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I Need Art & Craft Ideas

I'm a SAHM homeschooling my little one in kindergarten. I have a hard time finding art and/or craft projects that are inexpensive. Anyone have ideas that will interest a little boy and not cost as much as an art class for supplies? I would appreciate your ideas.

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Thanks so much for all the great advice! I love the ideas and the websites. I think we're set for at least a few years. Thanks again!

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Hi I.,

Here is some links for inexpensive kid crafts. Hope they help...






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Have you searched the internet. The are tons of inexpensive craft ideas using paper bags and paper plates. Try enchanted learning.com

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Try googling art ideas for Kindergarteners or go to Barnes and Noble - they have books on Storyybook art activities that tie in with stories you read and just tons of stuff - take notes while you are there so you don't have to buy books. Try the library - just ask librarian or visit you local school and ask a kinder teacher.
M. F. former kinder teacher and Nana

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Have you searched the internet. The are tons of inexpensive craft ideas using paper bags and paper plates. Try enchanted learning.com

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I am a SAHM who homeschools too! There are SO many things you can do. You can make all kinds of things out of paper plates, paper bags, egg cartons. you can find books on each one of these for ideas too. You can trace hands and make them into ? flowers, turkeys, wall deco, etc... Give him a bunch of junk that you would throw away and let him create. Give him some glue and scissors and watch him work. You can use food items too: pasta, beans, cheerios, rice, and other kitchen items like: toothpicks, popsicle sticks. These items can be made into necklaces or glued onto a paper. A letter of the week is a great way to incorporate crafts where they glue down items that represent the letter, b-buttons, bandaids r-rubberbands, rice, c-cotton, candy, etc.

Have fun!! I am sure he will!

Mom to 5 Wonderful Kids, 4 boys and 1 sweet girl

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I like to go to thrift stores and find old craft books from the 1970s. So much of our trash can be treasure for kids and something as simple as a set of empty boxes can be painted and made into a building block set for your child. I have 4 boys 6 and under and they enjoy making collages from just about anything. Save magazines, cereal boxes, paper bags, yogurt containers. Let your imagination lead you and have fun!

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just saw a really cute idea on Nogin that i think i am going to do with my 5 and 3 year old.... carefully crack the top (most narrow) end of an egg away (use eggs for breakfast - no waste) wash the egg out and allow to dry. paint the egg a solid color the paint on eyes and a smile - again, allow to dry. next, take torn apart cotton balls and gently fill the egg almost to the top. put enough water to moisten the cotton balls. pick you favorite seed (in the video they used sprouts) to plant and when the seeds grow they become the "hair" of your egg person. - cute, huh?

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One of the arts/crafts I've noticed my daughter does a TON of is dipping virtually anything you can think of in paint and painting with it. For example, they studied apples, had an apple tasting to decide what they liked then sliced the apples, dipped them in paint and painted with them. They've done the same thing with pastas, toy cars - rolling the wheels in paint and "driving" them on paper, etc. Good luck!

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Try Kinderart.com if you have not already. They have some cute and cheap crafts for the kids. We use this to teach Kinder Art at my son's school.

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My son does a lot of crafts in school (same age) and he seems to like gluing and painting the best. Maybe buy some dried beans or colored macaroni and construction paper. You could even trace a patter on the paper for him, like a tree or animal and have him glue the dried food to the right spots. Or let him paint with water colors on the construction paper. Very inexpensive, but it gives the child a way to be creative.

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