I Need Birthday Party Ideas for a 13-Year-old Girl...

Dear Mamas:

My eldest is turning thirteen and I desperately need celebration ideas! I'm not into show-offy extravaganzas and neither is she, but this IS a significant birthday (teenager-dom!) and I was wondering how we could make this fun for her. Since we are homeschoolers, she has an equal number of friends of both genders and ALL ages which makes it a bit tricky (maybe?) because I can't think of anything that would be fun for everyone!

Just for background, last year she celebrated with three close female friends who got all dressed up to go to a fancy tea house where they were spoiled to death by the staff. She loved that party, but on the other hand, she can be quite a tomboy and is fearless on a skateboard!

Any ideas out there?

Thank you!

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Dear Mamas:

Wow! This was my first Mamasource inquiry and I'm so grateful for the tremendous response! Thank you so much. I knew Mamasource mamas were terrific but I think you all outdid yourselves in creativity on this one! It's been so much fun reading your suggestions. This is what I've decided to do: I'm having my daughter and her brother read them all and THEY can decide what we'll do. (And they had better hurry because we only have two weeks! We're definitely doing evites!)

Let me assure you that I'll definitely refer back to this list in the future because there's no WAY I could have generated anything this good. I've already forwarded these to several friends. I promise that as we use your ideas, I'll email you directly to let you know that we used yours. Thank you again for your generous help!

Many blessings from


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Have a Plastic Horse Painting Party. You can buy the Horses
at a Toy Store. ALso the Acrylic Paints. You can have Horses also painted already for examples. Then everyone can vote for the best one that looks the most real or true to life. You can also add ribbons and bows for show and have another contest with prizes. She does not even have to like Horses .... Just be artsy Crafty;

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We had a drum circle for my daugther's birthday. We brought in a professional drummer and he brought drums for all the kids and adults. It was wonderful!!

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hello Maria,

I would contact her best girlfriend for advice. Does she want boys and girls? Maybe she wants to do an active event. A skate park might be the funnest thing for her.

A make-up party with the girls
Movie night and BBQ sounds like fun
Glow bowling or Cozmic Bowling... You can step it up a bit with glow necklaces and clothes.

If you are on a budget, make it special with 3-4 kids. Have you thought of having a bbq at a local park? If she is active, you can set up a volleyball game with more kids.

Have fun... her girlfriend will have a nice time planning with you. She will know who to invite and what is "cool".


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i didn't read all the ideas, but here's a thought. for one of my son's b-days (he was younger but everyone, adults included, loved it. we made carnival games ( a large variety) and gave tickets as prizes. afterwards, they turned in their tickets for prizes (including some candy, dollar store things, etc.). you could make the games out of cardboard, tickets are cheap or you can cut up some paper. if you want to spend some money you could rent a cotton candy machine or popcorn or snowcones or something. it seems childish, but the kids really got into it! my friend who is a creative genius helped me, but we also had a coloring contest, pin the tail on the donkey type game. like i said, it seems childish, but the kids loved it and i have teenagers too!
good luck!

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I think the rest of the Mamasource folks have it covered! (I was going to mention scavenger/treasure hunts & bowling).
one thing not aforementions: a "make your own pizza" party could be fun with both genders - you can make dough, buy dough and roll it out, or get the 'boboli' type crusts that are individually sized, and provide lots of toppings.
hope things go well -

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Teens just like to hang, they don't need to be entertained. My daughter had a huge 14th bday party and it didn't cost much. We borrowed a dance mat and hooked it up to the big screen TV in the den. We borrowed a ping pong table and had it on the patio with our karaoke machine. We built a bonfire and setup chairs around it. We rented a bounce house. She invited ALOT of kids - with her it's everyone or no one because she doesn't like to pick and choose or leave anyone out. We had like 50 kids!!! They danced, played ping pong, sang, jumped and had a blast. A lot of the boys ended up playing basketball out front and riding their skateboards down the side. They had a blast! We bought pizza, soda and cake - that was it. Considering the crowd, it wasn't that expensive.

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Hi Maria,

Boy- I hear your about not being into showy extravaganzas. I know it's hard figuring out what to do for kids as they get older. (My youngest will be 16 this year and I want to do something special for her....but what?)

Would the kids like going to a local miniature golf/go cart/video games place? How having her play her favorite music and have a dance with pizza/soda? I know most boys that age won't dance- but a few will.....and just having a supervised boy/girl party is a milestone at that age.

I do think it depends on the sophistication and likes of the kids. I was surprised to find that there were a couple of 6th and 7th grade kids at my daughter's school who were "dating." The school sent home a letter recommending not having any of the families in their own homes have boy/girl parties- which I thought was excessive. If a parent is supervising, and knows who and how many kids are at their house- I think that is preferable to "no boys here".

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I was hometaughtwhen I was younger, also. I, too, had a co-ed 13th birthday party. My parents threw me a surprise party which was so much fun! We went on a HUGE scavengerhunt, and even had to ask people in the neighborhood for things on our list. She might enjoy that or maybe paintball (it's always fun for all involved =) ). I'm not sure if this is helpful at all. Good luck on finding something fun for her! = )

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Hi M.,

I'm not sure where you live, but if it's in a place with a temperate climate, how about an outdoor movie night? You can rent a projector and screen (or project onto a wall or sheet) and have a bbq. You can set out bean bags, towels, grass mats, beach chairs, blankets and pillows along with hot chocolate, popcorn and candy. You could also double it up as an adult party - set out wine for the parents of the kids and while the kids are watching the movie, the parents can play a board game not far away. You can decorate your yard with hanging lanterns, citronella candles and anything else that personalizes it for your daughter. A cupcake cake rather than a standard cake would be good so people can eat and watch the movie. first have the bbq so people can have time to arrive and mingle and then when it gets dark, start the movie, set out the candy, popcorn and cupcakes.

Have fun whatever you decide!!!

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We had a drum circle for my daugther's birthday. We brought in a professional drummer and he brought drums for all the kids and adults. It was wonderful!!

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This idea is for girls. My friend had a slumber party for her 12 year old daughter and 8 friends. She asked me to come over and surprise them with make-overs for all the girls. I'm a Mary Kay consultant so I taught them about skin care and how to put on make-up. They loved it! I can do the same for you if you're interested or find someone local to you.

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