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I Have Been Using Nystatin for a Horrible Diaper Rash

Has anyone had any problems with the Nystatin? The dr said to use it 2-3 times a day. She has blister like red blemishes near her private. It's right along the diaper line. I am pretty sure that it's not the diapers since we have used them since she was born. I use the pampers. The Nystatin is the only thing that I can think of...

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So I took my little one to the doctor today. Turns out that it was not caused by the Nystatin. It was the sores became infected. I now am giving her Sulfameth (oral antibiotic) and Mupirocin (antibiotic cream)
It seems like it's an endless battle from her bottom being irritated someway somehow. Never had this problem with my oldest. Thank you everyone for your advice.

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my daughter gets horrible diaper rashes...in fact we are on the mend from one now; we sware by Triple Paste. I called the pediatrician last summer when she had blisters and they started to crack and ask what do I do now and that is what they recommended and we glopped it on at every diaper change and it was instant relief; we keep it on hand now and just bought more for the next baby on the way! H. this helps you!!!

Hi C.
WIth the diaper rash, is it possible that the edges of the diaper are too snug, causing irritation, like friction blisters. Also , try some pain corn starch, lightly applied. It is in most baby talcs. How long , has this persisted, and are the blisters opening and weeping?

I have used Nystatin on my son when he had a bad rash with little red blisters. It took about a week in a half befor it started to due anything. It works good but it takes to long to long to start getting results.

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HI C. ,
I have used nystain to. My little girl got worse. I took her back and come to find out it was the diapers. I had been useing them sence she was born. For what ever reason her body dident like them any more. I tried a few differnt ones until i found one that worked .( my friends gave me a few of thiers to try so i dident have a ton of diapers that dident work ) Then we chanced her cream and all was better . good luck M.

My son got horrible diaper rash when we started using pampers. We tried multiple creams and nothing seemed to work. We changed to Huggies and started using Boudreau's Butt Paste and it was going in 24 hours. My pediatrician said that sometimes the babies can have an allergy to the elastic or dye in a certain brand of diaper and the can break out and get blisters...which was exactly what was happening with my son. The Butt Paste is one of the only creams that still contains boric acid, which you can no longer purchase...we use pretty much exculsively at night now since that is when he is in his diaper for an extended amount of time and he has not had any diaper rash or anything since then..and that was almost 4 months ago. Hope this helps!

My daughter had a rash which turned out to be yeast and was prescribed Nystatin. It did not work to clear it up so I called my ped. again and he said to try rotating the Nyst. with Cortaid (over the counter). He said not to put them on at the same time but use the Nyst. in the am and again at night.
Use the Cortaid inbetween. It did clear up but took a couple of weeks. Another thing to remember is that if it is a yeast, try to limit your child's intake of sugars (refined or not) and yeasts. If that's not challanging enough, you might want to cut out some carbs (espec. refined) also.
Good luck!!

I am not sure if you are saying that you think the rash is caused by the Nystatin or that the Nystatin was prescribed for the rash. I was prescribed Nystatin when my daughter was nearing toddler age and she would develop blister-type bleeding rashes that would not respond to OTC creams. The Nystatin helped tremendously, especially if we let her air-dry for a while each day. Look for a pattern in the rashes, my daughter's rashes always came just before a new tooth was about to break through the skin.

My son had that problem although I never used Nystatin. My doctor told me is was from the diaper rubbing on the skin which breaks the skin and then bacteria gets in causing the redness and little blister like bumps. I was told to get a bigger diaper size and put vaseline were the diaper rubs. It helped a lot.

