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I Keep Getting a Bloody Nose!

Hi! I'm 8.5 months pregnant (not sure if that's relevant in this situation) and I keep getting a bloody nose. I had two yesterday and one today. I've NEVER had one before, so this is really weird. My nose doesn't hurt and I haven't been picking it... haha. The first time yesterday, I felt a gush of liquid run down my throat and I tasted blood in my mouth. Yuck! A couple of seconds later it started coming out my nose - right nostril only. It's happened twice since then but only lasts a few minutes.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on? I have an appointment with my baby doctor on Friday and I'll definitely ask her, but I thought I'd ask you ladies, too. Thanks!

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Thanks, everyone! My doctor said it's normal during pregnancy. I'm not worried anymore and it hasn't happened again. Yippy!

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My 20yodd use to get bloody noses all the time. The doctor said some people just have thin membranes in their nose and the slightest dryness can cause nose bleeds. She then started using a saline nose spray to help keep her nostrils moist and it worked well for her. Might give that a try. Congrats on the soon to be little girl. This 20yodd I just told you about married in January and is now pregnant. Her first appointment is today so we should have a due date soon...can't wait!!

it is most def one of the crazy side effects of being pregnant. i had it w/ both of my pregnancies and, normally, i NEVER get them. i think it has something to do w/ the blood vessles being a bit constricted and maybe also dry nasal passages. it'll resolve itself post-baby....but it doesn't make it any more fun in the meantime. good luck w/ the baby!!!

I am also 8.5 months pregnant and I get right nostril obly bloody noses. I even wake up with blood on my pillow. I was told and read that this is very common while pregnanct because you have double the blood volume right now. It is very annoying and should go away after the baby comes!!! Congrats

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I read that Vitamin C can strengthen those tiny blood vessels, so you might want to consider taking some. Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of water so your nasal passages don't get dried out.

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Your blood volume expands during pregnancy, which does make bloody noses more common than usual, still, it can be a sx of dietary deficiencies. Increasing the Vit C in your diet will strengthen your capillary walls, and thereby decreasing the frequency of your nose bleeds. Also more Vit. K in your diet helps the blood clot better, decreasing the amount of blood lost during those bleeds (and pp!)
Nose bleeds can also at times be a sx of hypertension (high BP) improving diet usually also improves your BP. See Dr. Tom Brewers website; blueribbonbaby.org for more info on diet during pregnancy.

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I have had this problem all three times I've been pregnant. This time, my doctor told me to take an extra vitamin c supplement, and it has worked. I also later saw this same advice in What to Expect When You're Expecting but they recommended a lower mg than my doctor. This has worked for me, and I was very grateful. I would ask your doctor their opinion.

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Hi H.,

I had some nose bleeds with my last pregnancy. Evidently they become more common when you are pregnant b/c of the extra blood volume you have during pregnancy. I was pregnant during the winter too, and the dry air didn't help any. Sometimes it is nothing, but I've heard it can be a sign of high blood pressure as well. I would just mention it to your dr.

HI H.:
THis is totally normal, since you are pregnant. (I am sure your doctor can tell you why exactly, medically, I just know that things in the face get sort of inflamed with pregnancy.) With both of my pregnancies, I had increased nasal congestion, easy nosebleeds, and even gum bleeding. I know it is all connected, you probably just didn't experience it with your first child. Living in a hot climate is probably complicating it. It should dissipate when the baby comes.

A. F.

Hi H.! I'm sure that did freak you out a little. No need to worry. The same thing happened to me when I was prego. It is just another one of those bizarre pregnancy/hormonal things that nobody tells you about! :) Just keep some tissues handy. It shouldn't happen too often, and should stop bleeding in pretty short order. Best of luck to you!

Bloody noses are completely normal during pregnancy - don't worry! I had them all the time when I was pregnant. It has to do with increased blood flow while you're pregnant. congrats on the little one!

get your blood pressure checked!

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