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I Hear My Heart Beat in My Left Ear

I can often hear my heartbeat in my left ear - usually when I bend down, carry something, go up the stairs, vacuum or whenever I get my heart rate up. I think it may be the beginnings of an ear infection. I really don't want to use any over-the-counter stuff. Any good suggestions for herbal/home remedies?

I see my OB next week and am going to ask her about it - just looking for advice a little sooner!

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I had no pain involved with my ear - just a little "clogged" feeling. Turns out - everything is fine - it isn't as loud as it was. My blood pressure is at a normal level. I am just going to live with it for the next couple of months and then it should go away.

Thanks for your help!

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The same thing happened to me with my first pregnancy. I also had ringing in one ear for the first few months after the baby was born. I went to a specialist and everything was fine and then it just went away. When you're pregnant you have so much extra fluid and I think that may contribute to it ??

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I have had the same problem on occasion. My sister just tried ear candling and it has helped already!! The "ear candles" create a vacuum and draw out excess wax from the ear. People have seen many benefits including reduced sinus pressure, hearing improvement, reduction in vertigo symptoms, and reduction in strange noises like you're having. It's a very simple and relaxing process, but you'll need your husband or friend to actually do the candling since you'll be lying down and won't be able to watch it burn down completely. You should be able to get the candles and instructions at a natural food store or bee apiary nearby your home.
Good luck!!

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garlic oil in your ear- you can get capsuls and break one open, then turn your head to the side and let a drop or two make its way all the way into your ear canal. I have used this on myself and on all my children- very safe, no pain, a little tickly sometimes. But never ear infections after the initial dos in the ear. good luck.

Have you ever had ear infections before?? Does your ear hurt?? Sometimes, you can hear your heartbeat in other areas of you body, especially when pregnant, since you blood supply is so much greater than prior to pregnancy. If you are thinking you have an ear infection, you may want to see your primary doctor, they have an otoscope to look into your ear. Good luck and hope you feel beter.

I would totally talk to your doctor... it could be a sign of really high blood pressure, or something else wrong. However, in my case, that happens when I am really stressed and my TMJ is acting up because I am clenching my teeth at night.

Take care.

Sounds like an ear infection. Happens to me everytime. It could also be ear wax build-up. There is an over the counter ear drop called Debrox you should try. It helps with ear wax build-up.

Hi, C.. I used to hear my heartbeat in my ears sometimes when I was pregnant, too. If your ear actually hurts, then you might have an ear infection. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it.

Hello. If you think it's an ear infection, you can put hydrogen peroxide in your ear or something called collodial silver. Both are natural remedies. Hope that helps.

The same thing happened to me with my first pregnancy. I also had ringing in one ear for the first few months after the baby was born. I went to a specialist and everything was fine and then it just went away. When you're pregnant you have so much extra fluid and I think that may contribute to it ??

It sounds to me like you're doing activities that are going to lift your blood pressure, even just a bit. With the additional blood that your body is holding right now, it is pretty normal. Be thankful it's not in your eye! As to going to your primary care doctor, do if you think it's necessary. But, my OB/Gyn was able to do that kind of thing at his office, and included it in my already-paid-for care.

Usually that is caused by increased fluid in your ear, the beginning of an ear infection or even a sinus infection. Go to your family doctor for the help--I'm not sure your OB would be able to help you out much.

Remember--if you are really suffering, you may have to take medicine. Even if you are pregnant, if the pain/symptoms are horrible from a cold/flu/whatever, take something for it because if you can't take care of yourself, you can't take care of your child--especially if they're inside you!

that happened to me when I was pregnant. I wouldn't worry about it!

Hi C.,

Congrats on your pregnancy! Since you are pregnant, I would suggest not taking anything over the counter until you check with your OB. If you don't want to wait until your appointment, then I would call the office and see if they want to see you sooner or if they can recommend something over the phone. I have a feeling they will ask you to come in sooner.


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My mom almost had to have ear tubes put in when she was in her thirties. The doctor told her to hold her nose and then gently try to blow air through her nose. This puts pressure on the ear and helps to force the fluid to drain. She said to do it several times a day.

It could be pressure from wax build up as well. If that is the case, you might also try a warm washcloth against the ear a couple times a day to help melt any wax in there. Also, you can irrigate the ear using an ear syringe and warm water with a little hyrdogen peroxide added to it.

If you have been congested at all, it might not be a problem with the ear yet. It could be sinus congestions putting pressure on the tube that runs to your ear. If this is the case, run a humidifier in your house or put a big pot of water on a low boil while you are at home. This will put steam into the air and help with sinus drainage. Also, using Vicks Vapor Rub at night can help with congestion and is safe. Benadryl can also help with sinus problems. It can help to shrink swelling in the nasal passages and help to drain congestion.

Most importantly, I would recommend calling the doctor soon. They may suggest you wait til next week or they may fit you in sooner just to make sure it is okay and not infected.

Good luck. Hope this helps.

Get your blood pressure checked. I can hear my own heartbeat when mine is high, and with a pregnancy it wouldn't be unlikely that your blood pressure may be elevated.

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