Yes, Nystatin side effects are itching, burning and irritation. This is the insanity of prescription drugs ~ too often they contribute to the condition rather than cure it. Search the web for natural remedies that work, for example simple cornstarch helps to keep the area moisture-free. It's important to apply treatment to a "dry" area. If you fail to dry thoroughly before applying treatment then you are holding the moisture in rather than keeping the moisture out. For painful areas, use a hair dryer on "low" or on "air" held at a safe distance away from the skin. Make sure the diapers are the right size, not too tight, not too loose. Keep her in natural, breathing clothing like cotton or synthetics that are designed to wick away moisture. And even if you conscientiously change her diapers and cleanse and dry her every time, if she is having a persistent rash then it's time to change it up, especially try different brand(s) of diapers to see if it helps. Seventh Generation is chlorine-free, I believe it's sold at Toys R Us but an online search on "natural remedies to diaper rash" can help you find products. We all know that diet is the cause of rashes as well, perhaps she's allergic to something she's eating or drinking or possibly she's ingesting too much acid which comes out in her urine and causes a rash. These are all suggestions that you have probably already considered. I wish you and your baby well.

No problems when we used Nystatin. In addition, we liberally applied diaper rash cream on top of the Nystatin. Also, instead of wipes we used warm wash cloths. Except for the poopy diapers, then we used wipes followed by a warm wash cloth. Also, we tried to ensure that the skin was completely dry before applying any additional cream. We either dried with hair dryer or air dried.

No adverse effects as of yet. And they are now two and three years old. Thankfully, they're potty-trained so we no longer have to worry about those pesky diaper rashes.

you can find this in wall mart
its call tripple paste,my daughter has three grand children
it works on the worst diaper rash

I'm not sure that it would be from the Nystatin as I haven't heard that before. But with my son we used the pampers swaddlers NB, sz1, & 2, but when we went to the Pampers cruizers he broke out in a horrible diaper rash. That was when he was like 6 mths old. Now he is 18mths and I got a good deal on the cruizers and thought we would try then again and yep, you guessed it, broke out again. The only kind we can use are White Cloud from Walmart. If switching diapers doesn't help I'd take her to the Doctor.

I have never used Nystatin, but my daughter used to get really bad diaper rashes when she was a baby. She was in day care and it seemed like they were not cleaning her very well, so she started getting relly bad diaper rashes that would peel her skin. The doctor she had back then told me a "home remedy" that worked great for her. Mix equal parts of vaseline, baby corn starch (not baby powder), and Desitin Original (don't use the creamy one as it isn't that effective). Apply this mixture to the affected area with every diaper change, it really helps block against moisture. It worked great for my daughter, I really hope it works for yours. Good luck...

Try aquaphor, you can get it at the store. It is about $15.00 but it really does work. I bought it for my granddaughter and it cleared her up. After she was rid of the diaper rash we used it for every diaper change even though she did not have a rash. We used it as a preventative measure.

L. Jacobs

Nystatin is used for yeast infections, which it sounds like a your daughter has, not a normal irritation rash. I would ask the doctor to prescribe something else if you have been using it awhile and the rash is not clearning up.

My daughter (14mo) had HORRIBLE diaper rash caused from thrush (yeast based) they perscribed nystatin orally and cream. It made it worse! my granny told me to take regualr all purpose flour and put on cookie sheet put in oven until browned. wait until it cools, then put it in the diaper like baby powder. I did that and used Bordeaux's Butt Paste and it was gone in about 5 days. Saw a difference overnight , though. Hope this helps.

Hello C., i am a mommy of now a 5 year old, i by mistake one day discovered something better than any and i mean any diaper rash cream.. Of course by mistake it was, but i still to this day swear by it... It is called (spelling) aquphora made by eurcine.. It was great for just about everything that happens with diaper wearing babbies.. Give it a try and let me know what your outcome is...
Good luck, sahm D. with a 5yr old...

I have used Nystatin on my son when he had a bad rash with little red blisters. It took about a week in a half befor it started to due anything. It works good but it takes to long to long to start getting results.

Do you breastfeed? If so, you could try breastmilk. I had been trying the butt paste and other diaper ointments, and nothing worked. Someone told me to try breastmilk and it worked GREAT!

You could try switching to a different diaper; sometimes babies develop sensitivities along the way. The Seventh Generation diapers are chlorine free and might be worth a try. I get mine on amazon.com in bulk and they are REALLY cheap that way (17 cents a diaper).

good luck!

