I Need a Psychiatrist in Frisco or Plano......... ASAP

Updated on October 28, 2010
N.S. asks from Allen, TX
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I am in need of a Psychiatrist In the Frisco or North Plano area.
I am needing to get on medication for anxiety and Depression.

Please Let me know of execellent refferalls.

Thank you.

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Hi N. -
long story short, I majored in Psychology, my best friend is a PhD in Psychiatry, so we argue counseling vs. medication often.

Having said this, I often opt for meds... I live with ADD and depression and take Strattera. It works. The best Chemist (as in Medication ONLY) Dr. I know up here is H. Neil Jacobsen ###-###-####. Do not expect your appt with him to be a counseling session. It is to evaluate your medication/body weight/symptoms/etc.

Hope this helps


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I take my kids for ADHD to Dr. Sharlaw Bhargava. She is a psychiatrist in Frisco. We have been seeing her for just over a year. I know she treats adults also because I have seen adults in the lobby. I don't have their phone number handy but they are on Legacy and 121. Good luck.



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My friend uses this gentleman and could not say enough good things about what he does....He worked along side Dr. Amen in California....if you know anything about brain researchers, he is HUGELY known for his advancements, so to have someone so close with that experience is HUGE. If I was or ever am looking, this is where I will be going.

Todd clements with the clements clinic.



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Dr. Susan Trese (pronounced Tracy)
Office: ###-###-####
Fax: ###-###-####

5068 W. Plano Parkway (Preston and Plano Parkway, next to the Lexus dealership)
Plano, Tx 75093



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my sister went to Dr. David Tharp. he's off warren and parkwood, i want to say? im pretty sure its frisco. sort of near stonebriar.

he was really good with her.



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The doctor that helped me with my depression was Dr. Sharlaw Bhargava in Frisco. She is very gentle and capable. Her staff is very friendly and I felt better after just a few visits with the medications and therapy. At first i didn't want to try medications but after I started feeling better she adjusted the medications so that I am now stable.



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Hi N.,
My ob/gyn functions as my primary care doctor, and she prescribed anxiety/depression meds for me, along with some other recommendations. If you are having to wait too long (and I know a single day can be too long sometimes), try your primary care of ob/gyn.



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I see Dr. Jenny Murray in Richardson (Arapaho and Central).I know you wanted Frisco or Plano, but she is worth the drive. She is wonderful. ###-###-####. I found that with any psychiatrist in the area there is a lengthy wait. Good luck.

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