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I Need Advice on Sleeping Too Much - Having No Energy.

I will try to make this short. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism 11 years ago. (When your thyroid is not active enough). I have had it under control using synthroid since then. I am 5 months pregnant, but all of my "symtoms/laziness" has been happening a long time before the pregnancy. I am also on Zoloft for depression. It has been under control since before my pregnancy.

Here is my concern: I sleep all the time! I do not have any energy. My house is a mess. I can not get the energy to do anything. I drop my daughter off at school, come home, eat breakfast and then go back to bed. I set my alarm so I am awake when she gets home off the bus. I do not have any energy to play with my daughter. I have to get the baby's room cleaned up, it is our "catch all room" at the moment. I know it wont take long, but I can't seem to get motivated. My mother in law is coming in 2 weeks to spend some time with us. I thought that of all things should get me motivated.

I do feel like I am just lazy, how ever I am extremely tired all the time. It is hard for me to get daily chores done. I try to adapt an additude of just attack what needs to be done for one hour (then I usually keep going until the chore is done), but I get so tired I do not even start.

I talked to my regular doctor about this. She told me to see my psychiatrist about this. I did talk to my psychiatrist and I was told to see my regular doctor. I am at my wits end. I know I have a problem, but I don't know what to do. It seems like no one wants to help.

My husband is very supportive! (one reason I am suffering depression is a horrible 1st marriage). I do not excersize as much as I should. I am hoping to get outside more with the nice weather. My eating habits are not that good. I have not been hungry since I got pregnant. My doctor said this will change. I take vitamins and try to eat healthy meals, even if they are little. My husband does help me out when ever possible. I am very grateful for that.

Thanks for reading. Any advice would be appreciated. I don't know what to do.


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to M. B
if you feel like talking just talk i am heard to listen maybe you need a friend to listen sometimes it is hard just being a mom,and wife all in one

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I feel that you are just going to have to motivate yourself. Yes I know it is hard kind of like pushing a boulder up hill but after taking your girl to school park the car and go for a short walk, look around you and get your mind off of what is wrong with you. Eat light but healthy meals all day long even if it is just a carrot. When it comes to your house, pick one room and work on one corner of it, then go get something to drink, limit yourself to a 15 minute break and get back to it. Depending on how understanding your mum in law is it will either motivate you or she will help you out. Enlist the help of a friend or a family member, if money is no issue get a cleaning lady in once a week to handle the bulk. If you health is up to it (physically) get out and walk 2 to 4 time a day (bring your cell if you need to make a call or if hubby needs to talk to you when out) even if you go from corner to corner it will help.

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I read your posting a few days ago and went back to it to see people's responses. I am very curious about this because your exact symptoms are what afflicts my husband every single day. I wanted to first off tell you even though most ppl. told you helpful things there was one woman who told you basicly to "push" yourself and get over the fatigue. I can tell you I understand how ignorant she is of your situation and please do not take her comment to heart. My husband has had this crazy fatigue for about two years now and he is on meds for depression, has had numerous sleep studies, has been tested for thyroid disorders, has had numerous blood tests, you name it and he's done it. I am at wits end because he is the bread winner and he's currently not winning. He lost his job already twice in the past two years and it is due to his lateness in coming to work each day. He is awesome at what he does professionally but his fatigue and tiredness is destroying him...and us. We have a 21 month old and I am pregnant with our second. I deliberated for a long time about having any more kids because I was nervous about his current situation. But I can not put my life on hold because of this. I have to continue living and being a mother. I work from home mostly and I try real hard to put up with this situation. I just don't know who to take him to next. We are broke at this point and I have medical bills up the wazoo that I have no idea how to help him --- QUICK! If you got any good ideas or if you found an option that works please please share. Or anyone else who reads this please share as well. By the way, I do believe his pych meds are right and the dosages are, I think its something else we're dealing with but don't know what.

Have you ever seen an endocrinologist? He/she may be better able to treat your thryoid as well as look into other symptoms/issues. I went to one a few years ago and it was a good move. Some other suggestions could be part of the issue too... anemia, tiredness from pregnancy, medication but your ob/gyn and primary care should be able to work together so it might be best to find a new primary care or even an ob/gyn. Good luck. I know I need to make an appointment myself as I think I am a bit out of whack since I had my twins 9.5 months ago. Take care!

