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I Have Shingles!!!

My chiropractor told me I have shingles yesterday! I had been having alot of pain in my right shoulder blade. We thought it was a pinched or irritated nerve. Then some big red splotches came up. I thought that was a stress reaction to the pain. Now one of the splotches has turned to an itchy blister. She's pretty sure it's shingles. Have you had it? What advice can you give me. I'm thinking of going to the urgent care clinic after work. She reccomended I go to her accupuncturist. That sounds like a cool idea, but I'm quite sure it's not covered under my health plan! Of course I'm worried about the kids getting chicken pox from it, but isn't there a vaccine for that? If it's required, I'm sure they've had it.

What can I do next?

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My husbannd just had it a few weeks ago...he seams better now...he had to take some medecine for a week and it helped out...He was in quit a bit of pain :( guess it isn't very fun

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My MIL had this recently and my daughter never got chickenpox from her. She went to the ER and got a couple of prescriptions (they cost over $500) and it cleared up in a couple of days.

As long as the blisters do not pop and/or the pus does not get on anyone else you can keep it from spreading.

Why didn't you get the shingles vaccine?

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GO TO THE DOCTOR. Shingle can spread rapidly over your body. Both my mother and my cousin have had it and it is not fun. The sooner you get real treatment for it sooner you will feel relief. The trick is to try to keep it from spreading.

I wish you luck becuase it is not pleasant, typically the sonner you treat it the less severe. Oh, and find another chiro, anyone with any medical training who would reccomend going for accupuncture to treat shingles should lose thier license (just my opinion).

Feel better!

ETA: WebMD has more info -

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Oh hon!!!
Get to urgent care NOW!!! Don't wait, they can get you a presciption that will lessen it. My neighbor had it really bad, it was veyr painful.

I hope you feel better soon.

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Get to the MD or urgent care right away. You need to start an anti-viral medicine. The sooner you get treatment the less severe it will be. This is nothing to toy with or experiment with. You don't want to end up with postherpetic neuralgia.

I have a family member who could tell you a horror story about shingles. Get it treated now.

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Oh, man...I'm sorry. My husband had shingles once. He said it was more painful than a shot gun blast.
Anyway, one thing I wanted to tell you (that our pharmacist told us and worked!) to do is get some Mylanta and dab it on the blisters for pain relief...because it is a sort of ulceration of the skin. It really gave my husband some relief. So maybe pick some up before it gets really bad so you'll have it.
They will give you meds as well.
Good luck.

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My mother had shingles. No one else in the family got them. Your children will not get chicken pox from your shingles. They completed their immunizations didn't they? And, as others have said, keep the shingles covered so that they will not be exposed to the exudite.

And, definitely go to the doctor. Make an appointment.

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My husbannd just had it a few weeks ago...he seams better now...he had to take some medecine for a week and it helped out...He was in quit a bit of pain :( guess it isn't very fun

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My 14 yo (then 13) had shingles last August. His pediatrician said it was only contagious if someone touched the rash. We were even allowed to take him on vacation while he had it as long as we kept the rash covered. He really wasn't too bad. He had a patch on his back at his waistline. It hurt sometimes and itched sometimes, but didn't make him too miserable. I hope you feel better soon!

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T., please go to an MD. There is an antiviral med they can give you to help you with this. I would not go to an accupuncturist right now. Talk to the MD about it.

Shingles is terribly painful - it's a product of having had chicken pox when you were younger. Usually it rears its ugly head during a very stressful time in your life. (Probably that jerk of a boss of yours!)

You need to look at your kids' shot records and see if they had the varicella vaccine. And THEN call the ped!

Don't mess around - you need medical care for this one, hun. I'll be saying prayers for you that you don't have boatloads of pain.


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