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I Need Advise on How to Keep a Clean House, and Sain Mind, & Not So Tired Body!

I'm a new first time mom. My daughter was born a month ago. I'm blessed on being able to stay home with her. I'm just in heaven being a stay at home mom. But, i'm struggling with trying to keep on top of the house work everyday, but it just never seems to go away, or get better, does anyone have suggestions, or little tricks that helpm them.

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It's a free website that really helps to you to put things in order doing just a little bit at a time!

Good luck :)

Hi there. I know, it's crazy--you think you have this baby and you are home all day, so why can't you keep up on house work? Well, I am now the stay at home mother of a 2 1/2 year old, and it just gets busier and you get less time. If you can afford one, get a maid. That is honestly the only way I could keep up. I do light picking up--i.e. the toys, laundry, etc throughout the two weeks, and the maid comes every two weeks and does the deep cleaning, It honestly saved my sanity, and i get to hang out with my daughter while my house gets cleaned...what could be better? :) Let me know if you need a referral--I have an amazing and reasonably priced maid.

I had a similiar request a few months ago because I homeschool my 4 kids and I was never caught up no matter how hard I tried. I had a lot of people recommend flylady.net and that was wonderful. Her website is very full so what I did was get on her email list. She sends out emails daily and it really helps. The first month is daily reminders to help establish routines. It was extremely helpful to me.

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When my baby was just several weeks old I was at the grocery store and an old woman stopped to admire my little girl. I must have looked tired or perhaps overwhelmed because she smiled at me in that understanding way unique to old women, and said, "You have the whole rest of your life to have a clean house, but your baby is small for such a short period of time. My house is spotless now, but I'd trade that in a heartbeat to have more time with my babies."

So if I manage to get the dishes done, and stay reasonably on top of the continual laundry, I consider myself a success. And then I take my baby to the park.

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You can try flylady.net.

However, the real truth is that with a newborn, you are not going to be able to keep as clean of a house as you could before-baby. I have a 2yo, and I STILL can't keep my house nearly as clean as I could before he arrived - probably won't until he and any other kiddos leave home! The main thing is to pick your priorities and be 100% practical about it.

Here are some tips I used:

- Revamp your recipe collection (slowly) to include faster recipes (still healthy, just faster)
- Use the crockpot
- Make dinner earlier in the day. Dinner time is when baby is usually crankiest and when cooking ends up being a nightmare.
- I try to always use this habit: Whenever I walk from one room to another, I take one item to put away. I try to do the same thing when I am in a room - put at least one thing away.
- The fewer knickknacks you have, the easier it is to clean and the less there will be to destroy when your little one starts walking.
- One load of wash a day keeps a mountain of laundry from forming.

Good luck! It's NOT easy having a new baby in a society that is as isolating as ours is. Don't worry if you can't keep on top of it because NONE of us can!!! This is probably the hardest time of your life, but it will pass! Blessings!!

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I have three kids and I'm a stay at home mom, too. I dispise housework...I HATE it! But it obviously has to be done. My secret is spending 20 mins every evening with the kids and husband helping going around the house and picking up clutter. And I make a date with the wash machine once a week to do laundry so I'm not doing it everyday, and that's all I do that day. And the main thing...I know it's hard because you think when the baby is napping that it's a good time to do your chores, but you should really rest when you're baby is napping. At least take one of the baby's nap time to rest yourself. And if it gets too much, call a maid to come in once a week to do those jobs you absolutely hate. For instance, I hate doing the bathrooms, so I wouldn't mind if a maid came to my house once a week to only do the bathrooms and I can handle the rest. Good luck and enjoy the baby, the house work can wait or be put on the back burner for awhile.

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Check out www.flylady.net Her systems might really help you find peace in your own life like it did for me. Routines really help, and little bits at a time. It really helps me keep my house clean and keep routines and have a healthy attitude towards it all. Less really is more. It is SO much easier to keep my house clean and organized and the pick up the toys, etc, because we don't a ton of stuff. Also enlist the help of your husband and children. Let your husband what you need him to do in a nondemanding way and without coming across like complaining. Hopefully he'll want to help ease your exhaustion.

My 3 year old takes his hamper full of clean clothes from the laundry room and puts them away into the labeled (with pictures and words) baskets. He also puts away the silverware and empties his own dishes out of the dishwasher into his little cupboard. He also puts his dirty dishes into the dishwasher and has been doing most of this since he was about 2 1/2. It takes time to teach, but it helps me out in the end, plus it's teaching him an important life skill and the value of responsibility and pitching in.

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Congrats on the new baby and being able to stay home! I've been a SAHM for a year and a half, I have children that are 6 and 2 1/2 and honestly, I still have a hard time with all the things you're having trouble with! And your baby is still a newborn - you should be resting too! Take your time - don't try to do too much, or you'll be even MORE tired and stressed out. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to be "Super Mom" just yet. Recovery time and bonding with your newborn are the most important things right now - housework can be done anytime, it's not going anywhere! There will ALWAYS be housework!! ;o) I'm resigned to the fact that my house will be cluttered until my children are old enough to leave home!

Your life will never be the same- I'm sure you know that by now. I felt the same way when I started having kids... I like things nice and tidy and it was impossible to keep it that way.
here's what I've learned over the years:
1. Don't try to do it all at once- take breaks and get your rest.
2. Keep up with it but don't let it consume you.
3. Focus on the visible things- floors, mirrors, bathrooms. Forget the little things like dusting blinds, keeping everything perfectly organized, polishing furniture and the kids rooms (those never stay clean anyway!!!)...
4. Stay up with laundry, dishes and trash and you'll feel like life in managable. And.. your house will appear clean even if it's not deep clean.
5. Put messes behind closed doors so you don't have to look at them- that's the only way I've survived 3 boys being a perfectionist!
God bless you and enjoy your new baby!

Don't worry!!! It takes several months to get back into the swing of things (if not longer). A good friend told me with my first baby to be happy and positive about even ONE thing you accomplished, like making your bed or folding a load of laundry. It will get better, but for now just learn to relax--you'll be a lot happier.

Sounds like you need to just take it easy - don't push yourself too hard - slowly just start doing one more thing a day - soon you will find you are filling your day and it will get easier. You might want to try some herbal supplements that help to balance the body's systems (ie: hormonal, nervous, immune, digestive, etc.) - I know of some that are completely safe and natural and would give you phenomenal but consistent energy results. Let me know if you are interested in more details.

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