I am a mother of three. I also work at a daycare. My first question is, Do you snore? I used to take zoloft but have switched since I gained so much weight on it. However, I dont think the Dr.s thought my tiredness came from that. I took that for about 10yrs. at least.
As I read through all the responses I was a little suprised no one had even mentioned a sleep study on you.
I was always very very tired. I still am, actually. I went to my Dr. and we ran several tests. I now see a nerologist for these systoms.
I found out that I have sleep apnea. It is very mild, but enough where I would need a machine. In fact, I just got my machine yesterday.
I thought I was actually getting 8 hours a night sleep, but the test results showed I was only getting about 4 hrs a night sleep. No wonder I was so tired always. There would be days where I thought if I dont nap, I wouldnt make it through the day.
I'm also going through tests to determine if I have MS...this is a result of something showing up on my cat scans, and mri's.
However, I strongly urge you to ask your doctor for a sleep study.
As you can tell, I am so excited to see if it works. My family needs me and I want to be there for them, physically. Their dad does so much with them, but I want to to. I just couldnt. I was so darn tired.
I cant wait to live again. This has been going on for almost 20 something years.
I hope this helps you. Keep me informed, I am very curious about your case. Like I said, I cant wait to feel the energy again.

to M. B
if you feel like talking just talk i am heard to listen maybe you need a friend to listen sometimes it is hard just being a mom,and wife all in one

Hi M.,

Do you have an endocrinologist from when you where dx with hypo, you can start there if not make sure your OB stays on top of this. It sounds like you levels are off. You should get your levels checked, thyroid can effect the baby. I was told that when you are pregnant you should have you levels checked every 4-6 weeks, because your levels change alot at different stages of your pregnancy.

If not picking up around the house is stressing you out maybe you could hire someone to help out for a few months. I'm sure your daughter understands that mommy doesn't feel good, maybe just sitting and reading a book with her will make both of you feel better.

Hope you feel better, there is nothing wrong with sitting around when we are pregnant it takes alot of energy to make a human.

Seeing as how I do not know all the intricacies of your situation, my advice may not be the best for you but here goes:

Too much sleep can cause lethargy and drain your energy. Of course, since you're pregnant, I would NEVER encourage you deny yourself the much needed rest to sustain your growing child. Perhaps you can try to get yourself on somewhat of a 'sleep/wake' schedule?

Also, as strange as this sounds, if you add exercise to your daily routine you may find that you actually have more energy. Again, since you're pregnant I'm not suggesting you take up marathon training; starting with a simple 10-15 minute walk around the neighborhood or the mall could be the pick me up that you need. Too often people only focus on the physical benefit of exercise and forget the valuable emotional and chemical benefit it provides. Exercising releases endorphins in the brain - the feel-good chemicals which might be helpful in pulling you out of a lethargic funk. Again, ALWAYS check with your doctor before commencing an exercise program.

I'd be concerned that your PSYCHIATRIST, a medical doctor who is supposed to be supportive of your mental health, had no advice to give you other than to talk to your OB/GYN. Um, isn't mental health and wellness education what you or your insurance is paying him/her for?!?

The first thing you need to do is focus on YOU. Don't become overwhelmed about the housework or other tasks because your life and your family's life won't be destroyed because of it. Start small - you cannot fix these concerns overnight. For example, set yourself some goals and work towards achieving them. Stick with a schedule or a routine but don't make it stringent. After you have your morning breakfast, immediately set off on a walk but for a manageable period of time (say 10 minutes). If you want to take a nap after that, go for it.

Again, I don't know your whole situation and I realize that every woman is different, but trying to make a simple routine/schedule and committing to sticking to it could possibly make a difference.

Hi Marrianne,

Is your ob/gyno. doctor monitoring your TSH levels? Your TSH levels may fluctuate while you are pregnant and your medication may need to be adusted accordingly. I take the generic form of synthroid now, and only get a blood test yearly to monitor my levels for hypothyroidism since I am not pregnant. (I was diagnosed as having this by my infertility doctor.)
HOWEVER... my TSH levels were monitored by blood tests at least a couple of times during my pregnancy by my ob/gyno. This is by far, the first thing I would consider regarding your state of tiredness.

If all is fine with what I mentioned above, please let me know, so that I could suggest some other ideas to help you.


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