Hi C.! I had the exact same problem with my little one. She is now 13 months. We were on a lot of different creams includung Nystatin. Turns out she too had the blemish. We had a battle with this since she was 3 weeks old. What we use is just baby powder. To keep the bottom as dry as possible and i have had no more problems! Good luck with this!

I use a diaper rash cream called Calmoseptine I absolutely love it! You can find it at Wal-Mart in the pharmacy you have to ask for it! It's like $7 but it will have any rash cleared up almost over night! Good luck

We use that. It usually clears up any diaper rash overnight for us. The worst rash took 2 nights.

My daughter had this problem and actually had the skin coming off in that area. We used (and now we always use) Dr. Smith's Diaper Cream. We buy it at Walgreens

You can try AloeVera. It is a great healer. Could she possibly have thrush? Exposure to sunlight will help that.
Sometimes manufacturers change ingredients w/o telling us. You could call the makers and ask if there have been any changes since the date when she started developing this problem.

Try using Boudreaux's Butt Paste, it's in the baby isle by the other rash creams. This is the only cream I have ever used and it always works, I hope it does for you.

We had to use this on my son a bunch of times. His would be bright red, but no blisters. I would stop using it if there are blisters and take her back to the doctor. Give her as much time as possible without a diaper, keep her on tiled areas so that clean ups are easier. Keeping the diaper off will help more than anything. As the last poster said, make sure she is completely dry before applying anything. If she is still wet, the cream will hold that in and make things worse. My son would get the bright red areas under his arms and in creases as well since it was yeast. Yours sounds different, if it was yeast, the nystatin would clear it up easily. We never had any side effects from the nystatin.

Hi C.
WIth the diaper rash, is it possible that the edges of the diaper are too snug, causing irritation, like friction blisters. Also , try some pain corn starch, lightly applied. It is in most baby talcs. How long , has this persisted, and are the blisters opening and weeping?

We used Nystatin after OTC ointments didn't work. No problems. She may have developed a reactin to the Pampers. I've had that happen with three children. Change brands. And if you can, try to give her some no-diaper periods to air herself out. Tough, especially when they're really young, but it helps.

C.,perhaps this was misdiagnosed. Some rashes are yeast related, others not. If you are also breastfeeding, and it is yeast, it would be a good idea for you to be treated also. However, it seems that the nystatin is aggrevating the problem-- NOT correcting it. It helps to dialogue with the pediatrician, and let him or her know that it does not appear to be working.

D. A., RN, Ph.D.,IBCLC
Advanced Lactation Care Inc.

My pediatrician recommended something called Triple Paste. It does not require a prescription, but you do have to ask the pharmacist to order it for you. It works very, very well.

Hope it helps -

I have not used Nystatin before.
I use to work for a Dermatology office. I would suggest using Aquaphor Ointment for the blisters Boudreaux's Butt Paste for everyday diaper rash and if things are real bad I would ask the Dr for prescription of Vusion Ointment. That Vusion is used for Bad Diaper rash and also yeast infections. Only to be used for short period of time.
I hope this helps!
Good Luck N.

Hi C.,
I used Nystatin when my son had thrush. I was breast feeding and the doctor told me to put some of it on myself. It didnt really work cause he got thrush three times. If you are breastfeeding I would suggested getting yourself checked out. And as you already know from different responses, Nystatian is used to treat a yeast infection. If it doesn't clear up I would say take her back and tell them whats going on. It very well could be the diapers. Even though you have been using the same ones since she was born, her little body is changing everyday. Maybe she is wetting more frequently or ingesting some type of food or drink that is making her urine different. Have you been using a different detergent? Or fabric softner? Maybe she has a sensitivity to that? I say if it continues to take her back to the doctor. Good luck!!


