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I Need a Good coffeepot...any Recommendations?


This seems so silly but I need a good coffee pot. My husband and I have been married for over 16 years and have yet to find one that we really like. I've tried really expensive coffee pots and even $4 jobs that seem to work better than the expensive ones. At this point I don't care, just want a good one. The coffee is either not hot enough or it messes up and I end up with coffee all over the place because of some problem. Please help with this almost silly problem. If you knew how much I love coffee and especially love coffee time with my husband....help! : )

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Hi M.!

I LOVE coffee as well and I consider myself a bit of a coffee snob!

The first Christmas gift that my husband gave me when we were dating was a Capresso. I don't even know if they still make them. There are similar styles at Starbucks stores (the kind that grind the beans and make the coffee all in one unit.

Good luck!


Have you tried the Senso coffee pot that uses pods. You can also brew 2 cups at once. My parents have had theres for a couple of years and love it.

What I've found to make the best coffee is a French Press. They are inexpensive-about $30-and easy to use. You'll need a carafe to put the coffee in to keep it warm, as it will get cold quickly if you don't, but I think you'll enjoy the taste.

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The best "coffee pot" in the world is actually a French Press. It is the best way to get the full flavor of the coffee. With a traditional pot no matter how expensive (even a Bunn) traps the oils in the filter. The flavor of the coffee is actually in the oil. The way a French Press works is by having the coursely ground coffee in direct contact with near boiling hot water for 3-5 minutes (depending on how strong you like your coffee). Trust me, I don't much care for coffee from a traditional coffee pot, but when it is made in a French Press you can actually taste the berry-like qualities of the Ethiopian coffees, or the critus qualities of Guatamalan coffee. I also recommend you get a coffee grinder if you don't already have one. Coffee begins to loose its flavor nearly as soon as it is ground (due to the oils drying out). I worked in a gourmet coffee shop for the last 2 years. You could call me a "coffee snob." Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.


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O' and good morning to you...You have just met the Queen of the Coffee Bean (Great sign-on name too!) Now lets begin at the kitchen table-won't you join me for a fresh cup! I strongly recommend a French Press Coffee Pot! Having my coffee this way is most enjoyable...it is always hot, allowing the delicate flavors of the coffee to filter through. Before I continue please know that I have melted many in-home brand type pots and would need a commercial brand and still I would not have the intense enjoyable flavor of a french press. This is how a French Press Works-
The FP Pot is cylinder shaped with a filtered plunger; you place your coffee at the bottom of the FP then- add boiling water (heat from the stove top), Stir, place plunger in the sitting position wait only 4 minutes or so - press plunger down-take a seat and start your day! I too, truly enjoy great coffee, and nothing makes it taste better than sharing it with my husband and or friends. Recently a friend treated us to Gevalia-that was heaven on earth, it is the only hazelnut I will drink and prefer-all brands are excellent. We have the Bodum brand coffee pot, any type will do. Try shopping shopping at World Market in Dallas or online. Have a wonderful day and let me know what happens. Take good care, "theQueenoftheCoffeeBean" lol

Hi M.!

I LOVE coffee as well and I consider myself a bit of a coffee snob!

The first Christmas gift that my husband gave me when we were dating was a Capresso. I don't even know if they still make them. There are similar styles at Starbucks stores (the kind that grind the beans and make the coffee all in one unit.

Good luck!


We have a Cuisinart that grinds the beans for you, or you can use grounds. (We do both) We have had it 2 years and it still works great! I think they are around 100.00.

Hi!!! I have an idea: go to Gevalia.com, and you'll get a "free" 12 Cup coffee pot and 3 (or 4?) packages of coffee. The only thing is: you have to buy coffee from them every so often until you cancel your membership. What my husband and I did was get the free pot (you do have to pay $20 shipping costs) and after we got it, we cancelled our membership. So, for $20, we got a nice coffeepot and 3 packages of coffee. That's a deal you can't beat...

I am with you on that need for a good coffee pot! I found one that I am quite pleased with. Mr. Coffee model FTX23GTF
Costco carries it for about 30.oo.
If purchased from Costco, note that they have an excellent return policy that will allow you to return it for ANY reason that you are not satisfied 100%, and the time limit is the lifetime of the product...you set the terms of the word lifetime. I love Costco!!!

Hello M.,
Like you, I love a good aromatic HOT cup of coffee, especially in the morning. I've tried different brands of expensive and also cheap coffee makers, but it seems, they all tend to either leak or don't produce hot enough coffee after a while. I bought my second Krups coffee machine about 18 months ago and so far it's still going strong, no leaks and coffee is still hot. The model I have is: FMF 5 and has a double-walled stainless steel thermal carafe. It has an auto shut off and a programmable clock. It has two settings for 1-3 cups, but can brew up to 10 cups. Also, I only brew coffee as much as needed. Freshly brewed coffee just tastes better. My grandmother used to brew her coffee the old fashion way, using a non-electric porcelain coffee pot and a porcelain or ceramic filter with a non-bleached filter. She ground her coffee as needed, pre-heated the coffee pot with hot boiling water and then poured hot (not boiling) water over the ground coffee. Sounds very time consuming, but her coffee was always great. Oh, and try the Walmart Arabic coffee (the big red can) and add an extra spoon full. Also, warm up the cold milk if you use it. That will cool the coffee down considerable.

Hey Girl! I, too, LOVE coffee. Try a Cuisinart. I have one that I think was about $30 at Kohls, of all places, but we really like it. We've had it about a year now, and it still works well. There is a switch for the burner depending on the pot size (either 1-4 cups or 5-10), and also a dial within the water resevoir that you can turn for the brew size, and that regulates the amount of steam it compresses over the coffee at the end of the brewing cycle. Anyway, we really enjoy it, and the coffee was a noticable improvment over our last maker when we bought it. Hope that helps!

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