If I remember correctly, Nystatin is perscription medicine for a yeast infection. This presents like a bad diaper rash.
We have had the best success by using the Nystatin on the rash followed by a layer of diaper rash cream. So you are medicating the rash and protecting it from urine and fecal material with the diaper rash layer. Between applications of the Nystatin, continue the diaper rash cream each time your child is diapered. You should see improvement in a day or two. You could also contact your pharmasist and ask if the Nystatin contains anything that your child could be having an allergic reaction to. Some people are allergic to different types of antibiotic and that is what this medication contains. I hope all this does for you is encourage you to talk again to your pediatricians office and talk about your concerns and see if they concure.
Good Luck,B.

Hello...I find that the best medication for diaper rash (yeast) is found by the atheletes foot section in the drug store. It is an antifugal cream. It starts with a C. I cannot remember the whole name. If that doesn't work, there is a new med that is prescribed from your doctor for diaper rash. Good luck!!

Nystatin is used for yeast/thrush. In addition to using it, you could also try letting her go naked for part of the day... not sure how old she is... if she's an infant, you could just lay her on a towel naked, and if she's older, you could just let her run outside, LOL. If you don't want to use the Nystatin, you could use Gentian Violet (it's a purple liquid sold in the health food store)... beware that it will stain all that it touches bright purple, though!

My daughter only had a yeast rash once and it was during the time that I had nipple thrush. So if you're breastfeeding, you should keep your eye out for sore nipples/cracks/etc. The Gentian Violet will work on that too, but it stains the baby's mouth and chin purple... we had thrush at Christmas time when my daughter was 8 months old and the pics from that year look like she at a grape lollipop. ;)

C., I have never used this medicine on children but I have used it on me and I have used it on Birds. It is a bit strong and maybe your child is allergic to it. I would quit using it and air your baby out as much as possible and just use the "diaper rash" salve from the store. Nystatin is for fungus and unless the doctor told you she has a fungus then maybe you should be treating for diaper rash. The blisters tell me she is allergic or has another problem I would go to another doctor for a second opinion.


Hi I used that when my daughter got a diaper rash and it did not help mat all. What I did with her is I bought the Aveeno Diaper Rash Bath treatments in the baby isle and I bought Butt Paste. I would give her 3-4 baths a day with the Aveeno bath soak and I would change her diaper everytime she went #1 or 2 obviously and I would coat that Butt Paste on the rash real thick directly on the rash. This is the only thing that worked for her and it was a drastic improvement within a couple of hours.

Hope this helps.

R. J.

The "miracle cure" we used on both of our boys was a mixture of Desitin, Lotrimin AF, and Cortaid. Our pediatrician recommended it with my first son who had a lot of diaper rashes due to antibiotics that caused diarrhea that caused diaper rash (!). With our second baby, it was even worse (!) because he was the king of ear infections, constantly on antibiotics, constantly had diarrhea, etc. Just a "toothpaste size strip" (the amount you'd put on your toothbrush) of each of the 3, mixed together and rubbed onto the rash. Worked better than anything. We also used Butt Paste for less severe rashes and loved it.

Nystatin is an antifungal medicine. My son has had it perscribed twice. He gets a horrible diaper rash; small red bumps along the diaper line primarily. He gets this rash every time he is on antibotics. It actually is a yeast infection and the Nystatin works great to clear it up. Nystatin shouldn't cause the rash? Did the doctor say what the rash was? Hope everything clears up!


Nystatin is good to start off with but if you don't see even the smallest improvement after a day or two of using it, then you might want to have the pediatrician take a look and possibly prescribe something else. I have been prescribed silver sulfadiazine (sp?) as an alternative, which pretty much seals off the open skin (similar effects to what they put on newborn cords if they aren't falling off). Also, once my son had a rash that wouldn't clear up with Nystatin or the other cream and then the rash started to spread to his legs. Turned out he had an infection so the Dr. prescribed an oral anitbiotic and that cleared it up right away.

my daughter gets horrible diaper rashes...in fact we are on the mend from one now; we sware by Triple Paste. I called the pediatrician last summer when she had blisters and they started to crack and ask what do I do now and that is what they recommended and we glopped it on at every diaper change and it was instant relief; we keep it on hand now and just bought more for the next baby on the way! H. this helps you!!!

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